Using Numerology in Everyday Life to Improve Relationships

“Everyone gets these intuitive messages all day every day but most of us don’t pay attention”

     Dr. Felicia Bender     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. Felicia Bender on using numerology in everyday life to improve relationships.

Does everything happen for a reason? Numerologist Dr. Felicia Bender shows you how to actually apply what you know about your numbers to your everyday life in a practical, tangible, and fabulous way.

In this episode, Dr. Bender will talk about the meaning behind seeing repeating numbers and what to do when you notice them. Listen to the end to find out how to better understand others in your personal and work life.

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39: Show Notes

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02:00 – Dr. Veronica’s Family healthcare
12:20 – Intuition & repeating numbers
18:37 – Using numbers in everyday life
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Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: Dr. Veronica, this is Wellness for the Real World. I have also here my trustee co-host Russell. Hi Russell, how are you today?

Russell: Hi. Gee, no one’s called me trustee in a long time. I’m good. How are you?

Dr. Veronica: I’m fabulous. I just want to tell the audience, Russell and I like to hang out sometime. Russell is, and a lot of times in Pennsylvania but I spend part of that time in New York. I’m back and forth all the time. Russell and I actually went out on a date, and it was a lot of fun. Yes, I went out on date with another man other than my husband, Russell, because I can.

We went to see a play, the curious something about a dog in the night or something like that, which was pretty good. We’re in New York. There’s Broadway. You go to shows and I’m saying, “Hey, I’m here in New York and I’m not doing the thing I’m supposed to do in New York.”

When you’re in a city where you live you tend not to take advantage of all the attractions that are there. And New York around the world is known for its theater. People come in town, get all kinds of tickets, and of course they have the shows that everybody knows about. There are shows that are in New York that everybody knows around the world that I have not seen. Les Mis, I have not seen, so Russell might have to take me to that.

Russell: Oh, I don’t know. That’s asking a lot.

Dr. Veronica: You got to take me to that. I’ll tell you the other show. I was really embarrassed. I’m sitting next to Russell and I said, “Maybe I’ll tell him the show I really, really want to see.” Because this was my favorite movie, Aladdin. It’s the show that I really want to see. I said, “Russell, you may think this is really, really corny but I really would love to see Aladdin. Russell looked over at me and say, “You know, I’d like to see that too.” And I was so relieved.

We’re big kids. I love watching that movie. It’s just like the fantasy. And I love watching the movie when they’re flying on the carpet and they’re seeing, “A whole new world…” I can’t sing so don’t tell me I can’t sing. Life is so challenging, and we’re going to talk more about the life being challenging now. The world is going absolutely bananas.

I’m going to tell everybody I’ve had a tough week. What has happened during this week? I like to share. Just because when you hear us on the radio you think, “Everything in your life is absolutely perfect. And so what happened?

My father is pretty status quo. He’s out of the hospital. My Uncle George who seems to know how to get things done is overseeing everything for him. They’ve been good friends for about 15 years. He seems to know how to get the services that my father’s entitled to and has fed us some good information where we can get the health that we needs, is watching people that are coming in and out and all that other type stuff. And just being a good companion.

The good thing about this is my father tends to listen to Uncle George because he’s more of a friend than, like my sister and I, we’re the children. And so why would you listen to your children when you’re a parent? That’s just, you don’t listen to your children.

Just as that calmed down, the next thing that happened is I have three sons. My one son became very depressed and kind of disappeared, and wrote note to his girlfriend that we weren’t quite sure how to interpret but was very scary. My other son called me up, hysterical. I don’t want to panic or anything but we don’t know where he is. And he hasn’t been communicating with us. And he wrote this note to his girlfriend.

At that moment you know, when you hear your child or you believe that your child is in crisis and you’re concerned that they’re going to hurt themselves you go into crisis mode. And everything stopped right at that moment for me. I was planned to do a webinar that night live. That was cancelled. I didn’t even cancel it until the last minute, but it was cancelled. I got my sister. I’m in New York. We get into the car and we go to find where my son is.

Thankfully we found him. He’s safe. He’s in crisis mode. We ended up having to take him to a crisis center. But luckily we found… Although services are extremely difficult to get for people who have any type of mental health issue, we really got to start addressing this in the country. We have to begin to address this.

First we’re calling programs, and I don’t know what kind of program, once he gets to assess he’s going to need. And all the in-patients are filled. All the in-patients are filled. What is that telling you? America really is in a crisis.

After he was evaluated they determined that no in-patient is needed at this time. But we think he needs intensive out-patient, like an everyday type program where he goes to therapy and all this other type of stuff. And so one program didn’t follow up the way we wanted to. We found a second program where he’s going. They even provide transportation, just lucked on the right place for him.

And people understand you must advocate for your relatives. You just cannot leave it up to chance. You have to advocate for your relatives in the systems, not just for ones that have something physically wrong with them but especially for people who have something mentally going on. I’m suspicious that I have a certain genetic enzyme deficiency that is leading to this because I’ve had other people in my family suffer for different things.

One time I had a major depressive episode. And so I’m happy. I got my 23andMe test sent off. And I can’t wait to get it back so I can learn more about the genetics of Dr. Veronica. And also possibly give information to other members of my family that will help them in their health care.

Besides that going on there is another terrorist attack in West Africa. A lot of people might not have heard about it. A part of my husband’s family are in Ivory Coast. And in fact we have had a picture taken on that exact beach where this terrorist attack was perpetrated. Stress, stress, and more stress in the world is going on.

This is a nine year. We have our guest back on, Dr. Felicia Bender. We talked about Numerology. We’re going to talk a little bit about our intuition and using our intuitive skills. But I also hope that Dr. Felicia can say something to us to help us continue. We’re still in the first quarter of the year. We’re still in the beginning of all this stuff going on, through a tough year. We’re watching this crazy presidential election. And to me when I look at it I feel like it almost doesn’t even matter who wins because everything’s just so out of order right now in the entire world not just in the US that something has got to shift.

I forgot the other part of the news that’s been going on. I tell my assistant, “Sorry, I’ve been out of contact over weekend. I know I was going to get you some stuff.” And she said, “We had a tough weekend too. My sister’s granddaughter was shot.”

I think she was at a party or something like that. And it’s funny because I didn’t even see this anywhere in the news. Why didn’t I see this in the news? Because it’s so regular for these things to happen. She was somewhere, happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Somebody decided they were trying to shoot somebody and they spray of course a whole crowd of people. And her granddaughter happened to be in that place and time where she got sprayed with the bullets.

She is alive. She has a bullet lodged near her back. But this has just been a really stressful week. And in the middle of it I got to go with Russell on a date. And so that was the highlight of my week. Thank you so much Russell.

Russell: Thank you Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: We have to take care of ourselves. When we have these issues that are happening all around us, if we’re not feeling good ourselves, if we’re not taking care of ourselves it means that we’re not going to have the energy or anything else to be able to come the help and rescue to anybody else.

For me, to come to the help and rescue of my family, but also for me to be a good practitioner for my clients, I have to make sure that I take care of me first and everyone if you want to be great at whatever you’re doing. If you want to be the best you have to take care of you.

And part of this is in my intuition knowing what to do, what not to do, based on my gut feelings. Some of that happens to do with numerology. I was with a good friend yesterday. We went to medical school together. She lives in St. Thomas and she’s been in town a few times. We had a chance to hangout. And we were talking about numbers and numerology.

As she pulls her phone and the number 555 comes up, and I say, “Let me get out my angel number book and look this up.” We read about what was going on. Let’s just into this with Dr. Felicia Bender. She’s our resident numerologist. I’ve already had people tell me how interesting the numerology segments are. I’m happy to welcome you back. Dr. Felicia Bender, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Dr. Felicia: Thank you. Great to be here even though, boy, it’s been quite a year so far hasn’t it?

Dr. Veronica: Oh gosh. It’s been personally just challenging. I’m personally in a three year, which is not supposed to be the ultimate challenging of the years. But it’s funny, my friend yesterday who’s also a doctor, and she’s also a shaman, and into these interesting type metaphysical subjects that I’m into too, although she’s an OB-GYN practicing excellent. We were talking about the synchronicity. She said, “Ask her about 3, 6, and 9, and what that has to do with the universe.”

We talked about what your life path number is. I want you go to She’s the author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology to Create the Wildly Optimal You. I’m telling you that because first you need to figure out who you are numerologically. But we’re not going to go over that again. So you’re going to have to jump in to the middle of this.

Let’s talk about intuition, synchronicity in the universe, how do we use all these numbers when they come up? Give us some idea Dr. Felicia.

Dr. Felicia: It’s really interesting because, Dr. Veronica, you use intuition in your medical practice. And I find it very fascinating how each of us I believe are intuitive beings. And yet we have to figure out our own language, right? And so I remember reading a book by John Edward, the medium one time. I think it was his first book that he wrote.

And he wrote about how he learned how to get the signals that he gets, because it’s not like you’re a medium and you just suddenly… We think that they just know this, but no, it’s a development. It’s like learning a language. It’s like you’re a child learning a language. And he goes through the process of how he understands what he… Because he doesn’t just get it all right there. He gets a color, or an image, or a presence on the right or left side of the person’s body. And he learned that this means the father side of the family. All of those things.

It’s a very interesting thing that all of us can use to develop how we listen to the code in the world. And that’s what numerology does for us. It’s kind of like Morse Code. It’s dots and dashes. Who knows what that is? But the people who know what it is know what it is. They can speak that language. When you said with your friend that 555 came up on her phone, right?

Dr. Veronica: Yes.

Dr. Felicia: What’s interesting is that it’s kind of multi-level. First of all you’re noticing. Because I will guarantee you Dr. Veronica, and you can tell me what you think about this, that everyone gets these intuitive messaging every day, all day, but many of us don’t pay attention, right?

Dr. Veronica: True.

Dr. Felicia: It really becomes a matter of opening yourself up to it. And actually slowing down enough to notice it. In numerology if you see a 555, to me the message is change is coming in your world, whatever that means. And usually because the five in numerology has to do with freedom, with change, with progressive thought and action. So when you see them all together, whatever you believe in, a universal energy, your guides, angels, however you see that for yourself, it’s giving you…

Whenever you see repeated numbers, what I like to say is that it’s just a great way of being able to sow yourself down, notice, appreciate, and focus on whatever it is that you’re… Whenever I see a repeating number I kind of stop. I just take a moment and think about what I was thinking about when I saw that.

This is especially with 11:11. When you see 11:11 on a clock that’s one of the big numbers that a lot of people see over and over. And we could talk about that for a long time but it’s basically a door opening, and it’s an energetic presence where when you see that you actually are amplifying what you’re thinking about.

It’s a time to really cleanup our thoughts and think about, “Hey, was I thinking about how great I feel about my new project, how proud I am of my kid? What was I thinking about? Or was I thinking about how stressed I am? Or was I thinking about how I’m really dissatisfied with m y marriage? What was I thinking about?” Because whatever you are thinking about just becomes amplified. Don’t you feel that way Dr. Veronica?

Dr. Veronica: Yes. With me and numbers, you start noticing patterns. And it’s not always repeating numbers that you see. Sometimes you see another number that’s not necessarily a repeating number but you continue to see that number. For me at this point in life a lot of times I am seeing some repeating numbers, 222. I see 222 a lot, which is a number that kind of means you’re on course, be patient, just stay, wait, be on course, realize you’re on course. Something wonderful is going to happen. Stay on course. Relax. Take a step back.

Dr. Felicia: Don’t worry, right?

Dr. Veronica: Yes. I keep getting that and it’s just funny because it’s not only that, it’s 2:22 in the afternoon. I’m working out and all of a sudden I’ll look at the machine and it’ll be 2:22. And I just happened to look at the clock on the machine or something like that. Or I see a license plate. Think about this, it’s very random. If you see in these different places a number you have to take up and say, “What are the signals?”

I read a book. I don’t remember who this was by, When God Winks. And these are signs. How to tell these sign posts? John Edwards is talking about how he as an intuitive is able to read energy. Every different person who’s intuitive is able to read energy in a certain way.

John Edward’s symbols are not going to be the same as my symbol, or the same as other medium or psychic that’s very talented. And the people who are very talented are people who practice it. You don’t just all of a sudden get it and you’re saying, “From the moment that I was born I was wonderful like this.” No, it’s just like you’re an athlete and you have to practice whatever it is.

And so you start noticing what it is. You start noticing the numbers, You start noticing all these other type of stuff. But what is really challenging I believe in the American culture and Western culture in general is we’re so into numbers and data on our test results, whether it be a school test or a physical test. But when numbers appear in other parts of our life we think it has nothing to do with anything. It’s just a number.

How do we begin to use this intuition to know when to do something with the number? Okay, I saw 222, but what does that mean that I do? I saw 555. What does that mean that I do? What do you tell people?

Dr. Felicia: The interesting thing is… Let’s say I had some one ask me the other day. She said, “I have been waking up every night for months now at 3:21, 321, 321, 321. It’s driving me crazy.” I said, “You know what that means don’t you?” She said, “No, I don’t.” I said, “It means that you’re making things harder for yourself than you need to be making them. 321, because you’re going against the tide.”

First of all for her it wasn’t just one night she woke up, right? It was every night for months, and it was bothering her. And as soon as I said that you should’ve seen the look on her face. She went, “Oh my god, that is so right.”

And so it’s a message. What you can do with that, as soon as you understand that 321 might indicate to you that you’re going backwards with something. And yet let’s say Dr. Veronica that your birthday is on March 21st. So you’re seeing 321, you’re seeing your birthday every time on the clock. That might have a different significance. That might be an indicator.

I know a guy who is the law of attraction in action. He sees his birthday on the clock at least once a day, or somewhere. Basically it’s his nod and tap from the universe to keep doing what he was born to do. That’s his message that he gets out of that. It inspires him to keep going and doing the things and attracting the things that he is in his life. Because he’s a very happy guy. He’s doing what he loves to do in his career. He’s helping people and all of that. That’s an affirmation for him.

It really depends on your interpretation. It depends on if these numbers have a meaning for you. Let’s say that you see the day that your mother passed away. That has a significance to you that may be it wouldn’t have to somebody else in terms of the number sequence.

Dr. Veronica: I got to share. I’d like people to know, and for those of you who are already learned and know all this stuff, I get it. But we got to get everybody up to speed in what’s going on. If you’ve heard of this forever, bear with us that we have to give you some more information.

The book that I like to keep, I like using my Kindle reader so that wherever I am I can always have something to do. It’s on my phone. It’s on my iPad. It’s on wherever. The book that I like to refer to, Doreen Virtue, Angel Numbers 101. That’s a good book to have that you’d put on your Kindle and it just goes through zero to 999.

It’s interesting because I pulled this up on my computer because I wanted to be able to look up a number. And what happened is all of a sudden I open it up and I’m on a particular page, page 225. On page 225 I’m trying to scroll back and I can’t. Every time I push the scroll back button for previous page I can’t get there. This is happening right as we’re sitting here. I was like, “Okay, there’s something on this page that I’m supposed to see.”

This is how you start to notice. There’s something on this page that I’m supposed to see. This is how you start to notice. There’s something on this page I’m supposed to see. The numbers on these two pages that I’m looking at are between 960 and 967. Then you say, how do I know what number I’m supposed to do? I didn’t go through and read all of them. My gravitated towards 961. That’s where my eye gravitated. And I will read this to you.

The more you hold positive thoughts and feelings about your career and spiritual path the better everything goes. I continuously get messaged about staying on course, about being sure in my path especially the spiritual path that I’m staying now. Here I am on this page because I would like to tell the audience, here’s a small little book you can put in your purse. If you want a hard book or something you can put it on your Kindle. If you just start to see numbers, how you can quickly get an interpretation when you’re not a master like Dr. Felicia Bender. All of a sudden here’s how you start to notice. I can’t turn off of this page. I’m here on my Kindle reader and I can’t turn the page. That tells me something.

Dr. Felicia: Exactly.

Dr. Veronica: Russell, tell us about some of your numbers that we can talk about for a few minutes?

Russell: I’m another one who I went through a phase some years ago where I just received 11-11 all the time. But I think that’s pretty common. I don’t know how much weight I gave to it. But Felicia, one thing we never talked about that I see that you mentioned is you are very good at team building. Numerology is a tool that you use for that. Would you like to talk about that at all?

Dr. Veronica: Okay. You have to give the two-minute answer to that.

Dr. Felicia: I will. I’ll give you three and then we’ll get together again and talk more. Because the team building with numerology… I like the sporty way of saying it for me is strength finders for the soul. If I do team building with people I’ll come in and I’ll do their basic profile, do their life path number basically, and their personal year.

You can get to know your colleagues in a different way, so you can build your strength by looking at the other person saying, “This person’s a four and they need data, they need systems, they do it this way.” And their colleague who’s maybe more creative-minded, and the other person drives them insane because they aren’t creative-minded, they can come to a meeting of the minds about understanding what their strengths are and how they can work together as a team. And it’s fun. It’s just a fun way, and people love to find out more about themselves based on just their birth date and they don’t have to fill out a questionnaire.

Dr. Veronica: Oh yes. That’s a lot of fun. I believe in using it every day. And once I knew that I’m a six and my husband’s a nine, and here’s what the implications of me being a six are. And here’s what the implications of him being a nine are. As we’re moving forward in life and we’re going through our normal day-to-day, ups, downs, or whatever’s going on, I always keep in mind…

It’s easy for me to keep more in mind what he is than what I am for whatever reason. But in understanding everybody around you it is great to understand… Russell, what number are you? Do we know that? And don’t get into your complicated calculations like you do. What number are you Russell?

Russell: I believe I’m a four. I’m going to have to check that.

Dr. Felicia: He is. He’s a master number, he’s a 224.

Dr. Veronica: Oh wow.

Russell: See Veronica, master number.

Dr. Felicia: Watch out Russell.

Dr. Veronica: You’re listening to Dr. Felicia Bender, Wellness for the Real World. We’re talking about using numerology. And we could go on and on and on about using numerology. Go to You want to get at minimum your life path number. Understanding what year we’re in and what your life path number is. If you go to she gives good direction on how to figure it out.

But if you really want to understand this you want to go to her site and get your whole chart read. This is something that’s several pages long and is absolutely fascinating. Dr. Felicia Bender, you know we’re going to have you back on again. This is Wellness for the Real World. I’m Dr. Veronica. You can find me at

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit See you all next week. Take care.



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