back-painThere are only a few common injuries more frustrating and debilitating than back pain.

People don’t realize they rely on their backs so much until they start feeling something wrong. The fact that a simple action like picking something up from the ground, sleeping in a wrong position, or sitting incorrectly can cause so much discomfort is distressing.  Since it’s so easy to get back pain and injuries, you should do your best to avoid low back pain. Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.

Instead of succumbing to back pain, here are four tricks to overcome back pain and avoid it altogether.

Do Some Stretching

Stretching is something people usually partner with exercise and other physical activities, but we rarely stretch for other reasons. In fact, stretching is good for us, whether or not you’re about to do an activity. The problem with society today is people choose to be reactive instead of proactive.

Instead of waiting for back pain to happen, why not add stretching to your daily routine? There’s a good number of ways to stretch, but all you have to do is give a minute daily to focus on your lower back.

Put Down That Phone

With Pokemon Go and all of the other apps people play daily, it seems almost impossible to put down your phone. However, it’s time to focus on everything else and appreciate what life has to offer. Phones are wonderful gadgets bringing fun and enjoyment, but they promote poor posture.

The slightest tilt could impact the amount of weight and pressure you put on your back, spine and neck. Considering the amount of time you can spend on looking at your phone, maybe it’s time to break the habit and practice some excellent posture.

Invest In a Good Chair

The majority of us spend a huge part of our day in chairs. Though this seems harmless, it may be affecting you more than you think. The best way to avoid back pain while working is to invest in a chair providing support for your lower back. There are many chairs proven to help prevent back pain and improve posture. Look for a chair inside your budget and perfect for your back.

Walk Upright

This is the simplest and most efficient way of preventing back pain. Walk with your head up high. It doesn’t take much to fix your posture and look confident. It won’t just improve your outlook on life, but it’ll also prevent the frustration of waking up with an aching back. All you have to do is pay attention to the angle of your chin when you walk. Make sure your chin is parallel to the floor to make sure you’re walking with excellent posture.

These simple steps may lessen all your worries and even help you live a happier, back pain-free life!