5-weight-gainIf you eat right and work out, you’ll be able to achieve weight loss, but some lesser-known factors are affecting your weight.

It’s difficult to fix your bad habits when you don’t notice them

Here are five causes of weight gain you might have overlooked.


Preservatives, emulsifiers, and other chemicals in food may cause weight gain. These additives change your gut’s bacteria and increases inflammation. According to a study published in Nature.com, ice cream, dressing, gelatinous desserts, cream cheese and cottage cheese may contain the emulsifiers carboxymethylcellulose and polysorbate-80. To avoid the adverse effects of these additives, it’s best to check the nutritional content of the food before you eat.

Lack of Sleep

Researchers are finding more relationships between the lack of sleep and weight gain. A study published from the University of California showed increased BMIs in young adults due to late bedtimes. To set your metabolism and burn excess fat, sleep early and regularly.

Plate Size

Smaller plates mean smaller food portions. Your brain relates the white space on your plate with less nutrition. This causes your cravings to increase. Research from Cornell University suggests using smaller plates because the study found people with large containers eating 16% more than people with smaller containers.

Midnight Snacks

If you can’t fit into your favorite shirt, it might be caused by late-night snacking. People with night eating syndrome consume most of their calories after 7 pm. This condition often results in a higher BMI.


Would you feel good if someone pointed out your weight gain? Criticism isn’t good for your diet. No one feels good when they’re called fat. Research from the journal Personal Relationships found weight increased in women who received no messages of weight acceptance over the span of five months.

All of these factors contribute to weight gain, but there are more ways to work around them.

Putting healthy food in your fridge is the easiest way to lose weight, especially when combined with natural and organic ingredients.

Conquer obesity with a healthy diet!