Understand Your Life Purpose with Past Life Regression

“You’re here to be yourself fully and completely to the best of your ability”

     Mira Kelley     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Mira Kelley on understanding your life purpose with past life regression.

Does learning about your past help you heal your future? Past life regression therapist Mira Kelley teaches people about their prior reincarnations, who they are, find out their purpose in life, and resolve emotional and health issues. People are able to transform powerfully when they experience the stories and the profound lessons of their past lives.

In this episode, Mira shares her secret methods to finding your life purpose, most authentic self, and why you should turn to past life regression. Listen to the end for ways you can overcome fear and continue down a path of conscious healing.

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Show Notes:

05:40 – Mira’s background

07:30 – Growing up in a communist country

08:45 – Healing TMJ: Severe inflammation

11:00 – What is your life purpose?

13:10 – Being your authentic self

14:40 – Using past life regression

16:00 – Conscious spiritual self

19:55 – Overcoming fear

23:40 – Continue to heal and release

24:45 – Are expectations holding you back?



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Dr. Veronica: Happy you have joined us again for the Wellness Revolution. You know me, Dr. Veronica, and we’re always going to talk about something interesting. A little bit about my story in this area, we’re going to talk about past lives. And this is something that in America probably about 25% of people believe in past lives. And I know there are a lot of people who don’t want to say that they believe in them because a lot of times it tends to go against a lot of people’s religious beliefs. And if you go against your religious beliefs you get kicked out of the tribe then who you hang out with.

There are a lot of people to hang out with, a lot of cool people to hang out with. But past lives, I’m going to tell you what happened to me specifically. I’m an intuitive. I call myself a medical intuitive because the information comes in particularly strong in those health related areas, but I’m also particularly strong in romantic areas for me too. That’s not why people usually tap me.

However, when people come to me and tap and I do intuitive readings I get a lot of romantic information and that’s interesting. And some of the information I get is about romances in past lives that were particularly heart wrenching which have caused illnesses, injuries, issues in this present life. People have these unexplained symptoms, unexplained illnesses. They come to someone like me, a medical intuitive and say, “Help me understand what’s going on.” Sometimes it’s this life but sometimes it’s something else that’s going on in another life and another world.

How do I get this past life, I want you to know. For me, I started having spontaneous past life memories. And past life is kind of relative if you look at Einstein theories that time and space, everything has happened at the same time. But I started having spontaneous memories. I walk in the place, I would meet someone, and all of a sudden it would flash before me who they were, something in their past life.

I see them how they were in that life. At first I was just like, “This is really bazaar and strange.” And I’d be able to tell a whole story surrounding them. I’m not a novelist or a writer. We all have imaginations but they would pop-in, I’d see them, and I’d know. And there would be emotion attached. I know where they were in that life related to me and I could tell you exactly what happened with them. I’ve met people, looked in their eyes and said, “I know you. And here’s how I know you.”

Not a lot of people are in-tuned enough necessarily to have that happen. And I’ve been in workshop with people where they were trying so hard to be in their past lives. Whereas me, I can walk around on the street and meet somebody and look and say, “I met him in 1500 B.C. I was a man that was Greek and I had this big blue grey eyes. Here’s what I was doing. And here’s what you were doing.”

When I tell people these stories never do they say to me that I’m crazy. They listen. They want to know. It’s always something that’s very fascinating. I ask people always, “Do you want to know? Would you like to know this information?” I don’t walk up to people and just automatically say, “I know something. Here’s the nature of what I know. Would you be interested in hearing this information?” And if they say no I move on. If they say yes, and most people say yes because they’re fascinated by it no matter where they come from. And I give them the story. It’s always a lot of food for thought.

I’m going to introduce to you someone who is an expert who I just came across. Actually my assistant came across her. She came into our energy because we find each other. Mira Kelly, who is a past life expert. And she talks about her book. You want to go get this book. Because all these books are fascinating, Beyond Past Lives. And she’s even been featured in Wayne Dyer books, in Brian Weiss books.

You know Brian Weiss is the guy that we all know. He’s the guru that we all know through Hay House and has the big name. But there are many other people out there who are also doing this wonderful work. And why do we do this work? Why do I do intuitive readings for people? Why do I tell them about past life? Same reason that all the other people do it, because it helps them heal spiritually, it helps them heal physical, it helps them understand, have peace in their heart and mind, and also sometimes know a little bit about their life purpose. I introduce to you this wonderful lady, Mira Kelley, the author of Beyond Past Lives. Mira, welcome.

Mira: Hello Dr. Veronica. Thank you for having me.

Dr. Veronica: Mira, give us a little bit about your background. How did you get to this place of talking about past lives?

Mira: Past life regression is something that has been fascinating to me for a very long time. I discovered past regression as a little girl. And I had my own, very impactful and powerful and very unexpected experience when I was a kid by regressing myself and going to a past life. And that stayed with me.

And then later on when I was already an adult, after a whole lot of time of trying to heal a physical condition through the standard suggestions of my health care practitioner nothing was improving and nothing was changing. And so in that moment of desperation and needing answers I remembered the past life regression I did as a kid, and I said maybe that’s will unlock it for it. That’s what will give me answers and help me.

I found a practitioner and low and behold I did have an experience that very quickly, within a matter of just overnight helped release the physical condition. And from that point on I was a believer. Now I wanted to know. Now I wanted to learn more about the process. And eventually I changed my life around so that I can make this work at the core of my life.

Dr. Veronica: Wow. That’s interesting because you said as a child you had an experience. Were your parents into this? Because most of us we don’t necessarily discover it through our childhood.

Mira: Actually it was the farthest from that. Because I grew up in a Communist country, so the environment I grew up in didn’t even speak about God or religion. Those things were not part of my upbringing. But what happened is after Communism fell down as a regime all of a sudden there was such a hunger in people’s hearts for a connection with the divine, for knowing we’re not alone, for exploring the universe.

In that environment my uncle simply shared that he’s reading a book on past life regression. And I became very intrigued and I wanted to read the book. And the book was fascinating in terms of presenting stories of how people will just experience something in their minds, something that oftentimes we cannot even research and prove. And that was enough to heal lifelong phobias, or physical conditions, or emotional challenges people have been dragging around for decades. And so that’s what brought me actually into a curiosity.

Dr. Veronica: Wow. Can you give us some of the stories of something that you discover from a past life?

Mira: The story that I told you where I was able to heal a physical condition, the condition that I had was a TMJ. It was an inflammation of the muscles around the jaw. The inflammation was so severe that I couldn’t even open my mouth to put any food. It was just so severe. And the pain was always right here. It doesn’t go away when it’s right in your face.

And so I tried to do everything possible. And it was a very emotionally taxing, financially taxing, physically taxing struggle for over a year and nothing was working. I experienced in my past life regression, I saw myself as a man who was a slave. And as this man I was very tall and very strong, very much physically strong and yet emotionally broken, the spirit, the sense of freedom, the sense of personal power of being broken.

Me as this man, I experienced having this metal collar around my neck where a chain will be attached so my freedom will be limited. This chain was put together in a way that there was an imperfection in the metal when it was filed. It wasn’t perfectly filed. It was always hitting right here in his life. That’s exactly where the pain was for me.

Having this experience of seeing myself as this slave, as this man, created so much emotion. It was such an emotional cathartic release for me. The following day I woke up and the pain was gone. This is something that I see with a lot of my clients. This is not an unusual story that people get to experience in their past lives and that unlocks, it gives them answers. It allows them to move forward.

Dr. Veronica: A lot of people come and they want to know what is my life purpose is one of the common questions. Talk a little bit about that.

Mira: Absolutely. Life purpose is truly something we all want to be connected to and experience a sense of meaning and fulfillment. When people ask me what is my life purpose I have two answers for them if you will, the inner and the outer, much like the inner and the outer mysteries.

The inner answer of what is our life purpose is we’re all here on earth to learn how to handle mental energy. And mental energy are simply thoughts and emotions, to learn how to handle thoughts and emotions in order to understand that we are the ones creating our experiences, that we are the ones who are creating the symbolic representation that physical reality is. That’s if you will the overarching lesson and overarching purpose we all share.

However, that for each one of us is expressed in a different way and that’s why I talk about the outer mystery. And each one of us has a specific point of view each one of us has a specific theme through which we’re learning and the handling of that mental energy. For some of us it’s through the challenges and difficulties of our bodies. For others it’s through learning to grow business and be self-sufficient in terms of out into the world and making money. For others it’s the relationships, and abandonment, and hurt, and heartache, and learning unconditional love. So for each one of us that handling of mental energies apply different.

Because of that I tell people the second answer to what is my purpose. The first one is I’m here to learn how to handle mental energy, each one of us. But the second answer is you’re here to be yourself fully and completely to the best of your abilities, to channel who truly are and put it out into the world.

Dr. Veronica: Why is it so common that people don’t feel like they’re being themselves and don’t feel authentic?

Mira: Why is it common? Because we fall into the misconception of not trusting ourselves, not trusting the universe, not trusting the unknown. And so when we become so well-acquainted and accustomed and habituated and not trusting ourselves those impulses that are the voice of our higher selves speaking through us and looking to be expressed out into the world, our gifts, our talents, what we’re here to serve, we don’t trust it. We don’t believe it’s possible.

I cannot tell you for how many years the still small voice within me always telling me that this path of being a spiritual healer, being a regressionist is the way forward for me. And yet I’ll put the stop on it by saying, “Wait a minute, who’s going to pay the bills? How is that anything bona fide? How is that something that…?”

Keep in mind, I used to be an attorney and I used to be an attorney in a very large law firm. I was at the top of my earning bracket anywhere in the world. Those are the things that get in our way, not trusting ourselves and having a whole lot of fear that comes as a result of that doubt.

Dr. Veronica: How specifically can a past life regression help somebody figure this out more than anything else or as a tool?

Mira: Absolutely. Like you said that’s one of the questions I hear very often, what’s my purpose? And so we use past life regression in two ways with people when they work with me. I help them experience lifetimes which allow for the block to be removed whatever that fear is, whatever that limitation they perceive that is stopping from moving forward.

And then the second way we work with past life regression is for them to see a life where they have been living their purpose, so that they can connect with the feeling, with the expression of that purpose, what does that look like in the world. And also to get a sense of confidence in the sense of success, in the sense of, “Oh my god, I’ve done this. I can do this again. I’m not starting a new in a way. I can just draw in from this energy.” It’s very practical if you will.

Dr. Veronica: It’s interesting. What do you think about…? We’re coming back in different physical forms. So you just talked about yourself as a man, as a slave very different than what you are right now. And sometimes I look at myself and especially in the field that I’m in from a lot of aspects as I’m here, I’m an African American woman. When we look at physicians overall, only 2% of physicians are black. And then when we look at people who are in the spiritual realm like this, that just puts me probably at 0.002% when I’m talking about spiritual stuff that’s not Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Muslim type religious stuff.

What do you tell people about the physical form they’ve come in and why they’ve come to a particular physical form? Because I got to tell you, I sit here and I say why am I like this exactly and doing these other things. I know I’m here to learn something particularly but I’m like everybody else was doing what I’m doing like me exactly, so what’s going on here? What do you tell people about that?

Mira: It’s interesting that particularly in your case because of the way you look, because of the way your background was, because of the experiences you have you can connect to that sliver of the population. There’s people that you can impact and people who will listen to you rather than to me because they see themselves in you. And so throughout the different lifetimes we change form, we change shape.

By the way this is a whole different thing to have as a conversation but we don’t have just human lifetimes, right? There is consciousness in being a flower and a cat. And of course the life of a monkey is a different one than ours but still there’s experience, there’s consciousness and learning there.

And so when we choose our family, when we choose our appearance, when we choose the physical features we pick the reason we go for a specific set is because it’s going to be much like the stage set-up for ourselves. We’re going to set it up this way because it’s going to give us new perspectives, opportunities, and also these unique challenges.

And so this is much like a recipe. We’re sitting there and we’re thinking, “How shall we do it in the most creative way? Why shouldn’t we throw some long eye lashes and this kind of other features?” Because we have so many lifetimes to begin with anyway so let’s mix and match.

By the way, I want to go on a tangent here and share with you that oftentimes people say, “What was I thinking come here or I cannot wait until I run away from her and then go back to the spirit, and so on and so forth.” I want to share with people that’s a nice melancholic feeling to have but cut it out. There’s a line in the spirit world. People say, “You know what, I just want to be down there getting my hands so dirty and playing in the clay of life, molding things, and having all these challenges.”

Truly know that your soul was so excited to be here. And if you’re here you’re meant to be here, so you better discover why you’re here and make the most out of it. So that when you die you look back and you say, “Gosh, this was a life well lived. I loved fully. I went for opportunities. I did the best that I could. I stayed in control of my thoughts and my emotions to the best I could, and I’ll do it again. This was good.” And that’s exactly when you actually don’t do it again. That’s exactly when the soul says, “Okay, I had enough of this. I kind of learned. Let me move to another dimension.

Dr. Veronica: Fear is such a big part of… Somebody’s sitting here in fear watching this secretly because they have fear about, what if somebody sees me watching this? Fear, it’s a such a big emotion, overarching so many people’s lives. What do you tell people about getting over fear? Can the people get over the fear to actually get into their life purpose?

Mira: Absolutely. Fear is an emotion. Whatever the fear is they usually stem out of survival fears. That’s the core bottom of it all. But fear as an emotion is nothing more than just raw power and raw energy that you can transform and transmute into a positive energy. In other words just because you’re feeling angry it doesn’t mean that you need to make it your personality and to continue feeling angry for the rest of your life.

In other words if you have survival fears it’s for you to mold that and change that and transform it into an emotion and an energy that fuels and supports your life. And I’m here to tell you that fear is no bigger than you. Fear is simply a messenger telling you that this where the opportunities are for you. But because these opportunities are being filtered through negative assumptions, through negative expectations, through negative limiting thoughts that’s why you’re perceiving that as fear as oppose to excitement.

Because when you think about it the sense of fear and excitement in the body feels the same. It’s just the same feeling in your belly isn’t? And it’s just what is the thought attached to it. So because of that first of all know that fear is nothing more than emotion in energetic form and you can work to transmute that. Know that behind every emotion there is a thought otherwise you cannot have the emotion.

And so because of that it’s for you to discover what is the limiting thought and turn that around, turn the emotion around, and turn the thought around. Because remember that’s your purpose. And also then see the fear as a messenger knowing that it’s here to guide you, it’s here to show you how good it can get. Because if your fear is this big imagine how good the excitement can be when you turn that around and make it into something supportive and something positive.

Dr. Veronica: With past life there had been a lot of people who’ve been able to clear some of the fears, correct?

Mira: Absolutely. A lot of that has to do with, especially for our spiritual type of people, our folk, it has to do with the fear of speaking up, the fear of being seen for who you are, the fear of your voice being taken away, being disregarded.

Once that is healed then it transforms into fear of your own power. “Oh my god, how powerful can I be?” Now you got to decide is your power good or bad on and on and on. But the bottom line is once you start changing and transforming all these stories, and once you start connecting with the highest version of the possibility of you it’s truly very easy.

Dr. Veronica: What do people expect once you go through a past life regression? What do you have to do next? You had this experience. “I saw it.” What next?

Mira: Next is really important that you continue the advancement and the movement forward. And so continue making choices from that next place of healing and release. Because when people leave my office they always leave with such a sense of I feel renewed. I get a big sense of the picture of who I am, that bigger picture of my life. I understand how to move forward. I feel so light, I feel so free, I feel so excited.

And I always tell people, now you got to know that you are changed. You’re different. So now you got to make those different choices. You have to use your willpower to continue on this track, this new path of going forward.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful. X people have so many expectations when they go into life in general but into these type of spiritual journeys like past life regression. So do expectations get in the way of where people go?

Mira: Oh gosh, yes, absolutely. Don’t expectations get in the way a lot of things we try to create and experience, right? And so because of that I always tell people when you approach our session, when you approach doing work with me, whether with one of my recordings, or one of my workshops or online classes, or with me in person always do it from a place of saying, “This is my intention. This is what I’m looking to heal. But divine guides, teachers, my higher self, whatever is in my highest I’m going to open up. You show me. You guide me. And when you approach it from that place of curiosity and openness, whatever shows up you receive it. You’re truly able to receive it and work with it.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful. And so you’ve mentioned that you have workshops and books and online tools, and so some of us may be lucky enough to be in your presence physically. Before a lot of us said it’s challenging. So if people want to connect with you and have these experiences how can they through you?

Mira: Oh gosh, absolutely, by just going simply to my website, mirakelley.com. And from there people can look into my event schedule and see whether they want to do an online class with me. I have those monthly classes where I guide people through past life regression as a group no matter where you are in the world. They can also get one of my recordings and have an immediate gratification of connecting with their past lives, and of course working with me in person.

But an amazing place, because we mentioned this in our conversation will be for them to, right at the top of the homepage on my website to download my trust meditation. This has to do with opening up and trusting the divine, trusting yourself, trusting your purpose, trusting your strength, trusting your vision of how you want your life to be, and that you can create that.

It’s a recording that I create on the basis of my own experience because it was not an effortless transition for me to move from being a corporate attorney to doing this kind of healing work. I had to do a whole lot of my own releasing, and my own adjustments, and transformation. And because of that I very well know about trusting your purpose and trusting your path. And because of that I created this recording and I’ve been giving it to people as a free gift. So definitely start there.

Dr. Veronica: I love those free gifts. Thank you so much. I love connecting with people. Sometimes you get people that don’t understand you. I’m sure you meet some of these people who are in a different place and they think that you’re the devil or something because you help people access different realms. Because that’s what this is, helping to access different realms.

And so Mira, I thank you, mirakelley.com. Go get the gift on trusting yourself. We all need to trust ourselves. Mira, thank you for being on the Wellness Revolution.

Mira: Thank you Dr. Veronica. I loved our conversation.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.


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