how music can change your life

“The music that you listen to is programming your body”

Do you love music? Vincent James is on a mission to promote how valuable and important music is in all of our lives: Academically, Therapeutically or just overall making us a happier society.

Vincent talks about the past, present, and future of music and how it can help end your suffering. He will talk about learning how to play an instrument at an old age. Listen to the end for the trends that are killing the future of music.

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88 Ways Music can Change Your Life – Vincent James

Power vs. Force – David R. Hawkins




Time Stamps:

04:09 – Relationship between Dr. Veronica’s & her father

10:57 – The past, present, and future of music.

14:56 – How music can help those suffering

17:46 – High vibration music frequency

20:16 – Can you learn how to play an instrument at an old age?

22:07 – What is killing the future of music?


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica:  This is Wellness For The Real World where you learn about all matters of health, wellness, your spirit and just whatever I feel like talking about from week to week.  So what do I want to talk about this week, it’s been one of those frustrating two weeks in dealing with family members and we all have those family members that frustrate us and it’s interesting because when it’s a family member we feel we are supposed to take stuff from them that we won’t take from other people.  We will just clearly and simply walk away but when it’s a family member for some reason we feel because they are blood we are going to stand by them or do whatever and people feel different this way and people get in a lot of trouble, they get themselves in trouble from dealing with family members with stress and frustration.

So I am a medical doctor, you guys know and also a medical intuitive and the fear, anger and sadness in your life if you don’t deal with them correctly will manifest into a physical illness, the fear, anger and sadness you call it stress.  But if you are fearful of anything, you are angry about something, you are sad and it’s continuous and you don’t do anything to get over it you are going to have an illness in some part of your body depending on what the issue is and how you should express it.

So for instance, there are a lot of women and you have heard this on the show, or you have probably heard this on the pass, who end up with breast cancer and we think breast cancer is just because people get it, they are a victim.  Well, they may be a victim of themselves for a couple of reason, yes you can have the BRCA gene and the BRCA gene can predispose you to get cancer of the breast easily more than people without this particular genetic difference.  I don’t call them mutation, I call it a difference.  But there are families out there of women with BRCA genes who do not have breast cancer, explain that, what happens?  Well there is a field that is called epigenetics where you can turn on and off what’s going to happen in your body and so the family that has BRCA and doesn’t have breast cancer those are the women that we must study more, not just the women who manifest the breast cancer but the people who are not getting it to figure out what did they do differently?  Well, I will tell you what they did differently. The whole family understands how to deal with their emotions differently especially within their heart chakra where they understand about nurturing themselves not nurturing other people over themselves and loving themselves. So therefore their fear, anger and sadness is not manifest into a breast cancer likely.  They say well how can you say that?  Because this is all related, you are a whole person, in conventional western medicine we don’t talk about this issue but you know when you are in a toxic relationship and something happens.

So you say, well Dr. Veronica why are you talking about this today?  I give you all my dirt on air because I know families have it all.  I am through, I am frustrated highly with my father and you are going to see how this relates to our guest that we have on next and he is sitting saying how is this going to get into what I have to talk about.  My father was a great father as we were growing up but then he was not the partner that he could be as a husband and so my mother had to kick him to the cab because she just couldn’t deal with his craziness.  So my father, you meet him he is a nice guy but he is crazy, not crazy, while he has been in and out of the psychiatric hospital for a diagnosis of depression but he is not crazy where he walks around talking to himself.  Why am I telling you this?  My father is manipulating and attempting to manipulate me and attempting to turn even my husband against me.  He called my husband, won’t call me now, but called my husband to tell him that he needs to watch out for me.

Now, I have decided, I called my father up on Mother’s Day, he didn’t call me on Mother’s Day, I the daughter who is a mother, my sister is not a mother, he didn’t call my mother.  My mother and him are divorced but he didn’t call me but he proceeded to be upset because my mother didn’t invite him over on Mother’s Day. She was spending time with me, my sister, my children and another family member on Mother’s Day.  We didn’t invite my father who my mother has been divorced from for over thirty years.  Next we know in the evening he throws a tantrum, calls the police, threatens to commit suicide and he is in the hospital.  Well, this was the last straw for me and so therefore I called him up and said dad, I know that in order for me to live a long time and I got thirty more years to get to where you got I can’t have all this stress in my life.  And therefore I resign from being your power of attorney.

So he doesn’t call me but he wants money because he sees me as the bank. Although I have three sons that are in college, my husband has a daughter in college, we have four children in college between the two of us, my father thinks that I am supposed to come up with money to bail him out of his financial irresponsibility.  No, I will not do it, I am just not doing, I appreciate that he was my sperm donor, I appreciate that he took care of me well as a child but it ended at eighteen when after my parents got divorced months later he ran off and married my mother’s best friend and then proceeded over the years not really to have much contact with my sister and I except for a few holidays a couple of times a year.  We did not have a regular relationship over the time, the seeds were sown of a very weak relationship.

So now when my father is coming to demand things from me I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about it.  In addition when he is attempting to turn my family against me it’s frustrating.  Everybody else around sees what the truth is though my father tries to make so that somehow although he has spent his money, has been financially irresponsible I am somehow the villain in this.

What is this have to do with our next guest, well, I love my father, although I don’t like him at all, I really don’t like him at all when he does these behaviors but my father gave me a very high love for music.  Now we all say we love music but I trained in classical piano and organ with my father, his electrical engineer built, he is a very brilliant man, he was the chairman of IEEE at one point. He’s brilliant, he really is and I have got to give that to him but he didn’t have much common sense and his morals are a little in question here, you know people like this, don’t you?

I also played the clarinet and oboe, I was in the band, I was a drum major, I used to play Bach on organ.  I love to play toccata and fugue in d minor and other organ music, piano music, classical music, that’s all I loved to play was classical music and I can go some place hear it on the radio and most people don’t have any idea what it is and I can say that is whatever it is.  And it’s my father who is a classical musical aficionado when I heard the song growing up that gave me my love for classical music.

So as I am upset at my father for one side of him being manipulative, I thank him for being that way because I understand that by him behaving this way my soul was evolving but I also thank him for my love of music and not Drake, not Rihanna, not Taylor Swift, but real music, that’s complicated music that has mathematical undertones in it that you learn and it has been with us for years and years and years and will be with us and these are the true classics. So today we are going to talk about music and what it has to do with your health, your soul or just enjoying life.

So my next guest, Vincent James, his website  We recently had the death of Prince, I like Prince more now because I am hearing him as a jazz musician more than when he was young and he was just singing raunchy stuff and we all like the raunchy stuff but if you hear him as he evolved, oh my god, talent, talent, talent.  So we are going to bring on Vincent James. Vincent welcome to the Wellness For The Real World

Vincent:  Hello Dr. Veronica, how are you today?

Dr. Veronica:  I am great, you are listening to my story, you know, the world works interestingly and how I look a moment before I am about to go on air, ok let me review all my guests and I say, oh, we are going to talk about music today and this is one of my first shows in a long time about music and I had a struggle with my father within the last twenty four hours who gave me my love for music.  So I had to share the story because we all have emotions that we have issues with.

Vincent:  We all have these internal conflicts that we have to work through.

Dr. Veronica:  And music will bring us back to a certain day and time and it will bring us back to a love, a childhood memory and the Beatles and Prince are some of the, when Prince died and a whole station on SiriusXM for more than two weeks was dedicated to Prince and that’s all they played was Prince music in addition to music that he wrote to other people and everything and it was just great.  And then they were playing some of his other tunes that were later that are now so popular and I said oh, my god, he was so talented and I missed a lot of it because I wasn’t paying attention to him because he wasn’t on the pop music scene.  So let’s talk about that, what do you think? You say what if the Beatles and Prince never existed, let’s start with the Beatles, I love Hey Dude, that’s one of those songs that I just can, hey dude.  What if the Beatles never existed?  Tell us about that.

Vincent:  The way I look at this is we all grew up with musical heroes, you know, depending on what our generation was affected what our musical heroes were, for some it was the Beatles, for some it was Prince and Michael Jackson and today it might be Rihanna, it might be Taylor Swift, some of the ones you alluded to earlier but for whatever reasons we all have our musical heroes and I really feel that going forward I am wondering who are going to be that musical heroes of tomorrow? Because, kind of you alluded to earlier the quality of the music, you know, the complicated music what really goes into their music, the true artistry seems to be flipping as the decades go by.  And I think the factors that we can talk about a little bit are contributing to that and making it so that, you know, our children or our grandchildren what are they going to be listening to?  Who are going to be the Princes, Michael Jacksons, the Beatles, you know, the true artists, the true incredibly talented musicians that aren’t just throwing out three four chords and singing lalalala raunchy this raunchy that?  Where are they going to be and how are they going to affect them growing up and what are they going to have to look back on and what’s the quality of their life going to be because of who their music that they have got to listen to? So, I don’t know, I am very concerned.

Dr. Veronica:  Now, as we move on in years we always get concerned about what the generations below us are doing and we are very critical of it.  So I just don’t mean it like that because I listen to this music and I enjoy a lot of that, I like Taylor Swift, I do, I love her upbeat music

Vincent:  She is writing them all with a collective of people but there are some really good pop songs in there.

Dr. Veronica:  She makes me dance.  I will tell you the other artist that I am pleasantly surprised has become controversial and political, Beyoncé.  She has become controversial and political and also personal with her music and this point in time and I am happy to see someone like that stepping out from the mold and putting herself out there and doing something that we actually can have really some emotion around.  That to me is what gives you good music, that emotion. And so Beyoncé has done that in her last few works.  What do you think of that?

Vincent:  I think it’s important for artists to step out of trying to please everyone and instead create music and art that represents what they stand for and speak about issues that are important to them and that we may not all agree with the different issues that certain artists bring up but if it’s important to them I think it’s important that they speak out about it and they have a platform to put that out there.  That is we go back to the social activism of the 60s and a lot of the songs and the great music we have from them was because of artists speaking about what was going on at the time and I think we really lost that over the last three four decades and I think it’s important we pick that back up again especially as we see the direction that the world seems to be turning.

Dr. Veronica:  Let’s get more into music and it’s healing power.  I have noticed people listen to me and I kept doing radio because at times I have heard people say, I really love listening to your voice, there is something about your voice that’s very special and I really love listening to your voice.  And as I have gotten more into my intuitive side and decided to use it to help people not just a hideaway at it, I realize that I could use my voice and the vibrations in it to help change people’s energy. So I can make recordings for people and talk to them and something about the tonality or the vibrations would help people physically.  Tell us about what you know about how music can help people suffering from illnesses and injury?  Give us some more insight into that.

Vincent:  Sure, sure.  It’s funny, when we started this project just two years ago, you know, I had a very limited knowledge and even today I would say my knowledge is limited but as the months have gone by and we have dug in deeper to this and spoken to so many different people, you know, both in this country and around the world and listened to their stories and their situation, you know, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion, the more you peel back the more you see that there is all this different types of illnesses and injuries that people are utilizing music to help them either to recover or improve the quality of life.  You have people are older learning to play music for the first time that’s helping them to improve their cognitive skills and coordination and their memory capacity, lowering their blood pressure. You have people that are suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia and families can use music to help connect with them in ways that they can no longer do any other way.  Children with autism are learning to play music and listen to music and using that as part of their educational process and it’s helping their family members connect with their children in ways that they have never could before.  This is, I mean, there is longer list of kids and adults with depression can use music to help them alter their moves and help them feel better and happier.   Like anything else it’s not a cure but it’s one tool, music is a tool that we all can use to make us healthier and happier and really that’s what we are all about in this world is trying to be healthier and happier.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, and we all are energy and vibrate at particular frequencies and you can raise or lower your vibrational frequency which affects your health.  Listening to some type of music.  So, go back to books, I am going to recommend, if you haven’t read this, I am sure a lot of my listeners have read this book already because you guys are the smart ones out there, you are listening to me so you have got to be pretty smart, but the book Power Versus Force and in that book they talk about the vibrational frequency of different types of music whereas music like classical music the reason why it has been loved over so many different centuries is because even music that might sound blue and down, like I am talking about the toccata and fugue in d minor still resonates on a very high frequency and so therefore it makes people feel good. It alters your cells and your energy.  Whereas there are other forms of music that are more concerning, you know, some of the hip hop music, some of the heavy metal music vibrates at a lower frequency and so you are hearing these messages but you are saying ok, I am being rebellious by listening to it but over and over again as you are listening to it you actually are changing your physiology.

And so you have got to understand that everything that you allow in, it’s not just about food and water and air, it’s also about those vibrations of energy that you are allowing into your sphere through mediums like music that are important in your health and well being.  And so I would encourage everybody to explore a lot of these groups that really love the whole lot.  I would bet that if you start testing the vibrational frequency of their music it would be very high and that’s why people love them so much.  So I would like to say across the world everybody loves Michael Jackson, of all generations.  You get kids who were born after he died and they love his music.  Probably I would say because it’s at a really high vibrational frequency and it’s not to be ignored.  What do you say about that?

Vincent:  Absolutely.  The music that you listen to is programming your body, you are more aware than I am in terms of what it’s doing to our cells but it’s an input that’s coming in that’s programming your body and if you listen to certain types of music too much, you know, you are programming your body I feel in a negative way, I mean have we seen a road rage incident where the person what listening to a classical station?  I don’t know, I kind of wonder?

Dr. Veronica:  It’s true probably, we should start testing these things.

Vincent:  I have done a little bit of research into the chakras and times of listening to music and what types of music can elevate certain chakras in your body and if you want to elevate some of the higher level chakras you really need to move into some more of the classical vocal, other more styles of music that vibrate at that higher frequency that are going to help you do that.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, yes. I just want everyone to know World Music Day, Tuesday June 21st, is World Music Day. Go to, June 21st is the day, we can all celebrate.  I believe, I like Taylor Swift because I just, even if she is singing about something that’s not so happy she is a happy music singer and so it always just makes you feel good, if you listen to it you might say I don’t like that style of music but you feel good when you listen to it, it’s just fun and you want to sing in.  it’s like Pharrell did that song Happy that everybody loves because it was just high vibration.

Now, you say it’s never too late to start playing instruments.  So I started piano lessons at four or five and a lot of us start music lessons very young.  My mother started me because she always wanted to play never could and so she said my children will play and my father didn’t start when he was young either and so my children will play.  And so my sister and I started very young with our piano lessons.  But you say never fear, you can be as old as eighty or more and still learn to play an instrument, really, you can teach old dogs new tricks?

Vincent:  you certainly can, you certainly can. It’s funny, I myself did start to learn to play piano around ten or eleven but it was because my mother always wanted to learn how to play piano so they brought a piano into the house finally and she started learning, taking lessons, she was in her forties at that time and so I picked it up from her.  And she so was able to play more for like a social and for her own benefit, for her own feelings she did it.  And going to even a further extreme about a year ago I started teaching a guitar student who had just turned eighty years old.  He came up to me at a party and said, you know, can you teach me how to play guitar? I am like oh, sure and I was playing keyboard at the time and he said do you how old I am? I am like I don’t know, seventy, sixty five, you know, I didn’t want to guess too high. He said I am about to turn eighty and he is a very active guy, he golfs too, he runs a part time travel agency and he wanted to learn to play guitar, he had never played. So it took him a little longer because for a guitar in particular you have to work through the ……….. on the fingers before you can really start to enjoy playing.  So it took him a little longer to get through that period but he worked through it and it has now been a year and he still comes every week for lessons and he is enjoying playing music and having that benefit that you can get by playing music at any age.

Dr. Veronica:  Three trends are killing the future of music, what are they Vincent?

Vincent:  Well, we have the continued budget cuts in music and arts programs happening in many schools across the country and unfortunately it happens often in areas that need it more.  That is one that is continuing to kill the future of music in my opinion. The second is the switch from people buying CDs and MP3s to music streaming where kids growing up today can listen to any kind of music that they want as often as they want, wherever they want without having to part with any money.  When you and I grew up we had allowance money, paper out money whatever, we went to the store and we put our money down on the counter and we parted with something in order to take that music home and listen to it again and again.  The kids today they are growing up where music has no value, no intrinsic value to them, so what is it worth to them.  So are they going to be willing to pay later for a musician to perform here or go pay to go see a musician there because it’s like where is the value to them.  And then lastly I see a decline in live venues where musicians can perform and the general public can go and see them perform.  I mean, there are some things popping up around but I think overall the trend is people are getting conditioned to not hearing live music and to me that’s really troubling.

Dr. Veronica:  yeah, live music, I am happy to say my sons that have reached young adulthood now probably have gone to more concerts than I have at this point in time and I think for younger people even though you are thinking that oh, what’s happening, they do seem to like to go to the concert venues because that’s where they can hear more of the particular artist that they like and so I think that a lot of people are partaking in live music and that’s a good thing.  So, this book, 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life, this is according to Jack Canfield whose the Chicken Soup For the Soul, it’s the Chicken Soup For The Musician Soul.  So you want to go read 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life.  This is authored by Vincent James and his wife Joan. You can find them at their website and let me just tell you something wonderful that you must know, when you go and help Vincent buy his book donate because this is about keeping music alive in schools and just so that we have quality music and we continue to produce musicians, fifty per cent of the proceeds from the 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life are donated to Music Education Foundation.

So Vincent I want to thank you because besides having music lessons at home, having music lessons at school, it’s how I learned how to play the clarinet, in elementary school.  They had a school program, my mum said what do you want to play? It wasn’t like even a choice, it was just what do you want to play?  I said I will try that, my sister had the flute and we started playing an instrument besides the piano that we were playing in school which went through high school into being where when I listen to music now I can screen out all the parts separately.  When we are listening to pop music, that’s why I don’t like it as much anymore, it’s all the same, it’s all kind of synthetic,

Vincent:  There is not much going on

Dr. Veronica:  Yeah, old star music where they really had bands, the group was made up of musicians and you can hear a real music line and real parts so that you can hear how complex the writing and the singing is

Vincent:  All the arrangements

Dr. Veronica:  Yeah, and then the song played longer than three to three and a half minutes even when it was on the radio.  We use to hear the long form of whatever it is.  So I would love if music stations would start playing long forms of something, it wouldn’t just be four minutes and that’s it and good bye because we want to play more commercials.  So Vincent James, thank you for being on Wellness For The Real World.  His website, go get his book 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit See you all next week. Take care.



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