Medical Intuition, Holistic Healing and Psychic Abilities

 “Love, joy and gratitude is what allows you to stay well”

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Do you want to regain your health? Veronica Anderson, MD is a Medical Doctor, Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Homeopath. Pioneering a new generation of functional medicine practitioners, Dr. Veronica transcends all boundaries with her passion for wellness through her unique blend of Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Veronica about healing as a medical intuitive, being clairvoyant, and the connection between the emotional and the spiritual. Co-host Russell Cook shares his experience as a medium, channeling and how he became a medium. Listen to the end, to hear about his first channeling experience.

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26: Show Notes


04:20 – Helping people with intuitive abilities

09:00 – Hiding the truth as a Medical Doctor

10:50 –  Emotions preventing you from healing

15:30 – Holistic teaching

18:20 – What is a medium?

19:36 – Channeling in the 1980’s

22:00 – Learning how to be a medium

23:23 – Channeling for the first time


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: This is Dr. Veronica and you’re listening to Wellness for the Real World, a show that gives you information about all the other stuff. And so you can go on the university and Google and find out about all the normal stuff in health and wellness. But on Wellness for the Real World we’re going to give you a different view, a complementary view, alternative views, and we’re going to give you the stuff that really works. Not just what the talking head say, not just what is paid for by politicians and for politicians. We’re going to tell you not just what’s paid for pharmaceutical companies and by companies that decide what you eat. But we’re going to tell you all the truth because the truth shall set you free.

I have with me Russell. And as you get to know us you’re going to know about our multiple talents. We’re going to talk about some of our really out there left field talents that when I tell people about it they think it’s really cool. And Russell has one of these talents too. But before we get into that, hi Russell, how are you?

Russell: Hello Dr. Veronica. I’m doing fine, thank you.

Dr. Veronica: I’m so happy that you’re here.

Russell: I am too.

Dr. Veronica: I’m a medical intuitive and people say, “What is a medical intuitive?” We’re going to talk a little bit about that today. You might know this more, Russell has also been a medium among his other things. Russell is a quite talented graphic artist, website designer, but he also sings, dance, and acts, and has been a meditation teacher. But one of the other pieces of his life that we haven’t talked about a whole lot is that he’s been a medium.

We’re going to talk about that today just because people ask me a lot about what is a medical intuitive. Whenever I tell people what I do there’s like, “Oh my god, can you see things about me?” Well, yes and no. But we’re going to talk about psychic, mediumship, clairvoyant, claircognizant, all that type of stuff, and what it has to do with your health. Is that okay with you Russell?

Russell: That’s okay with me Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, good.

Russell: I’m just the co-host so I do what you say.

Dr. Veronica: Thank you so much. I’m glad. I like my men to be obedient like this. As a medical intuitive, people say, “What exactly does that mean?” It’s a really fancy way to say that I’m a psychic. Let’s talk about how that plays into what I do and when I found out and all that type of stuff.

I realized about 12-14 years ago that I could see things and know things. I see visions like movies. Images pop into my mind. And I started realizing that these are really accurate images. I would think something or know something and it was not just a coincidence. And this became stronger and stronger over time but I realized this is something we are all intuitive, it’s mediated in part of our brain actually, our temporal lobe, which also mediates spiritual experiences is where our intuitive abilities reside.

And so there is a science behind this. Today is not the day I’m going to get into all the science. One day I will have some other guests on that can get all science-y with you, and we can talk about this. But I started realizing that I could see and know information about people. I would know information about people and I didn’t have to necessarily even be in their presence.

And it became really super-duper salient to me when my husband and I had an export business and I was the face of that export business in the email marketing. And people overseas would start Googling who I was. They see my face and say, “Who’s Dr. Veronica Anderson?” Because it’s in my email signature, even though I had nothing to do with medicine.

People will come to me and say, “You’re a doctor. Can I ask you a question?” And when I say they would come to me they would send me a text or a Skype message. And all of a sudden I realize that I knew exactly what was wrong with them. Before they asked me the question I knew what was wrong with them. Then they’d start to ask me questions and I’d start to interview them. And when I say interview them I’m talking about people I’ve never met and I would with on WhatsApp, or Viber, or Skype, or one of those other things, or a text message. They would ask me questions and I would start asking and verify that the information or the diagnosis that I made was the correct diagnosis.

I didn’t have verification. But what would happen after that is people would come to me because they wanted help with something that was ailing them from a physical perspective. Think about it, I’m thousands of miles away. What could I possibly do?

Those of us who understand energy and energetic fields understand that you can do something thousands of miles away, because time and space are an illusion. And so therefore when people would ask me these questions they open up their energy field to me. And I would get a download of information about what was going on in them. I actually can see things. Images would come across me. I have what’s called claircognizant. It means I just know something.

There’s more intuitive senses besides clairvoyance. Think about this, my strongest intuitive sense is clairvoyance, which means that I see very well. And my primary profession is that of an eye surgeon. I don’t do eye surgery anymore, but I do help people see clearly with their health and spiritually. And there’s always a spiritual and emotional connection with your illnesses and injuries, always. This is why you manifest illnesses the way you do.

And so now that I understand this more, and I’ve studied it more, and been mentored in it more to make it even stronger, it is my purpose to help other people understand how their emotional and their spiritual connects. And so when people would ask me, can you help me, or can I ask you a question, after I’d figure out what was going on with them, I get the download of what was going on with them. Those of us in the intuitive field say that we get to download.

I would also get downloads as to what they should do about it, mind, body, and spirit. Not just eat this, don’t eat that, do this particular exercise. And when I say exercise, or do this spiritual exercise. Here’s what you have to do. I have a particular forgiveness exercise that I would like you to do. And I would just get a download, and all of a sudden be counseling people about what they should do, which was not textbook. Some of it would be textbook, but most of it wasn’t textbook.

And these are with people that I’ve never seen and met other than I’ve chatted with them a little bit online and they ask me for medical advice. I started doing readings on people. I would read somebody. I read this one gentleman. I said, “Hey, can I just do a reading on you?” He said sure. I did a reading on him. But then also I could get information about people that were close to him.

So I got information about his father and his mother. And I got some health information about his mother, about what was going on with her from a health perspective. And at the time that I told him this it hadn’t happened yet. He called me three days later and said, “My mother’s in the hospital. She has XYZ ABC. It was exactly what I said, what’s going on with her.

I started realizing that my intuitive abilities were quite strong. But on the other side I didn’t want to talk about it here in the United States of America as an MD-trained physician because we only talk about case controlled, double blind, retrospective studies, which we’ve all been fed the Kool Aid. And we drank the Kool Aid. For those of you who can look back in history and remember Jim Jones and how he Kool Aided everybody.

America has been Koo Aided by a lot of the forces, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry. And so as I realize I had these abilities and I was helping people across the world, I didn’t want to help people here in the United States because I was afraid that my colleagues and everybody around me would say, “Oh my god, she’s crazy. She’s quack. And actually a couple of my mentors, Jayne Sanders, which you’ve heard on this show, another woman, Wendy Darling, she’s a love expert. I’m going to have her on. You’re going to love her.

These people were business coaches for me who mentioned to me, “Listen, you have these abilities. You got to use them to help people. They can really help people.” And so this is such a strong part of you. You have to use it. And so now I announce myself as not just a medical doctor but a medical intuitive. And as a medical doctor at this point in time, I do only holistic coaching. I don’t diagnose and write prescriptions at all. At this point in time I feel that’s a conflict of interest. I focus solely on how to get you well based on what’s going on underlying your diagnosis so that you can actually reverse and heal yourself.

Your body was meant to heal, and you’re not healing because, first you have to get it in your mind that you can heal. Because your mind and how you think changes your physiology. And so let me just take this a little bit further. You have five main emotions. There are three that are health harming, and two that are health promoting, or positive on your health.

The three emotions that hurt you, and you already are going to know this when I say it. Fear, anger, and sadness, those are the three emotions that everything you feel, that you want to call, let’s give it a label right now, bad. They are fear, anger, and sadness.

I don’t like saying good or bad, because it’s just is. You just feel a particular way. But fear, anger, and sadness, which are lower on the vibrational scale. We’ll talk more about vibrations as we go along the show. The fear, anger, and sadness is what allows your body to be susceptible to any kind of illness or injury. And the fear, anger, and sadness, you call it stress. When you think, “I’m stressed,” you’re experiencing fear, anger, or sadness. I just get very detailed about fear, anger, and sadness and where it comes from, what’s causing it, and how it’s manifesting in your body as a medical intuitive.

Let’s talk about what helps you stay well. When you see people are well invariably they have figure out how to manifest the emotions of love and joy. Think about this is wrapped up with love and joy, and one is gratitude. And so you might see people who’ve had major illnesses and I know Russell has had some challenges and he’s actually quite remarkable. And if he wants to share some of that he’s usually open about sharing some of that. He could share some of that too.

Because it helps people to hear all of our journeys. But the love, joy, and gratitude is what allows you to stay well. And you can make fear, anger, and sadness, let it go and bring it over to love and joy. And so as a medical intuitive I help people see the links between their emotional and spiritual state and their physical state. Where is it? What’s the problem? Why do you have that? And I don’t need to know anything other than your first name, your last initial, your sex, and your age, that is all. And I don’t need to talk to you or see you. You give me your first name, your last name, your age, and your sex, and I do a reading on you, a 14-point reading and tell you here’s what’s going on underlying.

Medical intuitive readings… this is the medical disclaimer because there’s more lawyers than people in this country. You know that. The medical disclaimer about medical intuitive readings are it’s not a medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or psychotherapy. And anything that you hear in a medical intuitive reading you must check with your doctor, who…

By the way, here’s the other thing about their doctor. They’re not going to know anything about this. They’re just not going to know. They’re not going to have study. And if it’s not case controlled, double blind, retrospective study they’re not going to have anything to say about it. And a lot of them are going to say, “Why are you listening to that crazy person?” But those of you who are in the know likely have somebody like me on your team. And if you do you will have realized that somebody who knows a little bit outside of the physical, outside of the drug studies, is probably one of the most valuable persons on your team.

I love now what I do. When I was in a traditional practice I loved my clients. I loved my patients. But I couldn’t stand what I did. I just got to the point where I couldn’t stand it because I saw sickness and disease all day every day. And it didn’t seem like anybody was trying to get well. It just seemed like people loved to stay in that victim mentality.

But now I have people who seek me out and come to me because they want to figure out, “How do I conquer this? How do I actually get better?” And so I use my intuitive abilities to help guide people. There’s the intuitive side, but then there’s also the practical health coaching side, which I use holistic teaching, the standards of nutrition which is very customized for a person, plus fitness, plus hormonal balancing, nervous system balancing, and detoxification. I also use herbs, homeopathics, all those pieces of information that I had to go after medical school and learn about, which I’ve had quite a bit of training now in all these areas.

I blend, this is east meets west. I have the conventional background, so I understand exactly what you’re talking about when you come and sit down with me, or call me on the phone, or Skype with me. But I also understand those other nuances that are there that do not exist in conventional Western medicine, but do exist in other types of medicine like Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, because your energy system is you. It’s of utmost importance. And so your spiritual and emotional state, if it’s well you can help get your body well.

That’s what I do as a medical intuitive. Basically it’s a fancy way of saying I’m a psychic that specializes in health issues. I’m also very strong in the area of love issues. I frequently get information about people’s romantic lives in my reading. It’s quite interesting. It’s something that comes in very strong. I don’t know why that is. I think everybody deserves to have wonderful love in their lives all around. It might be that because I focus that way that the love information, the romantic information, whether that be positive or not so positive it comes in strong to me when I do readings.

We have our physical senses like sight, hearing, and taste, but we also have our intuitive senses, clairvoyance, clairsentience which is a body sense, you feel something, clairtaste, clairsmell, and clairaudience. That’s when you can hear things. And so sometimes, and all of us who are in the intuitive fields have ones that are more strong than others. But as we develop ones they all become quite strong. Somebody will start talking to me and all of a sudden I realize something’s hurting and I feel this here or there in my body. I know it’s not me because my body’s fine in that particular area. But when I’m doing a reading for that person all of a sudden I’ll get particular sensations.

Having said that, Russell has been a medium. Let me tell you how I know. Mediums are people who usually can communicate with people from beyond, people who have passed out of this physical life and are in another realm. And so Russell, tell us about what a medium is and what you did when you were a medium.

Russell: Well, that’s an interesting question. The kind of medium I was or discovered that I was is also called a channeler. If you ever read Shirley MacLaine’s books. It’s the kind of thing she was talking about. She would go to mediums to experience. I started out quite by accident. I first was taught to meditate age 20-21, and found it very useful and still do. I’ve done it all these years with periods of time off. But then eventually I always come back to it and find a way to return to myself so to speak.

When I discovered channeling it was in the 80’s, right around that Shirley MacLaine era. And I became involved with a group of maybe six to eight people who would meet every Tuesday night I believe in the apartment of a medium who was a beautiful young woman, an actress. Her name is Elisa. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me saying that. We would meet in her tiny, little apartment on Barrow Street in Greenwich Village. And there would be candles and we would sit in a circle of chairs. And she would sit and she would chitchat with us and so on.

Then at a certain point we would say a little meditation together. And she would loosen her shoulders and take a few deep breaths. And then within a minute or so this entity would come into her. Typically it was Mary, an English woman with a great deal of wisdom and energy. Sometimes it was Susie, a little girl. And then we’d get various guest stars now and then.

I did this for quite some time. I was skeptical. It felt right to me. It felt real. But I was also just skeptical. And I’ll tell you the truth, I couldn’t prove that it wasn’t acting but if it was it sure damn was good, and it sort of was real wisdom coming through. And it was a definite feeling when each entity would speak. That was hard to deny but I was young and just skeptical of those things.

I did this for quite some time. We became quite a tight group actually though the group would shift a bit. And one night when Mary was speaking, she was speaking about the experience of channeling and what Elisa goes through and so on. And she turned to me and pointed to me and said, “You would be very good at this.” And so we left it at that.

There was another person in the group who was basically studying how to be a medium and practicing it much further along than I, and he offered to help me with it. He and a couple of others and myself worked on it a number of times. And I have to say, it was difficult for me to get to do that. First of all it was very difficult for me to sit and feel all these feelings, and feel them build up. But I was so conscious, I was still aware. And I felt like I couldn’t allow myself to speak even though these words were welling up within me because I thought I would be acting, I thought I would be pretending, I thought I’d be doing improve or something like that. And I was very uptight about doing that.

But one night I just kind of did. As I mentioned we were sitting on chairs, sitting up straight with feet flat and thighs parallel to the floor. You can almost imagine if you’re spying in that position, continued straight down into the floor like the root of the tree. You have a very solid feeling in the earth.

When I first allowed myself to speak it was because I could hold it back no longer. I was pouring sweat. I felt there was electricity going all through my body and especially coming up through the earth from that imaginary trunk, continues up into my own trunk and out the top of my head. And I started speaking.

As soon as I did that’s when I relaxed, that’s when I went into the trance, trance meaning just a light trance. I’m aware to the sense of what room I’m in and so on but I didn’t remember anything I would say after it was over. I practiced and I got better at this. So I didn’t have to go through all that drama before I could let an entity speak through me. And as you say, once you practice one area of intuition all these other areas of intuition expand for you. And they did for me.

Dr. Veronica: Russ, I’m going to jump in just now because as we’re getting closer to the end of the time I’m sure we’re all listening. I’m listening and I’m fascinated whenever Russell’s telling a story. So I’m sure everybody else is fascinated too. We’re going to have more of this to come because we have these abilities, and both Russell and I have practiced them and made them strong.

I’ve practiced even outside of, before I told anybody and actually used it. There are people who their major talent is that they have these intuitive abilities, and that’s wonderful that that’s the way it is. And so you know about them because that’s their major talent.

Then there are people who are like Russell and I who we talk about it later because there are other gifts and talents that are coming forth at the time in our life. And so we’re going to do more of these segments and have people call in to be able to talk to us and ask us questions about our intuitive side, because we understand this is how you get to know about you.

The idea is to get information about you. But let me just tell you one thing as we’re about to close and wrap up. The best way to have these experiences is for you yourself to have the experience within you. And so this also about making you stronger intuitively so that you know and can learn how to do things like heal yourself. I’m Dr. Veronica. I’m co-hosting with Russell. You can find me on

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit See you all next week. Take care.



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