Healthy & Active with 86 Year Old Sprout Grower Tony Hornick

“The three most important things in life are the best green food, the cleanest water, and the best exercise”

     Tony Hornick     


Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Tony Hornick on being healthy & active with 86 year old sprout grower.

Do you want to be healthy at 86 years old? Passionate about food and exercise Tony Hornick shares his secrets to a healthy lifestyle you can thrive on.

In this episodes, Tony talks about the importance of having sprouts in your diet including the nutritional value, and ways to grow effectively. He will also talk about his key exercise routine that kept him fit for decades. Listen to the end, for cheat meals that you can eat on your diet.

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33: Show Notes

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Show Notes:

03:00 – Healing crippling issues

07:21 – Sprouts after birth

09:45 – Nutritional value

13:00 – Alternative detox systems

14:59 – Ballroom dancing

17:00 – The best things in life

17:28 – King Tut

18:18 – Enzymes, proteins & minerals

18:49 – Growing & planting

25:30 – Cheat meals


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: This is Dr. Veronica, with her co-host, Russell. I’m a medical doctor, medical intuitive, and helping you live a better life. In order to live the best life possible you have to be well. Your mind, body, spirit has to be well. What better way to learn how to be well from somebody who’s gotten a lot of years behind them from living a healthful lifestyle.

You can get old and you can get old. There are people who get old and they’re pitiful, and they’re not doing well, and they’re on a million medicines. And it’s just not fun. But that is not what we dream about as we move on in years. We all want to be mature. We want to be those people that are jumping out of airplanes, and doing whatever they want.

I want to mention his name, because Russell might grab through and hit me. Didn’t George Bush parachute out of a plane for his 80 something birthday?

Russell: Yeah, that sounds right.

Dr. Veronica: Russell’s knowledgeable over there. You got to give it to him. The other piece that people learn as they go on in life is just how let stuff roll off of them. The reason I believe that presidents live a long time after they get out of office is because they’ve had so much crap thrown at them when they were in office that they learned how to withstand the ultimate type of stress. So when they leave office that stress level comes down and everything seems easy in comparison to being the president. I don’t care what side politically you’re on. Somebody is out there hating on you. Not just half of your country but a lot of the world.

That’s just a commentary about getting older. I have a gentleman on who’s 86 years old. His name is Mr. Tony Hornick. He’s a sprout expert. And we’re going to talk a little bit about sprouts. For me, I like sprouts but they’re not all that sexy. But I’m going to let Tony Hornick educate me about sprouts.

This is a part of the show. When I see something that’s a little bit interesting, I say, let me bring him on the show then I can learn something. And how do you make changes slowly, one step at a time. So by the time we finish this discussion I might just be growing sprouts all over the place in my house. Tony Hornick, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Tony: Good morning.

Dr. Veronica: Mr. Hornick, you say that you became ill at 35. You’re 86 now, so this is many years ago, 50 years ago you had an illness. How did that transform your life to where you are now?

Tony: My family doctor said I needed an operation on my vertebrae. I said, “Hold it. Let me check with other hospitals and other doctors before I go ahead.” After three months of being a chiropractor and scouting the US as well as Canada for help in regard to my vertebrae problem, which is what’s to be operated on, I finally heard from the president of the Chiropractor College in Ontario who said, “Tony, let’s try something that is new.” There’s a new blood type out of Florida that,” of course many years ago that this happened. “And that blood test is much more complete that your doctor’s ever done. Let’s have that done.” So at a fair amount of money I had that test brought up.

After doing the test we found that there were certain problems with my values in my body that hadn’t been brought up by my doctor before. As a result of that the hospitals had a list, give you a massive detox for the things that this shows that your body requires that you don’t have showing properly. I had the test done. It was a massive detox. And no more than five days from being bent over and crippled, that detox loosened up all the poisons in my body. And those poisons had to be collected by class diapers and not hankies. That’s how much [Unintelligible 00:05:18]

As a result of that I was able to stand up. After three months of being bent over and crippled in appearance I was able to stand up straight and no longer had a pain. They loosened up all the poisons in my body. They came of course in the form of yellow, black, and green gunk in the cloth that I was using, many cloth.

And as a result of that I became well. Within a month I never knew that I was sick. And this is as a result of something new that happened at the time. And I started to really think about nutrition. And as a result of what happened I started to go through [Unintelligible 00:06:09] to find out what should I eat that my mother didn’t cook properly in all the years that I was living.

With her German background the cooking was wonderful but not healthy. And as a result of that, after reading many articles about nutrition I found that most of the articles that were really important pertain to sprouts. Books and books full of that information in the libraries of Toronto area. After a week and a half of reading I decided I would start growing sprouts, in the way that all the scientists in those books said I should grow them. And that was in a jar, because it was supposed to be simple to put your seeds in a jar, cover them with water, and then they will grow in two, three, or four days, with a lot of work of course attached to it.

However, they were all wrong. After three years of doing it this way I decided to learn that there’s much more to a sprout than what these scientists have known. First of all they are mothers that have babies, true mothers with afterbirth. It’s like an animal and a human. And reason I mention afterbirth, every show or speaking engagement I do now, I show the public the afterbirth from growing sprouts from one day only in my new system. And one day it shows the after birth coming out. And if you touched it you find it slightly slippery.

There are two afterbirths. It’s colored water that comes out of all the infant seeds that you’re spreading. That of course makes me realize that there’s much more to our seed and bean. It is the start of life. It’s where life begins. There’s no question about that. Life has to begin somewhere.

I had a meeting in Toronto, at a church, where the church minister asked me to speak to the congregation about what I have learned about sprouts. I asked all of them at the meeting before it began. “How did you know when nutrition begins?” There was no answer. People in general will not answer that question. No one seems to really know. But I proved that it does begin in a sprout.

All the enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that we have or need for our body start in a seed or a bean. That is where life begins. It must begin somewhere, and that is more logical place to begin. Especially since that seed or bean in reality is a mother that has afterbirth. There must be something really special about that. God and nature gave that too us.

Dr. Veronica: Let me ask a question, you’re telling me about the wonderfulness of sprouts. But give us a little bit more nutritional background on the sprouts, just because could it be that I eat only sprouts. Is this new fad, have a sprout only diet and it’s going to be the best thing in the world for me? I assume that you have to have some other things. But what is it that’s so wonderful about sprouts? Is it that it has every single amino acid in it? Is it that it has a lot of trace minerals? What do we know about it more scientifically that would make us say sprouts are the answer.

Tony: There are millions of articles on the web about sprouts. You may have found that out if you made a search, Googled it. Scientists all over the world recognize that they are loaded with all the different points of nutrition. Some scientists say there’s less, some scientists say there’s more, but they admit in the articles that it has a lot of important natural requirements for the human body. There’s no question about that.

And so many articles out there and yet most of them are incorrect, because what they should check instead was all, all nutrition begins in a sprout. There is no other place it can begin. It has to begin somewhere. So by going all through these articles, they’re written by scientists. Some say there’s 40,000 different enzymes in a sprout. Some say there’s only 400 different enzymes.

They all have their different opinions. How did they get those opinions? I don’t know. I have had some tests done and mine are different again. But I don’t believe half of the equipment that is out there that’s used for studying the values of sprouts. I know that when I eat them it changes my body completely. I know that my body wakes me up every morning between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock in the morning to have a large spoon full of sprouts. Every morning I never fail.

Why is it? Why does my body wake me up to have it. It’s like a horse going to a field, it knows exactly where to find that root. Your body knows what’s best for it. I don’t know how to explain it any other way other than nutrition has to begin somewhere. Where? No one has a defined answer, but it must begin. And that’s what god and nature gave us.

Dr. Veronica: It’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg type question. I want to ask Russell some questions because you don’t that Russell knows about everything. But I would like to ask, you said that you’ve used, Mr. Hornick, alternative systems for a long time for yourself.

If you’re interested in sprouts Mr. Tony has actually a proprietary system that will help you grow them in your house very easily and quickly within 24 hours. You can go to to be able to find out more information.

Mr. Hornick, I always want to find out what other types of strategies have you use to stay well? Years ago before it was popular, you did a detox. I love detoxes for my clients, not just any detox, very targeted detoxes work quite well to rejuvenate people. It’s amazing. People go into it feeling like, “Oh my god, I’m not going to have this and that,” and come out of it saying, “I can’t believe I did that, and I feel so good.” What else have you tried besides detoxes and sprouts to keep you well?

Tony: I’m a ballroom dancer and that helps my body to keep younger through proper exercise. And of course ballroom dancing is really good for you. Your body gives you many alternatives to move your muscles around. That’s been my sport all my life. In fact I run a website, [Unintelligible 00:14:41] which has been contacted by many schools in regard to my videos on that website showing all the different styles of dancing and how people do them all over the world.

Dr. Veronica: Have you done competitive ballroom dancing?

Tony: Yes, I did. I was quite successful at it. I earned some money with it.

Dr. Veronica: Okay.

Tony: I’m not doing it as much anymore but I still go dancing. My partners keep can go dancing with…

Dr. Veronica: Why do you feel that ballroom dancing has been one of your secret sauces to longevity?

Tony: Well, it’s a happy atmosphere. Anyone in the world dances. Even the Eskimos have dancing. Children dance with their parents. Skinny girls dance with fat boys. It doesn’t matter. When it comes to dancing there’s no limits. Everyone is accessible. Everyone’s happy. Everyone’s having a good time. And it’s a good exercise.

My mother was a German banker said to me on the farm, “Go learn to dance and stay out of trouble.” With all the boys that are friends of mine that I had, none of them went to a dance. I started to go to a country dance, I love dancing. And as a result of that, I had all the girlfriends, they had very few. But all the girls followed me. At 20 years of age, even though I had a lot of girlfriends I was a virgin when I got married. So that tells you that my mother was right.

Dr. Veronica: That might deter people these days, because nobody wants to be a virgin when they get married somehow.

Tony: Just think it, for all the boys that are roughneck went swing dances, and they belong to a swing dance club, they wouldn’t be getting into other trouble. They’d be out there dancing every night. And that’s what we have to encourage.

If you notice on my website there are three color bars, green, blue, and red. The three most important things in life are the best green food, the cleanest water, and the best exercise. And I’ve been using those three colors on that bar for 17 years on my website. I believe strongly in a clean and a happy life. That’s what it’s all about. And food made of sprouts are the best. They have all the nutrition.

I’m sure all your listeners know about King Tut. King Tut put all the seeds and beans into his tomb 2,000 years ago. And 100-150 years ago they opened the tomb and put water on some of the seeds. They just sprouted. Those are mothers that had babies after 2,000 years, never dies. And that’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to live forever, never died like your seeds and beans. And that is the way we have to recognize the value of sprouts, very, very important.

Seeds and beans are the beginning of life. And that is where all nutrition come from, all the enzymes, all the proteins, all the vitamins, and most minerals, not all minerals but most in every seed and bean. And it only takes one day to grow them if they start to search the web for a one-day system, which is what i have.

Dr. Veronica: Does your system grow only sprouts, or does it grow other types of organic food.

Tony: If you put a seed or a bean it might grow. And keep changing the water just once a day. First of all you will not get poisoned. You won’t get any more of bacteria with my system. Secondly, you can keep it growing so that you can grow plants, which can then be planted outside into the garden. And it grows up very quickly.

You’ve got a grower that is clean, which very, very important. I think that’s been the downfall of all the systems on the market other than mine. And that is that all systems on the market are poisonous. I can prove to you very easily by the way they operate, the way the afterbirth is antidote. With my system the afterbirth is taken away, it’s separated right in their system as it grows. Whereas every other system [Unintelligible 00:19:55] with the mothers, which is what you want to eat. And those mothers that you want to eat, that’s the seeds and beans that haven’t had a birth. And those babies that are now turning out to be an edible food, that edible food is very clean with my system. And that’s with any other system on the market. It takes a while to explain but I could explain that as well. I don’t think we have the time do we?

Dr. Veronica: You want to explain more about your system. Well, I want to ask about some other parts that you do. I think we understand well about your system. But what else do you do besides for your health? You’ve mentioned the importance of exercise and ballroom dancing, sprouts, what are your other keys to getting to a health, vibrant, who can still ballroom dance 86 year olds, what else do you do and use?

Tony: First of all you eat fruit and vegetables primarily. But I eat everything else that I like or would like to try, but very little. I cut out beef entirely. I do eat some of the other meats. I eat beef once in a while, but very, very small amount if I’m having dinner somewhere with friends. But normally I eat only fruits and vegetables.

And I cook my own food. I rarely eat out. I’ll eat if I’m at a meeting of some type. And if I have no other choice I’ll eat out. But otherwise I’ll eat at home.

Dr. Veronica: Do you have a particular type of cooking style that you feel is the most health promoting? Do you cook with particular types of oils, or you don’t cook with oils. What do you feel has worked best for you to keep you healthy?

Tony: I’m eating everything. I like to use butter which is natural. But I use very little oil. Most of my pots are the type where you don’t have to use oil at all, but I do sometimes. I just have average meals. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t like junk food but I do have it. I eat McDonald’s once in a while.

Dr. Veronica: It’s interesting listening to Mr. Hornick just because he’s obviously a disciple of the sprout, which is a healthy food. I don’t know a whole lot about sprouts myself. I eat them every once in a while, but I never thought of them as the magical elixir of life.

People who are interested they can go to and get it, because it’s good to grow your own food. I think one of the keys to probably his longevity and everything is he started his own food so he knew exactly what it was, without chemicals and pesticides, and all that type of stuff.

Russell, your father lives until 94. What do you think his secret sauce was in that? You see something special that you thought that he did with his life as a whole? Because Mr. Hornick was saying, “My other thing is I ballroom dance. And I’ve done it competitively and got some money for it.” What do you think are other secrets that you have had the chance to observe firsthand?

Russell: I’ll tell you with him, it was two martinis before dinner every night. That’s not exactly a health secret but for him it was. And in these last weeks when he went into a nursing home and he was raising holy hell about it, I moved heaven and earth, and I got them to let him have a martini every night after dinner.

But aside from that, he was never a particular disciple of food. He ate well, but in that 1960’s kind of well context, meat and potatoes, and so on. He was very careful about his health. He always took care of himself. He never spent a day in the hospital before, just like three years ago in his life. He was just a pretty healthy guy.

As for sprouts, I’m like you, I eat them every once in a while. And I feel very virtuous when I do. I like them but I also never really looked at them as a serious part of my diet.

Dr. Veronica: I believe that people find something that they think is it, and almost like a fad. I believe you should everything. I said, “What else do you do?” He said, “I go to McDonald’s every once in a while.” I’m happy to hear that when he said he goes to McDonald’s once in a while, because I think that people feel like I can’t ever have fast food. I can’t ever have any junk food. No, it’s about what we talk about, moderation.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to McDonald’s but I’ve been looking at that golden arch saying, “I think I would love to have some McDonald’s fries.” Sooner or later I’m going to stop in and have some McDonald’s French Fries. Do you do that Russell?

Russell: Absolutely, probably too much. But the point is if you keep your baseline healthy you can indulge once in a while and have whatever, even if you know what’s bad for you, if you have a hankering for it.

Dr. Veronica: I think it’s the limitation of it, meaning I go to McDonald’s. I can’t remember the last time I did it. I’ll do it, and then it’ll be another long stretch before I do something like that, or Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A. I don’t really like Burger King so much. I just don’t like the taste of the foods. Wendy’s is just okay. But I think my favorite “fast food,” Chick-fil-A. If I’m going to say I’m going to go get a fast food, Chick-fil-A.

I just wanted to find out from somebody who’s lived a long time, are you a Nazi about this, or do you live life more in moderation? Yes, he’s yacking about sprouts, but he’s also having a McDonald’s every once in a while. Guess what, that truly is Wellness for the Real World.

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