24: Hand Analysis: Improve the Quality of Your Relationship

“If you take action on what’s in your hand, it will get even better”

     Jayne Sanders     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Jayne Sanders about Hand Analysis and how it can improve the quality of your relationships.

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationships? Jayne Sanders opens up a world of information and connects it with your purpose through scientific hand analysis. She explains how you can read your heart line and access a small percent of the information in your hands.

In this episode, Jayne explains the meaning of the 4 basic heart line types in order to reveal your relationship style, how you are in relationships, how you express love and affection, and how you want love and affection expressed to you. Jayne will guide you through this reading and help you apply her expertise to your life.

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24: Show Notes

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Show Notes:

04:30 – Veronica’s hand reading

09:09 – The science

09:50 – Prediction guarantee’s

10:09 – Why Jayne started her career

13:00 – Learn others heart style

14:22 – 4 basic heart types

18:25 – Looking at fingers prints and length

20:00 – Applying knowledge

22:18 – Improve work, relationships and gain clarity

24:25 – Gift marking: Extra potential

25:20 – Overcoming major knee injury


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

If you’d like to have access to our entire back catalog visit drveronica.com for instant access. Here’s your host, Dr. Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: This is Dr. Veronica and you are listening to Wellness for the Real World. I’m Dr. Veronica Anderson. I’m a medical doctor and medical intuitive. You’re going to find out more about that as you listen on. But today I want to welcome some interesting people. I’m not going to tell you about them until right before because I got to keep you listening here. But we’re going to talk about all matters of health, your life, your world, and your purpose.

Why do we do this? We do this because in order for you to have a happy and fulfilling life, and to be well, physically and emotionally, you have to understand what you’re not being told. And so here we are on Wellness for the Real World because the truth shall set you free. And the truth heals.

I’m here. I have my co-host Russell Cook. Russell, how are you today?

Russell: Life is good Veronica. How’s everything there with you?

Dr. Veronica: Everything’s fabulous. Life is not as fabulous as we like it to be for you. I know you’re there nursing your father all the way over there in Ohio. How’s he doing?

Russell: He’s doing much, much better. He had a nasty fall and we thought we were going to lose him for sure. But he’s made an amazing comeback. He is a tough, old buzzard I’ll tell you.

Dr. Veronica: How old is he now? He’s 94 I think?

Russell: Yeah.

Dr. Veronica: We’ve all been going through some issues with our parents. My father has been hospitalized for over four weeks. We’ve been concerned about some memory loss. And there’s been some back and forth about what is the best solution for his living at this point in time. And my father is an electrical engineer and was at one point the chairman of IEEE, very, very bright man, learned, was a great dad, and now it’s… How do we figure out what we’re supposed to do next? It’s just been difficult.

I understand and I know a lot of us understand about dealing with our parents, our children, all that other type of stuff. But in the meantime we have to deal with our own lives. And this is where it gets really sticky and difficult because you got stress on your body and on your life. And you want to say, “It’s time for me to do. It’s time for me to live. But how do I know what exactly it is that I’m here and I’m supposed to do?”

I’m segueing into my next guest because one of the reasons I’m here, and actually telling you as an audience that I’m a medical intuitive. Yes, I’m an eye surgeon by training, but I’m also clairvoyant, claircognizant, and all those other things. I can see in the past lives, my own, other people’s.

I’m telling this to you because this particular lady gave me the courage to actually talk about it. Jayne Sanders is a scientific hand analyst. And you say, “What is a scientific hand analyst?” It’s not the same as a palm reader. But it is almost kind of the same as a palm reader. But she’s going to explain the difference to you.

I know Russell you’re going to be chomping at the bit to ask questions about this. This is very exciting stuff. It’s cutting edge stuff. And actually when we say scientific, it’s scientific. Let me just set this up.

In late 2012, it was December 2012 I go to this entrepreneurial conference out in Las Vegas. We’re meeting a lot of people. Some of the people that I knew were sitting down at the table to eat. And there was this lady there sitting at the table with these hand prints in front of her. And I said, “What are you doing?” She says, “I take hand prints and I do an analysis on them. And I tell you about what your life purpose is and your life path based on what are the markings in your hands.” And I said, “That’s sounds cool, really interesting.”

I’m sitting at the table also with another lady who’s very psychic, and another lady who does some metaphysical work. We’re all metaphysical except I’m the person at the table who’s not admitting it yet. Although I got called out by the woman there who was psychic at that same meeting.

I meet Jayne at that time. I didn’t know who she was, her name. I do my hand print. She said, “I’ll do a mini and tell you exactly what I see.” She tells a few things and said, “Oh wow, you have markings that I don’t see a whole lot.”

And then about a month later after she does the full analysis, we get on the phone and she proceeds to tell me about what is in my hands. And it was so stunningly accurate about me that you know that this is not something that you can Google about me. These are not traits that you can go and look up and say, “She went to this school and that school. And she does this and that.” We are not talking about that.

We’re talking about core, the way I was made. We’re talking about my sole journey through time. My journey from where I started to where I am now, and I’m not just talking about this life. Because a lot of these markings you come into your life with. Some of them can change, but you come into your life with. And so it’s telling you, here is what you are here for.

And so Jayne proceeded to tell me, “Veronica, you have I believe it is eight gift markings in your hand. And only a small percentage of the population has any gift markings in their hand. It doesn’t mean it’s bad if you don’t have any, but you have several of them which means that you’re really set up high to do this.”

Let me just say this, parents get all up in arms when their kids are not in the gifted and talented program. Oh my gosh, you’re not in the special class with the people, so that their parent can brag about who their kid is and what they did. This gave a new meaning to gifted, really. It seriously gave a new meaning to gifted.

Now I know with certainty what my life path and purpose is. A lot of it I am on. In fact I have a medical stigmata in my hand, interestingly. And I had another lady who was a clairvoyant long ago tell me, “You’re a healer. You’ve always been a healer.” Meaning several I’ve been going through and travelling and being a healer.

I know you guys are saying, “Oh my gosh, who is this weird doctor on here? Is she a real doctor or is she a quack?” Yes, I’m a real doctor. I graduated with honors. I’m originally from New Jersey, born and bred proud to say. But I want to introduce to you Jayne Sanders, scientific hand analyst. She was an MBA and 25 corporate world before she found her life purpose of doing this scientific hand analysis. Jayne, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Jayne: Thank you Dr. Veronica. I’m very happy to be here. I love listening to you rant. You just have these wonderful rants that are deep and profound and entertaining at the same time.

Dr. Veronica: Thank you so much. Part of the reason I did radio before, some people may have listened to my podcast that I did for a long time, co-hosting with Russell. But now here I am enjoying the family here. It’s wonderful. But tell me Jayne, tell us just a little bit first about what is scientific hand analysis. And then how did you actually come about it?

Because what’s interesting about this and me is all of my friends who are in these metaphysical field, we didn’t start out there. We happened upon it. And you’re one of those people that you were doing something else, so you happened upon this. Tell us first exactly what it is, how it differs from palm reading, and then how you got into it.

Jayne: Officially it’s not even metaphysical, it’s quite scientific. And the science part is that the lines in your hand mimic the neural pathways in your brain. Neurologists are getting involved with this, geneticists because there are similarities in families. I even see similarities in groups because of law of attraction. But the only similarity to palm reading is some of the languaging and the names of different areas of the hand.

The roots are in ancient palmistry, but with hand analysis because it’s scientific there are no predictions to it. A hand analyst is not somebody to go to get your future told. The only prediction I would ever make with a hand analysis, with 100% certainty by the way, is I don’t care how good your life is now, if you take action on what’s in your hand it will get even better. That’s the exciting part. It’s not just fascinating, it’s actionable.

I got involved in it because I was not happy in my work. I just kept hitting this wall of unfulfillment and within my third career, which everyone was successful by the way. I was by any right successful and a million dollar producer when I was in sales, and things like that, but was never really happy. Something was missing. And I knew I was supposed to be doing something else but I just could not figure it out. I was just stuck. And stuck stinks.

Speaking of parents, mine both passed away really close together. And it was just a real wakeup call that life is short. I just doubled down and went online and started Googling life’s purpose because I knew that’s what was meaning, their articulation of that.

Long story short, ran across hand analysis because that’s the main claim to fame, is that it identifies in your hand, in your wiring your innate life purpose, how you’re meant to make a difference in the world. The gift you have to help you do that, and the blind spots and challenges keeping you from it. And I was like, “Whoa, I got to do this.” And I got my hands analyzed.

And by the way, I was very skeptical. I’m like, “Oh man, I don’t need a palm reading. That would be fun. I believe in all that and have used all that but it never was enough. Some was helpful but it just wasn’t enough. And then I saw the word scientific and that sort of appeased my, as I refer to it, my anal MBA skepticism.

I did it and it changed my life. And of course it didn’t say, “Jayne, you’re supposed to be a scientific hand analyst. It’s not a job description for god sakes. That would be crazy. But it really got me on the path and on the direction. And it gave me clarity and I started taking action on the blind spots and challenges to work on. My life started changing and within a few months it led me there.

I just thought, “Oh my god, I have to do this for the people. I have to help people feel the way I do.” It just so inspired about my work and fulfilled. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Dr. Veronica: Just for those who are interested in knowing, I’m going to give it several times. I would like you to always to be able to find me and my guest. You can find me at drveronica.com. You can find me on social media on my fan page, Dr. Veronica Anderson. And Jayne, her website is precisionwisdom.com. Tell us, is there a way… people are looking, if you’re not driving, at their hands and saying, “What do these lines mean?”

I know you do radio and do a lot of descriptions, so you can give a very accurate description where people can look at their hand and know a few things about it. Explain, should we look at one hand or the other, and something that you can tell us that we can know right now just listening on air.

Jayne: Okay. First of all, it doesn’t matter which hand you look at. Generally right hand is what you present in business and out in the world. And generally left hand is inner stuff, family, and things closer to you. But we look at both hands. There are three major lands, and this is part of the piece that’s similar to palmistry. You have a heart line, a head line, and a lifeline.

The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line that starts underneath the pinky finger and goes across. Where it ends tells us your relationship style, how you communicate in a relationship, how you express love and affection, how you prefer love and affection to be expressed to you.

This is sort of like the marriage saver because if you know your style and your spouse’s/partner’s style it is so helpful, so you don’t just assume somebody’s up to something. They’re being true to their design. For example my husband and I have opposite heart styles and learning that was so helpful in understanding each other and having compassion, and being more patient with each other.

There are four basic heart types. This by the way is like 1% of things that we look for in the hands, but it’s something that people generally… That’s the problem. It’s not that easy. That’s why we get paid the big bucks. It’s not clear. But on a lot of your hands who are listening you will be able to tell. If it swoops and stops anywhere underneath the middle finger then it’s called a social hermit. And that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to live in a cave. It just means that you keep your emotions close to the vest generally until you really trust.

But you can be very loyal in a relationship. Your alone time is very, very important to you. And you will arrange your life to get the freedom that you need. You don’t like feeling possessed. You don’t life feeling clung to. You take commitments very seriously because when that time comes you don’t want to feel trapped. You want to make sure that’s what you want to do. And you don’t want to flake out because hermits have very high personal integrity.

Most people by the way are a mix of heart styles, but that’s the hermit. If it goes all the way up to, and sometimes you have to get a really good light, because lines can get more fine the longer they go. But if it goes all the way up to the index finger, it has this long, shallow curve to it and goes all the way to the index finger, or just inside the index finger it’s a big heart. And it means exactly that. Love, nurturing, and connection. You really want to help people. That’s what’s very important to a big heart.

For example, I have both, so I’m a mix of hermit and big heart. Some people have one that goes straight across the hand to at least halfway between the middle finger and the index finger. And if it goes straight across to at least that far or further it’s called a romantic idealist. And a general rule is that in any area in the hand, the longer the line the more time you spend in whatever that line means.

A romantic idealist is a long line, you spend a lot of time thinking about it and analyzing your emotions and your feelings. And you love long, deep meaningful conversations. A true romantic idealist is very considerate in a relationship because they’re thinking about it a lot. They can be romantic but not super mushy, same with the hermit. Big hearts can be more mushy.

Then the last one has a real strong curve to it, and it curves up to just inside the middle finger. It has a big curve to it, and another general rule is that the more curve in the line the more outward emotion. And this curvy one that goes up to the middle finger is called the passionate. So that’s somebody who’s just very passionate about life, very enthusiastic, can be the life of the party, can be a little dramatic. And passionates want what they want and they want it now. And on the master path they’ll figure out how to get it, and ask for what they want. They model, asking for what they want rather than dropping hints and being manipulative, or getting angry when they don’t get what they want.

That’s by the way the high road, the master path of all the markings. Every marking has both sides, a master path and a student path. Anyway, people can look at their hands and kind of get a general idea of it. Some will split off and have three on one hand, so it can be complicated.

Dr. Veronica: I want to have Russell jump in here and ask a few questions. Let me just say, Jayne gave us that nice description. And I want to let you know that that’s probably three or four percent of what you learn when you get a scientific hand analysis. It’s wonderful to know, we all know about this “love line,” everybody knows about the big stuff. But we want to know a little bit more than that. Russell, jump in and ask Jayne some questions.

Russell: Jayne, it’s good to talk to you.

Jayne: Hi Russell.

Russell: I find this really fascinating. I have a question for you. Do you only look at the palms, the fingerprints, or the links of fingers in relation to each other?

Jayne: Yes, we look at everything Russell. And the fingerprints actually are very, very important. They contain the three most important things you learn in a hand analysis, which is your life purpose, your life lesson, which is the biggest blind spot keeping you from living your purpose consistently and feeling that joy and fulfillment everybody wants. And you also learn your life school which is your operating system, the overarching energy of your life.

The fingerprints are very, very important. And by the way, many people, I think at least half the people that I analyze have fingerprints in the palm of their hand and they don’t even know it. That’s kind of cool. But yes, we look at the fingers, we look at the lengths of the fingers, the length and width of every section, the shape of your palm, all the lines, your thumbs, everything means something.

And what’s really cool is I don’t have to do this in person. I have clients in Canada and in Europe. They mail out a hand printing kit. They take their prints, mail them to me, and then we have a recorded phone call. We don’t even have to go anywhere.

Dr. Veronica: Tell us how we might use this to help our life. I know how it helped my life. It gave me the courage to say that I am who I am. It was Jayne who said, “You have these gift markings and several of the gift markings are intuitive markings. This is a really huge part of you. And you have to start doing something with it and talking about it.

I’ve known for a long time that I had these abilities. I didn’t know necessarily they were different from the rest of the world. And probably about 10-12 years ago I started saying, “Everybody see things the way I do. I just kind of know these things and I don’t even know how I know these things.” But mum is the word. I’m a doctor, I can’t say anything. Everything is based on a case controlled and retrospective studies so I better keep my mouth shut. And Jayne made me open my mouth

The reception is wonderful because a lot of people want to know about these spiritual qualities about them, and which I’ve been able to help them put it together so they know that they’re absolutely not crazy. They know what’s going on and how it connects to their body. That’s the type of work I do as a medical intuitive.

Jayne, give us some examples how your scientific hand analysis has helped people. Jayne also does coaching after this. Because you get an analysis, you get all of this information and then you’re like, “What do I do with this?” Seriously, Jayne also has very good coaching after it. If you choose to have coaching after it so that she can tell you about, “Here’s what this is, and here’s what it means when you’re on your master path, which means you’re going in the right direction. And you’re really hitting that grand slam. And here’s what your student path looks like. A lot of people who come might be on their student path and they know that they’re not doing the way things should go. Tell us how you’ve helped people with this.

Jayne: Thank you. Nobody’s ever on the master path 100% of the time. We all go back and forth. Really what I do is what I call purpose coaching. And the hand analysis is the entree tool. So deep and profound that it has taken people from being broke to… My ideal poster child client started with making six figures within six months because she found out what her gifts were and purpose and just stepped into it, started living it.

My life changed because of taking action on my student path, and just moving forward and making myself the best I can possibly be. Again, off and on because nobody’s on the master path 100% of the time. I’ve had people change careers because they weren’t happy in their work. One thing that’s easy for me to do is connect the dots and identify for people their ideal work. They then have to take action to get into it.

But they’re just like I was, I was not in my ideal work and I kept getting bored and unfulfilled. It has helped with relationships because people understand each other better. It empowers people, gives them confidence and permission to really step into their authenticity and live it. They become better leaders, better managers, more clarity on what they want to do in their life.

And it helps them leave the legacy that they’re meant to leave. People want to make a difference. They want meaning in their lives. And by learning their innate purpose and getting guidance on how to step into that and live it, it is the deeply life-changing and profound.

Dr. Veronica: I absolutely agree. We are a couple of minutes from wrapping up. I just want to, again, let the audience know, if you like to reach Jayne, precisionwisdom.com, Jayne Sanders. But also if you send a note to me, drveronica.com, any of my guests I know how to get to them, obviously very easily and quickly. That’s how I got them on my show. Jayne, just a bit, we have two minutes left. A word about gift markings.

Jayne: Gift markings are indications of extra potential challenge in different areas. And they are very, very important because they’re rare. At most, 20% of the entire world has just one. So that means 80% of people don’t. That said, there are people with no gift markings who are making an amazing difference in the world, and people who have 15 who suck, because they’re not using their gifts and they’re stuck in their student path. But they’re really important and they have a student path too.

So if you’re not using them you get a kick in the butt. Basically, god, spirit source, whatever your word is, is saying, “Hey Dr. Veronica, you got these gifts and you’re not using them.” I’m going to get your attention here with a wakeup call of some kind, which is usually some sort of life complication so you’ll start using those gifts.

Dr. Veronica: I got to tell you that part of my path if people don’t know, back in 2013 I tripped and fell and had a major knee injury. This a few a months after I’d met Jayne. It was a major knee injury, seven hour surgery. It stopped me in my path. And I had a spiritual adviser at that point in time who said to me, “You’re very intuitive and you’re not using your gifts. And this is why you hurt your knee.”

Jayne: Exactly. I will say, most people who are interested in hand analysis do have at least a gift marking or two. It’s just law of attraction. Most of my clients, the vast majority have at least a couple. But I got to tell you, finding out what they are changes everything. Dr. Veronica, I think I’ve told you this before, people cry. They feel so seen and understood like never before.

Dr. Veronica: Absolutely. Jayne, I got to stop us right here. Jayne at precisionwisdom.com. I’m Dr. Veronica. Russell’s on as my co-host. This is Wellness for the Real World.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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