Numerology to Uncover Your Life Purpose with Dr. Bender

“You are here to truly, madly, and deeply know thyself”

     Dr. Felicia Bender     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. Felicia Bender about using numerology to uncover your life purpose.

Would you like to uncover your life purpose? Numerologist Dr. Felicia Bender uses her clients birth name and date to gain a better understanding of their life path. She’ll help you uncover your unique life purpose while serving as your trusted guide in making important and often challenging life choices.

In this episode, Felicia will share your strengths and opportunities through life path numbers 1-9 and discuss your personal year cycle.

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Show Notes:

03:15 – What is Numerology?

07:15 – Your life path number

12:00 – Distinct challenges

16:45 – Seeking freedom

18:00 – Learning responsibility

19:19 – Spiritual seeker

22:20 – Old soul wisdom

24:30 – Personal year cycle


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

If you’d like to have access to our entire back catalog visit for instant access. Here’s your host, Dr. Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: We’re here to talk about all matters of your health, your happiness, and your life. And of course we want to talk about issues and topics that you don’t hear every day, that you don’t read every day in the newspaper. Because on this show you’re going to hear the truth, why? Because the truth shall set you free, and the truth shall heal you.

I also have with me my trusty co-host Russell Cook. Russell, say hi to everybody.

Russell: Hello. Good morning everyone. How are you today Veronica?

Dr. Veronica: I’m good. And so a little bit about, more about the background as you’re getting to know me. I’m Dr. Veronica Anderson. I’m a medical doctor. I was an eye surgeon by training. And I am also a medical intuitive. So how about that. I’m a clairvoyant. I see things clearly. I help you see clearly surgically on your spirit. That’s what I do as a medical intuitive. Now, I also act as a health coach, an uber health coach, to help you master your whole life. Because guess what, if you are not healthy and well you don’t have anything.

And so my purpose in life is to bring you information so that you can learn how to do life better. And so today on our show we have one of my dear friends who has an interesting life purpose. Dr. Felicia Bender is a numerologist. And she is the author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology to Create the Wildly Optimal You.

You can find her also at I want to give you all these information upfront just in case you have to tune out in the middle of the show you know how to find the wonderful guests that are on my show. But you can also always go to my website,

But I’m going to bring on Felicia and we’re going to talk about what Numerology is, the validity of it, and then how you can use it in your life to live every day. Dr. Felicia Bender, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Dr. Felicia: Oh, it’s wonderful to be with you again Dr. Veronica, and Happy New Year to you.

Dr. Veronica: Thank you so much. Felicia tell us about numerology and what exactly is it.

Dr. Felicia: Numerology, it’s the science and art of numbers, basically, obviously by the name of it, numerology. And like all ologies it has different components to it and different schools of thought. And yet the one that I find is used most often. And the one that I use comes from Pythagoras. It’s Pythagorean Numerology. Pythagoras was a Greek mystic, scientist. He was the person 2,500 years ago basically that if you were paying attention in math class, he is the founder of the Pythagorean theorem of geometry.

Basically his idea about numerology and where this comes from is that he posits the idea that numbers carry wisdom, not only a quantitative value like one apple, two apples, three apples, and so on. He basically says that numbers carry wisdom, not only that value but they carry with them a resonance, a frequency, and in a fact. So that when you put them all together, it’s easier to understand this basically being in our digital age where all of our code and numbers do all this stuff. It’s kind of like cellphone reception, gravity, that sort of thing. We don’t have to know that these things, we can’t see them but they certainly have an effect and an influence.

Numerology is based on the idea that through our name that we are given at birth and through our birth date that we have actually come in here with a code, with a matrix, with a formulation of what we’re here to do, and what cycles we’re going to experience, what challenges we’re going to be given. And basically it’s an idea that we can… It’s kind of like Morse code. A lot of people don’t know what those dots and dashes are. And yet those who do can read the code.

And it’s the same with numerology. If you can understand what the basic components and the basic influences of each of the numbers it brings to it you can really understand your life’s purpose, what you’re going through, and how to go about it much more easily. It’s like a blueprint for us.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful. I’m going to let everybody know how to calculate some of the numbers that are associated with you. I’m going to tell you that I’m a six. And so when you start calculating these numbers, if you want to know something about me, I’m a six. And I’m also in a three year.

And I remember I talked to Felicia a few years back. I was going into a nine year, and that year was she told me in the beginning is going to be a year full of challenges, beginnings, ends, and this was in the beginning of the year. And that was a year that really shifted and changed my life. I am doing what I’m doing today because of that nine year which was massively challenging.

That was the year where I tripped and fell. And I dislocated my knee, tore it up. It was completely out of commission for quite a while. I was questioning about what I’m going to be able to do, am I going to be able to walk, am I going to be able to run? Oh my gosh, it was so challenging.

But on the other side I’m doing what I do today, being a medical intuitive and speaking out about it. Not just doing it undercover but speaking out about it, and also coaching other people because of that nine year where people who were my spiritual advisers told me what was going on and the whole thing.

Let’s talk about, Felicia, how people can calculate first what their personal number is. And then we’ll jump off on to other subjects.

Dr. Felicia: Absolutely. I like to see it this way. We have a whole matrix of numbers that we work with. So you can get as deep into this as you want to. And then you can also just use certain basic aspects. And so the life path number in numerology, I would say if you’re only going to know one it would be this number. It is derived from your birth date, so it never changes.

I liken it to, to compare it to in astrology, it’s like knowing your sun sign. It’s like knowing you’re a Capricorn, or a Gemini, or whatever. The life path number is very much like that. And then you can go from there and dig deeper.

If you want to calculate your life path here’s how you do it. It’s very simple. Let’s take an example. Let’s say your birthday is August 14, 1963. For those of you listening, if you’re driving please don’t calculate. Please don’t get into a car accident. But you can understand, if you are where you can get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, do this with your own birth date.

If we’re using this example, we would take August. August is eight. We would take 14, that’s your date of birth. Now what you have to always understand that in numerology we always digit down to a one digit number. So you’re always continuing to add until you get to that one digit.

For instance if you were born on the 14th, your number isn’t the 14th. What it is, is you take the one and you add it to the four. In this instance you take 1+4 and then it’s 5. So then you’d write down five. So then you take 1963 and add that together like a very simple arithmetic problem, right? 1+9=10+6=16+3=19.

So now we still have a two digit number. We don’t stop there. So you have 19. You add that together, 1+9=10. We still have a two digit number. So you continue to digit down, 1+0=1. So 1963 would equal one. Now we have the eight which is August, five which is 14, the day you’re born, 1963 is one. So you add all that together like one long math problem, 8+5=13+1=14. And always check your math more than once. So you’ve got the 14. Now we continue to digit down, 1+4=5. If this were your birth date you would be five life path. Does that make sense?

Dr. Veronica: Makes a lot of sense. Like in the beginning I said I’m a six life path. I’m married to someone who is a nine life path. And so let’s talk a little bit about the significance of what numbers go together, or don’t go together, or what you can do with this. I’m saying I’m giving some information. I’m a six, I’m married to a nine, tell us about how these numbers play off of each other.

Dr. Felicia: It’s interesting because it’s really a fascinating thing to know the components of each of the numbers. And I’ll give you a very, very abbreviated description of each of the numbers. We work with one through nine. There are some master numbers we will also work with but we probably will not get into that right now. But just understand that a master number in numerology is an 11. It’s that double digit, so the double one, the double two, the double three, you can go on from there. And yet those are the ones we would use your core personality chart.

But let’s step away from that for a moment and look at just the basic components of the numbers one through nine in numerology and what they mean. The one in numerology is what I would call the leader. The one is all about independence, individuality, it’s all about number one. It’s pretty simple in that regard. There are a lot of components to this. In numerology we look at what the optimal elements are, what is brought to you optimally with the number.

And then even more useful sometimes for people is to understand the overactive elements and the underactive elements. Because if this is your life path understand that this is your life’s purpose. And also even though you’ll have some innate gifts and talents in these arenas you’ll also have some more distinct challenges in those arenas. And I’ll give you some examples of that as we go along.

Understand that it’s just not going to be easy. What you came here to do is going to be somewhat challenging. Therefore it takes a lifetime. It’s not just a weekend workshop. It’s something that you’ve come here to really master. And the more people I work with the more I realize that the life path is really what we’re aspiring towards. It’s what we’re evolving into. It’s really our PhD program that we’re here to learn, so it will take us some time.

With the one some of the roadblocks… Did I say nine or one? I meant one. For the one your biggest roadblock is lack of self-esteem. And it’s a number where if you’re a one I guarantee you will have kind of the school of hard knocks throughout your life. And so you’ll “fail” quite a bit. And what you’re learning to do is fail forward. Because often what happens is the one is the entrepreneur. It’s the innovator, the creator. These are people who walk outside of the lines. And so when you do that you’re going to not be following the crowd. And you’re going to have times where you are going to be booed off the stage, and you got to be pretty tough. You got to toughen up for that.

And so on the other end of the spectrum, if you get ground down by that you can be very cynical. You could be very depressive. You can have some addictions because you have a lot of creative energy and you’re not allowing that to come out.

Then we go to the number two. The two is the number of partnership. It’s all about love. The two is what I call the mediator, diplomacy, the peace maker. This is a person who’s highly emotionally sensitive. Again, you have the overactive and underactive. You can be very childish and blunt.

It’s one of those things where if you look at the number and what the optimal aspects, if you’re here to learn how to be a mediator sometimes you’re going to have difficulty in compromising. If you’re here to learn all about relationships you’re probably going to have some issues around relationships. Those are the things that the numbers can bring to you.

Dr. Veronica: What’s three tell us?

Dr. Felicia: Alright. If we get into the number three, the three is the communicator. The three is all about creative self-expression and emotional sensitivity. If you’re a three you’re a natural performer, counselor, you’re one of those people. You’re really here to learn about joy and optimism in your life. So the caveats to that is often threes are so emotionally sensitive they’re learning about their emotion. It’s an emotion ocean.

So sometimes they can shut them down totally. They can come from families where if you have an emotion take it outside sort of thing. We can all have that in our lives. And yet for a three it’s more crushing. There’s a lot of fear of criticism there, a lot of self-doubt that penetrates the three’s lifetime. And yet on the optimal end, very communicative, a natural creative. Performance, one of the more creative numbers in numerology.

If we move over to the four, the four is what I call the foundation setter, the teacher. If the three is all about that buoyant energy. The four is all about the slow and steady wins the race. It’s all about hard work, systems building, foundations very tried and true. These are the people who thrive in a very predictable and routine environment, very organized.

The opposite of that can be kind of lazy and irresponsible, and not picking up the ball on that. And yet they’re always feeling unhappy if they aren’t actually keying in to their purpose which is to build… I would say that they’re kind of like the foundations poor or in… They’re architect’s number. They’re like that concrete that you need to build your house one.

Then if we go to a number five, the five is the freedom seeker. These people live without a filter. They are very frenetic. They’re here to experience the tactile world in all of its glory. The opposite of that is going to be of course excess and escape. Five is really freedom through self-discipline. It’s the constructive use of freedom, because anyone can do anything they want, anytime they want. And yet that’s actually not freedom.

Because they’re learning all about freedom and adventure they’re really an agent of change and progressive thought and action. They’re going to experience more fear because they’re here to learn to be fearless. They’re going to experience restriction in their lives in a variety of rooms because they’re learning to be free even in the most restrictive of circumstances. That is the basic of the five.

And then the six, and this is Dr. Veronica. The six is the nurturer. The six is really that home and family energy. The six is a very interesting and very complex number I find because the six is very visionary. The six can see the big picture in things and doesn’t understand most of the time why others can’t. It’s home and family.

What the six is here to learn all about is responsibility, how to modulate responsibility, not be overly responsible for everyone else, and not be underly or irresponsible. They’re also connoisseurs of beauty. They love a beautiful environment. They’re often beautiful themselves. They’re really that comforting, loving, service-oriented person.

On the downside of that they can be very perfectionistic, controlling, and they’re really good at putting out fires, so they’re always in high alert to make sure that they’re taken care of everybody’s business. That’s the six.

The seven, shall we go on here or do we need a break?

Dr. Veronica: Keep going. Everybody wants to hear their numbers.

Dr. Felicia: Alright, I know it. I’m trying to go as quickly as I can but give you as much information as possible. The seven is the seeker, spiritual seeker really. But the seven is a very internal introspective number. The seven is the data analyst, the person who loves to crunch the data, very analytical, and yet on the other hand highly psychic or intuitive.

And often they don’t understand all those aspects to themselves. It’s all about learning about how to develop the data, the highly refined mind, and also the intuitive part, put it together and that’s where their power and their wisdom comes in. These folks need to have their unplugged time.

If you’re a seven and wonder why you can’t really deal with people, you get overwhelmed sometimes when you’re with people a lot, that’s why. You’re processing all the time life’s bigger questions. It’s one of those things that your lifetime is almost like a contemplate your own navel time. It’s really a time where you were here to truly, madly, and deeply know thyself. That’s what your life path is all about and yet it’s all about also understanding your intuitive abilities and how to work that with your analytical mind.

The downside to that is that often… It’s not a downside. Often sevens will find themselves alone. And I don’t mean that as a punishment, it’s just they prefer that. They prefer to spend some parts of their lives or even if they’re in a relationship, having some separate space because they need that processing time and that alone time. Very powerful people these sevens and yet they can often be very misunderstood because they’re on a different wavelength than others.

The eight is the money number. If you’re an eight life path you’re the powerhouse. You’re all about learning about how to master yourself in this material world. It’s all about money, power, control, authority. It’s interesting because all of us humans have to deal with money on a day-to-day basis. And yet if you’re an eight money is a central theme. Either you’ve got a lot of it and you’ve got to deal with that, or you don’t have any of it. It could go one way or the other.

And I say that the eight is a highly intense life path, because it’s going to test you in the realms of personal power first and foremost. And some people never get past that. If you have to step into your personal power and empowerment, and you will be handed that on a platter very early on.

And it’s like your teaches who tests you but doesn’t let up on you. They’ll just keep going, “Okay, you passed that test but how about this one, how about this one, how about this one?” It’s very, very challenging and yet the rewards are very great also. You’re learning how to manifest abundance in the material world for yourself and also to give back to the world in that realm.

So then the last number that we’ll talk about is the nine. The nine is in some forms of numerology a very sacred number. It is the number of completion. It’s that old soul. If you have a nine life path we would like to say you’ve been around the block several times. You’ve got a lot of wisdom that you don’t even know you have from lifetimes, if you believe in reincarnation.

The nine is the humanitarian, highly creative, very charismatic, very skilled in a variety of realms. And yet at the end of the day if the nine is not giving back to something they feel is larger than themselves as individual they will not be satisfied. Again, it’s that humanitarian number. They need to give back to the world, have some kind of selfless service.

The nine is really the number of surrender and letting go. So a lot of times the nine will have trouble letting go of things. They will experience a lot of what we would consider loss in their life. Attempting to learn how to, I like to say it’s kind of like the ultimate Zen master of learning how to be in the present moment. Let go of the last without bitterness or holding on to. And moving forward into the future with an open heart. And that’s very challenging for most of us and yet that’s really what the nine is being called on to do. They’re really being called on to master all of the aspects of all of the numbers in numerology. How about that one.

Dr. Veronica: Beautiful. Thank you Felicia for all that explanation. We have a few more minutes. I hope everybody, now you know what your number is. And of course we’re going to have Dr. Bender on another show so that we can continue these discussions as you learn about yourself. This is about knowing yourself so that you can live a better life.

Just a minute, we have a few minutes before we wrap. I feel like, oh my god, I didn’t get Russell on and I know he’s saying, “I want to ask. I want to ask. I want to ask.”

Russell: I want to ask. I want to ask. I want to ask.

Dr. Veronica: But wait, we have to understand right now what the personal year cycle is. And then, guess what everybody, this is going to be a to be continued with Dr. Bender on another show. Personal year cycle, can you give us a quick summation about that.

Dr. Felicia: Absolutely. This is really wonderful to know in January. Because in numerology, we’re putting aside the personal year, because that’s really about your personality, what you’re here to do, what your life’s purpose is. Now we’re talking about a cycle because in numerology we believe that we all go through nine year cycles throughout our lives, from the time we’re born until the time we leave.

Again, now that you know the basic components of the number’s one through nine, you can apply them differently. The cycles are the same vibration, or the same energy around each of the numbers. And yet if you know what cycle you’re in this year, you can optimize that. It’s like knowing the theme to your party, right? You don’t show up in the wrong costume you can kind of show up the right way.

Dr. Veronica, you said you were in a three-personal year. A three gear is all about self-improvement. That’s your themes for the year. This should be a lighter year than last year. Last year was slower moving for you I would think. A little all about patience. And so the three is all about -self-improvement on any level, and also about improving your emotional communication skills.

Anything having to do with that, and it’s also very social and about having fun. It’s really a hall pass for you to go and actually lighten up a bit.

Dr. Veronica: Me, light? No.

Dr. Felicia: I know, but you’ll get opportunities for that. It can also on the challenge end of it, offer up emotional experiences that challenge your sense of emotional expression. Depending on where you are with that, if you’re able to speak your truth very consistently it’ll be a very empowering year. If you’re not you’ll be offered opportunities to one in on those skills, and which some people might find challenging. If that’s a three, again, that’s a very brief idea about what that is. But let’s start with…

Dr. Veronica: Wait. We have minute left, so I have to wrap up and be able to tell people where to find Felicia. Dr. Felicia Bender, If you would like to have some personal information about how you can use your numbers, know what your number is.

Felicia does very in-depth analysis, charts, and all that type of stuff. I can tell you from personal experience so that you can begin to understand yourself., I want you to go there and get more information about her book is redesign your life using numerology to create wildly optimal You.  I’m Dr. Veronica. This is Wellness for the real world. I appreciate that you’ve joined us. Join us again.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit See you all next week. Take care.



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