Yeast Syndrome: Help Your Doctor Treat Your Yeast Related Illness

“We can take steps to restore our own health”

     Dr. John Trowbridge

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. John Trowbridge about yeast syndrome and helping your doctor treat your yeast-related illness.

Is your good health slipping away? Dr. Trowbridge helps find solutions for chronic conditions that take people out of their lives, cause disability and discomfort, and make life less worth living.

In this episode, Dr. Townbridge will give you ways to recognize the symptoms of yeast syndrome and how you can treat it properly. He will also talk about toxicity in children and how gluten plays a role in your diet. Listen to the end to learn how artificial sweeteners are harming your body.

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Time Stamps:

02:00 – Problems with Medicare

08:09 – Yeast symptoms to notice

11:04 – Giving up gluten

12:53 – Children born with toxicity

15:19 – Testing, eliminating, and recharging your health

17:15 – Is your doctor right for you?

20:09 – Treatment for yeast

23:40 – Are artificial sweeteners healthy?


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica:  I am Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive, you can get us on demand and online if there is something that you have missed because if you missed it, you want to go back and listen because this is meant to change your life. There are so many factors that go into our health and wellness.  You say how can we keep all together?  One way to keep it all together is to know about it but knowing is not just enough, you have to do something about it, you have to take action.  And so here we are in the day where everybody has a medical degree from the university of Google and they come into the doctor’s office armed with their articles from the internet and the ones that are even savvy, they say I know how to search PubMed I don’t know how you guys know how to do it because I read that stuff on PubMed and I am like what does that mean?  But I also understand that how information gets interpreted maybe different than actual data and be interpreted in a particular way to spin it so that people can do what they need to do.

Now, understand about how the American Health Care system works.  The government decides what healthcare that you get, even if you say, well I am not covered by the government.  There is this big program out there, I am sure you are aware of it, called Medicare and Medicare which covers people who are older and disabled and is a social benefit that we all fight for and we all believe that we do need and I think there should be social services that don’t think I am arguing that there should not be any social services but I want you to understand how this all fits together and this all works.

So out there in Medicare, Medicare will only cover illnesses that they believe have a treatment that’s pharmaceutical.  So when you get tested and you say why isn’t this test covered and that this covered, and this treatment covered? It’s because the tests that you get are meant to screen for what can treated by some known pharmaceutical.  So yes it is, put all together that way you have to have a diagnosis and you have to have a treatment that goes along with it and if that is not there the Medicare is not going to cover it and that’s the way it works.

Now you are saying I don’t have Medicare what does it have to do with me?  Every insurance company takes their cue from Medicare, they decide what gets covered and how much you are going to get paid.  So people say, the insurance company says we pay X percentage of the Medicare allowed amount, it’s all based on what the US government and the powers that be in the US government who sit in the towers and you don’t even know who they are decide and they are playing with all of our lives. And so it’s all done this way because to keep certain people in power there is a lot of money in sick people and poor people.  And so you say big pharma this and blablabla.  What is the answer to this?  The answer o this is getting your own answer and investing your time and investing your money into keeping you well.  Now, some of that is investing into buying good food, that’s real food, that’s not contaminated food, which is really hard in this country because there are foods in this country that are allowed that are illegal in other countries i.e. GMOs genetically modified organisms.  And the company that produced agent orange, you know agent orange that killed a lot of people and maimed a lot of people and hurt a lot of people and made a lot of people’s lives miserable in war, Monsanto, this is the company that provides the seed for our food now and we trust them, somehow, and you say well, what’s the big deal?  Think about Agent Orange and do you really trust the company that made Agent Orange being in charge, fully in charge, practically of our food supply who cut deals on the eve of Thanksgiving so that you don’t know what’s what, this is what happens.

So I am here to tell you that, you say, well this is a conspiracy theory.  No, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s actually happening.  It’s not a theory, this is happening.  Go search, go ask and you will see it’s happening.  So Medicare will only cover what is covered because it’s treatable by a pharmaceutical and then that goes to all the other insurance companies. And, the government likes keeping you sick because it keeps you voting a particular way and if you are well you are powerful, if you are well because I am not scared of being sick because I do everything I can to keep myself well and keep my family well.  And so there was a time in the beginning of the year where I said I am not getting any insurance, I refuse to pay for insurance, I will pay the penalty, I a staying well, whatever happens, the chips may fall because I am so confident in my wellness regiment that I was willing to take change.  I am like, I am well.

Now, why am I talking about this?  Because there are syndromes out there that cause people ……..0:06:00.9 issues that you can do something about but they are causing you problems. We don’t talk about them a whole lot in traditional western medicine but they are out there and they are causing a lot of problems and some people are aware of it now but one of those is yeast, it’s yeast, yeast.  You listened to this doctor a little while ago, he was wonderful, we were talking about the politics of heart disease, I love to talk about politics, Dr. John Parks Trowbridge.  We talked about the politics of heart disease before but today we are going to about the yeast syndrome.

So Dr. Trowbridge, he has such accolades, I am not even going to bother because it’s going to take too much time to tell you everything that he does but I am going to tell you to go to his website,  I know, Dr. Veronica, tell me about all his degrees and things like that.  Well, you know what, there are a lot of doctors with lots of good degrees and they still prescribe for you medicines that are killing you and you happily take them because they have a degree from a school and they had key opinion and blablabla.  Go to health choices now, read about all the Dr. Trowbridge’s background and no, this is not taken away from all his accolades because I definitely respect this gentleman which is why I have him on the show but I am not going to waste time talking about it because I want to talk about the yeast syndrome.

So Dr. Trowbridge’s book is The Yeast Syndrome, How to Help Your Doctor Identify and Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast Related Illnesses. Dr. Trowbridge, thank you for being on Wellness for the Real World.

Trowbridge: Dr. Veronica, thank you so much and gosh, your introduction is so sport on because Medicare is setting the standards across the reimbursement industry, which is really what it is and if you don’t have a recognized illness then there is no recognized reimbursement which means you are going to continue to suffer unless you figure out yourself.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes.  So let’s get into talking about yeast.  So first of all yeast is one of those things that we know that’s in bread and some people say well, you know, candida, people have thrown around all these terms now.  Tell people how they can suspect that yeast could be one of their problems, what will people notice symptom wise?

Trowbridge:  Gosh, that’s such a great question.  They thing that’s is the real tip off with yeast is you have something wrong in each of your systems, you have got a rush, you have got belly discomfort, for a woman you might have menstrual or PMS issues, if you have joint pains, if you have headaches that are unexplained, if you are tied.  If you just say to yourself why am I falling apart?  It might be yeast, so think yeast if you have just got on the medical merry go round.  You just keep seeing doctors and getting prescribed drugs, so even offered operations that are often not necessary.  That’s a simple way to look at it.

Dr. Veronica:  So, you mentioned just a cadre of symptoms which can go with so many different disorders. How are we to distinguish that from yeast versus something else? And even more importantly I can go to the doctor, and they will say well you have this because of that and it has nothing to do with yeast, oh, you have this because of that, has nothing to do with yeast.  And every one of the symptoms that you mentioned usually some other explanation that can be discovered.  So how do we know what’s yeast versus something else?

Trowbridge:  You know, that’s so true because actually diagnosis is really the key to medicine if you don’t know about it you won’t look for it, if you don’t look for it you won’t find it, if you don’t find it you won’t treat.  So if the doctor dismisses the yeast syndrome as a problem he is never going to treat it for you.

Now, here is really what people can do, understand that it’s important to find out if you have troubling symptoms, they might be from a particular cause that needs to be evaluated very specifically. Now, a simple thing to do is to avoid sugars and starches.  That will include things like fruits and sugary drinks and fruit juices and so on, avoid that at least for a week but good heavens if you go for thirty days and you start to feel better, you have to be very suspicious your problem might be yeast because sugars and starches will feed the yeast.  The reason you get sick is it’s not a yeast infection, everybody knows about, …………. ……..0:10:36.6 or athletes foot or whatever but it’s the infection inside your gut that is not seen and those yeasts are putting out poisons as they go through the entire system and poison your organ functions.  That’s why so many different things can be related.  So all of a sudden after eliminating sugars and starches you are feeling better think yeast.

Dr. Veronica:  So, in today’s world everybody is giving up gluten because gluten has been the bad boy or the bad girl and people can give up gluten and still feel a little bit better but not totally better.  You had mentioned, not just giving up something like, gluten falls under the sugar and starch area, for people who don’t know that, if you give up gluten, you talked about giving up fruits but fruits are good for us right?

Trowbridge:  Absolutely.  All the foods that we eat are good for us except for the processed sugars and so on.  The problem is you are not you at that point you are being impaired by yeast toxins that are circulating around.  Remember this is not something personal, there is the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the fungus kingdom, that’s yeast.  And the fungus kingdom is busy eating the other two so that yeasts are just trying to make a happy meal out of you.  That’s what it is, nothing personal and those poisons interfere at every level and when we talk about gluten that’s kind of a funny story because number one I think yeast changes and your gut can and do is what looks like a celiac gluten pattern but you know, you are talking about Monsanto, there is Roundup traces in every grain that’s now commercially available for us and Roundup itself induces what looks like a gluten enteropathy makes chemical changes to the lining in the intestine, it is not really celiac disease, it’s not really gluten intolerance but gluten will aggravate it because the Roundup has damaged you and if you have got Roundup and yeast you are in trouble.

Dr. Veronica:  So that would be everybody in the whole of the United States?

Trowbridge:  Pretty much, pretty much.

Dr. Veronica:  Because even today you can talk about this a little bit even babies are born with lots and lots of chemicals in their bloodstream.  Tell us about children being born today with all these toxicities.

Trowbridge:  You know Dr. Veronica that’s a real issue because back in the old days we didn’t have all these chemicals falling around.  In fact, under your kitchen sink you have more chemicals than the standard chemistry lab had in its whole lab about a hundred, a hundred and fifty years ago.  So now we have got exposures that have never really been tested and they damage our defense systems as well as others but certainly if your defenses go down you are much more prone to develop things like the yeast syndrome because you no longer can fight it off.  And, you know, people go back and forth to the doctor constantly, these folks get urinary tract infection all the time, sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia even.  Those folks are so damaged because of the antibiotics that have killed the bacteria that encroach the growth of yeast and then yeast invite bacteria back in.  Nobody notices, it’s kind of funny because in my practice area down in Houston there are doctors all over the place that will go oh, that’s nothing, don’t worry about that, we will just treat your infection again, again?  What about restoring the defense system? You are talking about we can take steps to restore our own health.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, yes, restore your own health. Now, people are saying out there, we would like to be reductionist here so let’s do a little reductionist talk. So, everybody asked me what test, what test, what test, what test?  I do dinner talks and I might talk an hour and somebody will call me over and focus on what test, what test, what test?  We love our test.  So now, let’s talk a little bit about testing.  Now, let me just say, for a lot of this you don’t just make a diagnosis based on a test result and if you are going to your standard lab there are very very sub-par at picking up this type of information that you need to figure out about this type of yeast and you generally have to go to doctors who have accounts with labs that specialize in being able to find these types of situations reliably.  It’s not Labco and Quest by the way which everybody goes to, it’s other labs that specialize in this.

So let’s talk about you, part of the diagnosis is going to be a clinical diagnosis which is going to be based on, ok, you have all these symptoms, let’s do some elimination and here is exactly what we need to eliminate for a particular amount of time to figure out what’s going on. Part of it is going to be elimination and not just elimination but rechallenge.  But there are tests that can help people discover whether they have too much yeast and other types of organisms that are causing problems, so talk about some of the testing that can be done for this.

Trowbridge:  That’s exactly correct, there are some test but of cause the best test like you said the elimination and then the rechallenge because if you notice that you are getting better by doing something, gosh, who is in charge of your health at that point.  There is a test that was developed by a friend of mine Dr. Ed Winger whose is an imminent pathologist and that was over thirty years ago and it’s measuring antibodies to parts of the yeast that are inside the organism, it’s not one that everybody would see, you can’t measure that because then everybody would have antibodies to the outside part of the yeast.  Now here is the glitch where it gets really kind of funny because doctors can do interpret tests real straight up, that’s high, that’s a problem.  Well, in the yeast syndrome if these antibodies levels are up that means that your body is responding to the attack but you can have antibodies levels that look normal because either you don’t have yeast syndrome problem or you have it, you gave up, you are not fighting any more.  Those are the more worrisome folks.

Now, immune systems get in trouble, you know, we know about chronic virus illnesses, you know, recurrent infection and such, immune system evaluation becomes very important because we have got to boost you back up.  You know, actually Dr. Veronica that’s the real key.  We don’t worry about the yeast, can suppress the yeast, we have got to build you up from the damage that the circulating poisons have created, that’s the yeast syndrome.

Dr. Veronica:  What should a person say when they walk into a doctor’s office and they suspect a yeast syndrome?  Now let me just say this, if you walk into your doctor’s office and your doctor poopoos the whole thing, you need a new doctor.  Number one, get a new doctor and realize that, that doctor because they are doing innovative, and this is not innovative, its back to the way the creator wanted it all to be but it’s considered innovative, you know, being natural and working with the body is considered innovative now, right?  Am I true?

Trowbridge:  Absolutely, absolutely.

Dr. Veronica:  So, you go to a doctor and they say that doesn’t oh, that doesn’t exist. What they really mean is I don’t have enough courage to tell you that I don’t know anything about that.   That’s doctor speak, when they say oh, don’t worry about that.  That means they don’t know the answer and so therefore it doesn’t exist and you shouldn’t worry about it.  turn the other way and run to somebody else and find a doctor who will say, you know, that’s a good thought, let us explore that, the doctors that says, you know, that’s a good forward let us explore that, is the doctor’s office you should be in.  So, now, what do you do next? You got into the doctor’s office, the doctor office, you say I think I have yeast, what should happen next?

Trowbridge:  You know, the scarier part about what should happen next depends upon the skill and experience and knowledge base of the practitioner, the doctor.  What frustrates me is for over thirty years now I have been teaching doctors around the country and around the world how to treat the yeast syndrome and for the most part they don’t quite understand they think of it more like a yeast infection and say oh, we will give you three or four weeks with the treatment and you will be fine.  Now, the problem with that is you may suppress the yeast slightly but not enough to rebuild the problems that the toxins have created and then you can spend dozens of months and dozens of thousands of dollars to chase down everything else because it is what the doctor says, “oh we have already treated yeast that’s not your problem now, let’s figure out what else it is” and they didn’t actually treat the yeast.  So, I suggest taking a copy of my book, obviously I am going to say that’s the best one out there because it really is, but anyway, it has medical references in it and encourage your doctor to read it.  Most often what my patients have said is that the doctors just toss it back and say I don’t read about stuff that isn’t real.  Unless you are the one really suffering with it that is a problem then.  But we have to educate the doctors one by one, that’s the frustration is we are not taught this in medical school the different kind of infection and syndrome.

Dr. Veronica:    Yeah, it sure is.  We have been brainwashed by and large, would you agree?

Trowbridge:  Absolutely.  And you know Dr. Veronica the worrisome part now is that studies are showing, which look now genetically a lot of stuff, studies are showing that the yeast, a common yeast candida albicans which everybody has and that is the usual one causing the syndrome is very sinister when you start throwing up a defense pattern it just activates other genes and goes around the side and it’s very responsive to your attempt to control the infection.

Dr. Veronica:  So, when someone has to be treated for yeast is it just give him an antibiotic, an anti-yeast antibiotic or is that one of the worst things that we can do?

Trowbridge:  No, it’s actually a good thing.  What I tend to do is start people up first with dietary changes like we are talking about the sugars and the starches and secondly with ease them into some nutritional supplements that help support their systems that are obviously crushed because of the yeast, that would be essential fatty acids, magnesium, B6 and so on.  Those are pinch points in the metabolism where the yeast toxins are really interrupting and after a few weeks of that then we add the anti-fungus medication, the yeast treatment medications. And those then start squeezing harder on the yeast until we get you on a stable safe simple regiment of medications and supplements and dietary limitations and rebuilding you just takes as long as it takes.  You know, it’s like we have to control the yeast for so long, no, we control it until you are better and then you don’t have to worry about it because your systems are competent again, you can take care of it yourself.

Dr. Veronica:  So that’s my next question because people say, how long does it take? In your experience I know there is no average, there is no average person, everybody is a little bit different but give us an idea of how lengthy this can be because it’s not just we give you a week of treatment and your better and that’s it?  Would you say people on average take six months, nine months, a year, what would it be?

Trowbridge:  Dr. Veronica, the older you are the longer it takes and I think that’s because there has been more damage to your systems. Certainly the toxic chemicals and toxic metals have already damaged you, the yeast toxin just does even more so it just takes longer to get you better.  In my early experience when I was still taking care of children which I don’t do now because I can’t stand the parents, you know what that parent would say “my daughter clearly had this can you treat her?” and I would say “yes but she would be unhappy” and they would say “why” and I would say “because she would be finished months and months and months before you will because her body chemistry will respond very quickly”. I will give you an example, I have a college aged young lady who came in less than a year ago and she has been dispatched to enjoy her life because she is all better, that’s a patient compliance issue.  So kids can get better in six, eight, ten months older folks in a year maybe a little longer and the older folks, you know, adults like me can take twelve, eighteen, twenty four months easily.  It also depends on things like do you have things like sinus congestion problems because that’s really where the yeast lives and loves to re-feed from there. So we really pay a lot of attention to pockets of yeast that can get you in trouble in future.

Dr. Veronica:  Interesting.  So step number one for somebody who suspects that they have yeast is to cut out what?  Before you go to the doctor, before you go to the doctor, exactly you say sugars and starches, what compromises sugars and starches because we have got to be real specific to people. But before you answer that, we know there is a problem with artificial sweeteners and artificial sweeteners may in fact be worse than actual sugar itself.  So is there an issue with artificial sweeteners?  Because people say ok, I will cut out the sugars and I will go to an artificial sweetener because they have that sweet tooth and the yeast has that sweet tooth too.  Are artificial sweeteners ok in somebody who has yeast?

Trowbridge:  Artificial sweeteners aren’t ok in anybody …..0:24:20.9.  Now the ones like Stevia and such as ……………. those are fine, those are natural things that are sweet but when you start getting in these chemicals, no, no, no, those are neurologic toxins, And remember the brain and the immune system are very very close in relationship if you are damaging one you are damaging the other.  I don’t like the artificial sweeteners for anybody.  So it’s kind of a cold turkey type of thing, you decide I really want to go off anything that’s sweet like that sugars and starches especially added to processed sugars, starches, all the baked goods and so on.  Remember that the alcohol, the beer the wine and ……0:24:59.0 they are distilled ……………. all yeast related products. How about anything else that is fermented by yeast, gosh, avoid those.  I have patients who come in who have been three or four weeks off these things and I really I am feeling a lot better, oh, boy, that just makes it easy.  They are already convinced that they can be in control of their health.  And you know Dr. Veronica that’s really ultimately the issue.  Who is going to run your healthcare, you or your doctor?

Dr. Veronica:  You mentioned fruit also

Trowbridge:  Yes

Dr. Veronica:  Is it all fruit?  Like I caution my clients against the ones that are the more sugary and I specifically give them a list and tell them to stay off those particular ones that are down there, particularly don’t eat any of those.  What do you tell people about fruit?

Trowbridge:  I tell people for that first several weeks we are going to keep you off everything, I call it the mevy diet, meats and eggs, vegetables and yogurts, mevy and there are some people who can’t do the yogurt because of the milk intolerance or whatever, that’s fine.  We have a list, we call that the phase one eating and these kinds of things are described in my book.  And then phase two we advance you to some things like some melons and some specific cheeses and some other vegetables and we are kind of going up the allergy potential as well as the sugar containment and we advance you slowly as you are able to tolerate more and more eating while we are still repairing you and controlling the yeast.  So it’s a graduated thing and I agree with you totally fruit is wonderful. it’s much more important to eat fruit than it is to eat candy but again, you know, there is no brand of commercially available orange juice that has been found without yeast contamination, even the frozen one.  So yeast is everywhere, it’s useful for our food production, it’s tasty, just not when you are sick with it.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes.  And you are listening to Wellness For The Real World, I have talked with Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, his website  we were talking about the yeast syndrome, his book the Yeast Syndrome, How to Help Your Doctor Identify and Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast Related Illnesses.  If you are having a bunch of problems, you are breaking down, think yeast.  Get his book so that you can at least start.  So when you walk in you will be armed with the data to get yourself well.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit See you all next week. Take care.




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