Ep 7: Roy Nelson - Overcoming Food Addiction and Embracing Your Spirituality Roy Nelson Healing

“I spent my life running from pain and chasing pleasure”

     Roy Nelson     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Roy Nelson on Overcoming Your Food Addiction and Embracing Your Spirituality.

Have you been struggling with addiction? Have you tried everything, with no results? Over thirty-five years ago Roy Nelson “cracked the code” of his own addictive personality. As a result, he lost 120 pounds and overcome a myriad of addictions, as well as depression, panic attacks, and phobias. He developed The Nelson Method – a plan of spiritual mentorship that is designed to help people overcome their own personal hell, even when all other approaches have failed.

In this episode, Roy will share his near-death experience, how he learned to master his own emotional addiction and the three main components to addiction. He will help you refine your spirituality by encouraging you to ask yourself questions like “Are you living” or “Are you really Addicted”. Listen to the end to determine if Roy’s 28-day health restoration right for you.

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7: Show Notes

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Show Notes:

07:40 – Roy’s near death experience at birth
12:00 – Three components to addiction
14:00 – Religious insanity
24:45 – How are you living?
26:00 – Pain is motivation
29:30 – Admitting to addiction
31:10 – Are you really addicted?
34:00 – Restoring your health in 28 days


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Dr. Veronica: Hi, I’m Dr. Veronica. Welcome to another episode of Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. I’m really excited today about the guest that I have. There’s going to be a lot of people who connect with this story. So holistically we understand that I’m a medical doctor and also a medical intuitive. And I work with people with holistic health coaching. So what’s the issue that I get with a lot of people? I don’t accept everybody. I want to make sure you’re going to be successful when you enter the program to get your life together.

So if there’s something that’s holding you back, that makes you not appropriate for my particular type of program. And there a lot of doctors who do functional wellness who can help you. Usually it’s those people who have addictions.

And one of the hardest addictions that I found to deal with is food addiction. So people never think they’re addicted to food. Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, you name it. But most of the time people don’t want to admit that they have a food addiction.

Food addictions can be harder to treat than getting somebody off of methamphetamine, ice, heroin, and all the nine yards. You know why? Because you just can’t go cold turkey with food. You got to eat. And so that’s what makes it even more difficult. However, for those of you who are addicted to food there is hope.

And you’re going to say, “How do I know I’m addicted to food?” I get people to come to me. They tell me they’re emotional eaters. I had a lady I interviewed earlier in the week for my program. She said, “I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m happy. I eat more when I’m sad. I use food as my comfort all of the time for everything. I’ve had this happen in my life and I eat. I have that happen in my life, I eat.” “How much weight have you gained? How much overweight are you?” “About 130 pounds. Most people underestimate, I’m about 130 pounds overweight.” “Have you ever tried anything? What have you tried and how long have you tried it?” “I’ve cut back on soda. I’ve cut back on carbs.” “How long did that last?” “Well, not a long time. I’m not good at it.” “What have you done that you feel has been successful?” “I did a tea fast for two weeks.” “Two weeks, huh. How much weight did you lose?” “About 15 pounds.” “How long did it take you to gain it back?” Well, the answer comes. “Not only did I gain it back, I gained back more.”

I have with me, who you’re also looking at his beautiful bald head. He looks like a monk, Roy Nelson. Roy Nelson has a great book. He’s the author of Love Notes from Hell. I’m going to give you upfront what his website is just because I want to say it several times, roynelsonhealing.com. Because he helps people get out of this food addictions. When everything else has failed Roy succeeds.

So of course I’m bringing people to you who if you say, “Dr. Veronica I really want to help, and I know I’m a food addict, help me.” We’re actually going to give you a little quiz that you can take later on to figure out if you are a food addict. I want you to be able to find somebody like Roy Nelson.

Roy, I met him at… You guys know I always travel around different events. I met his wife way before I met him. I met his wife and we met probably on the first day of an event. And Trisha comes up to me and we were chit chatting and talking. We’re very similar personalities at this point in life I would say because I know Trisha had her own journey. And she said, “You really have to meet my husband. I want you to meet my husband.” I had no idea why she was telling me this.

I told people I do podcasts. I’m looking for people to help my clients or people that I can’t help. “You got to meet my husband.” And so I don’t even know if… Roy, did we actually meet? We might have said hello briefly but I don’t even know if we actually met each other at the event. Did we?

Roy: No. I was only there for the evening.

Dr. Veronica: So we didn’t meet because he just walked through for a few hours. I saw him from a distance. We never got to say hello but I got his book from Trisha and I started reading it. It was fascinating. I said, “I got to get this guy on the show.”

Roy is the last resort guy. He has a special method, the Nelson method. You know he had to name it because other people can’t get results when you cease doing something different. And if you don’t get results, you keep doing the same thing; you got to do something different. Roy, I thank you so much for being on Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. Welcome.

Roy: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me on. I appreciate for letting me be here. And hello to everybody. Thank you.

Dr. Veronica: Roy, tell us a little bit about your journey. I know this is in your book Love Notes from Hell. And that sounds like, “Oh my god, do I really want to read a book about love notes from hell?” First, how did you come up with the title for that book?

Roy: Well, it’s so interesting how I came together. People have been telling me for decades that I should write a book and finally I hired a branding lady who demanded a book. And then actually the gentleman she put together for branding me came up with a title and it seems very fitting. I don’t know that I would’ve come up with it that way.

Same way with the picture on the front, they did an all-day photo shoot and they get a picture of me. And the one they got me when I was slouching in the morning, waiting for them to get the lights ready. So he’s been practicing and just clicking pictures. And the one they wanted was the one that was shot before it ever started to shoot. I don’t pose very well but when I’m off guard that’s how they caught me.

Dr. Veronica: Oh yeah. I’ve done photo shoots so I know how that works. And I pick some of the pictures that were mistakes.

Roy: Yeah.

Dr. Veronica: “Oh my gosh, this is really an iconic picture. And they’re the ones that the camera was… I have one that’s a silhouette picture and it came out that way in the dark because [Unintelligible 00:07:33]. Anyway, they picked the book. The content of the book made the branding person say, “Oh my god, this was hell.” Tell us a little bit about your background.

Roy: Well, the way I put it is I almost died at birth and then it went downhill from there, just to give you an idea. Actually I did almost suffocate at birth. Back in the day when I was born I was born at home and then the doctor wasn’t there. The midwife was there. The doctor finally showed up but the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and I was choking and I turned blue and all that stuff.

But I would tell you in that course I grew up in a violent poverty stricken alcoholic home and a violent place where I lived and growing up. My whole childhood was I was in constant fear of physical harm. And consequently I’ve been afraid my entire life. That’s the hell, the fear. That’s really living in fear is hell.

Of course I always come into violence and everything that goes with it, even at home and on the way in the neighborhood, on the way to school, on the way home from school, at school, everything was really… I was in over my head from the very beginning.

From the beginning the first addiction for all of us is fantasy. When the here and now is so painful sweet spirit gives us the capacity to get there and then. So that’s the fantasy that we have. And then of course early childhood sexual experiences cause us to be obsessed with sex and of course all that goes with that. And then of course and which many emotional eaters, people with eating disorders have early childhood sexual experiences.

Dr. Veronica: When you say early for you what age is early?

Roy: Oh, very young.

Dr. Veronica: Below 10?

Roy: Oh yes, absolutely.

Dr. Veronica: Okay.

Roy: But all things worked together for good. This is really a condition that can ultimately cause you to become better than you ever would’ve been if you haven’t had it. So it’s actually all a blessing. Everything that happened… What seemed bad at the time turned out to be a good thing. It’s all in divine order.

I added cigarettes when I was about 12 and then of course I worked from the time as a little kid. I always tried to make money because we were very poor. And then I left home when I was 14. I always worked with older people because I was a kid and I was working with adults. The men I worked with, ever grown men, and the women I was working with, the first women I worked with were in their 30’s and I was 15, whatever. I’m just saying, I was always in over my head.

Went away to the army the day I was 17 and was married when I was 20. And then I married a woman who had a child and a year and a half later we had a child. We had twins. And about a year later, before I was 23 I was a father of four. Way in over my head always.

I was a sergeant in the army which I wasn’t emotionally equipped for any of it because I’ve been medicating my emotions from the beginning. Although a lot of times we do a good job when we’re shut down emotionally, we get the job done.

Ultimately I got out of the army when I was 24 years old and of course I had a family and I had no money. Then it was about making money. The first year was tough but then after that I found something I can do. It paid very well. Then it was about acquiring stuff. A big house at the country club section and new luxury cars, and one thing and another. By the time I was 28 years old I was making rounds to the psychiatrist for panic attacks, phobias, and all that stuff.

It’s all a process. I did the doctor rounds for about four and a half years and finally turned to the spiritual. When nothing else worked I finally… And I would’ve done anything to get heat from having a go on a spiritual basis because that’s so much religious insanity in my childhood which goes along with all that other stuff that goes with it. That was the nightmare.

Anyway, I hit bottom when I was 32 and I was morbidly obese and completely dependent on alcohol. I had a bag of pills. I didn’t like pills. It was the time I used to hire a doctor or registered nurse to travel with me so they could get me IV’s of valium or sodium pentothal if the terror got too bad. I drove big cars, smoked cigarettes, chased fast women. Basically I was a relief seeking missile if you get the picture. Ultimately I spent my life running from pain and chasing pleasure.

Dr. Veronica: Okay.

Roy: The pain I created in the process of trying to run from the pain turned out to be more painful than the pain I was running from.

Dr. Veronica: Are you talking your pain as in all the addictive behaviors that you would’ve accumulated over the years or was there another type of pain?

Roy: Every addiction is a symptom. Addictions are symptoms they’re not the problem. People think they are and that’s why alcoholics think alcohol’s their problem, food addicts think food’s their problem, and sex addicts think sex is their problem, but it’s not.

Every addiction has three components, it’s a pain killer, it’s a form of escape, it’s a form of punishment. I have the pain inside because I was a very sensitive, terrified person, and I buried a lot of pain. And the thing is when you bury it that way you bury it alive and it’s in there festering. And then you have to have the pain killer. As long as I had the pain I would to have a pain killer.

And there’s many different things that we use to try and cope with that pain. As long as I had the fear of my feelings I would always be running, I would always be looking for escape. And as long I had the guilt, the remorse, and the self-hatred I would always require punishment.

So what I’m about is helping people feel safe enough to deal with their pain, deal with their fear, deal with their guilt, remorse, and self-hatred so that they don’t need the pain killer, they don’t need escape, they don’t need punishment.

Dr. Veronica: I want to back up a little bit because you said something really interesting. Challenging for people to swallow, you talked about religious insanity, religiosity. Talk a little bit about that because a lot of people are hyper religious. If you say anything what they consider negative against religion or anything in that realm they’ll say, “Oh no, you’re horrible. You’re talking against God.” Talk about that religious insanity. I can tell you I understand what you mean by it but other people who are on particular religious pathways that may not sit well with them.

Roy: That’s fine. The important thing to understand is that God is love. And when we abide in love we abide in God, and God in us. Everything that isn’t love isn’t God.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, I agree with that. What happened in your childhood specifically that you say religious insanity that was problematic, that is not God is love, and that you see in people who are addicts?

Roy: Well, the important thing to understand is not what we believe intellectually that matters. As the famous Carpenter had to say as we believe in our heart. As a man thinks in his heart so is he…

Dr. Veronica: E’er shall he go.

Roy: The important thing to understand is that most of what’s driving people is in their subconscious mind. First off I personally believe I brought baggage with me from previous lives. But if that’s too crazy or too scary for people that’s okay. [Unintelligible 00:17:01] that. No worries. Throw that out the window.

I think we would all agree that from conception we’re gathering data. We have no filter, no discerning capability, and nobody intentionally poisoned me with faulty data. But the data they had that’s the only thing they could give me. And the other thing is there’s a lot of things that we took on into our master computer, the subconscious mind. A lot of beliefs and ideas that we took on weren’t actually sad. They were implied, with the impression we got was that what they meant. It has nothing to do with whatever anybody did to us. We’d go through lying and pointing the finger to somebody else but we’re never going to get better that way.

But the important thing to understand is we’re gathering data and we have a lot of faulty data going into our master computer. And based on that data we formulate our core beliefs that as our ideas about God, about ourselves, about other people, about everything, about our lives.

Based on our core beliefs we formulate our philosophy for living. That is our way of navigating our way through this hostile world we perceive ourselves to be in. Based on the faulty philosophy, faulty beliefs, faulty data we build a life that requires us to use something to cope with it. Basically that’s what addictions are, they’re coping mechanisms.

The addiction isn’t the problem, the addiction is what I used to try to cope with the problem. The problem is the tornado going on inside. And so I call it religious insanity. And the other thing is that most of the people who have eating disorders are terrified of their sexuality. I call it religious insanity manifested as sexual insanity.

Dr. Veronica: What does that look like? For people who are saying “Is this me?” what does that look like through outside or how do you know that that’s you, religious insanity with sexual insanity going on too?

Roy: It’s one and the same. Because the primary thing that the religion teaches is that your sexuality is bad. And how far from the truth could that be. Essentially what its saying is take your second strongest God-given instinct. First instinct is for survival. Breathing air, drinking water, eating food, having shelter, being protected. The second strongest God-given instinct is survival of the race. That means pro-creation, that means sex. Essentially the message that I got was take your second strongest God-given instinct, bury it alive, pretend you don’t have it and you’d be happy. How insane could that be?

Dr. Veronica: I’m agreeing with you. I’ve seen all these issues…

Roy: Of course you have.

Dr. Veronica: To the point where I’ve walked away from religion because I refuse to be part of organizations that tell me that I’m bad.

Roy: Absolutely.

Dr. Veronica: …own and wouldn’t accept it, no I’m not a sinner. And so of course when people who are like me say that they call you rebellious and Jezebel and all these other names. You have a strong personality to reject that because we all want to be part of our tribe. And so by rejecting religion a lot of times people say you’re rejecting being part of the tribe. And so you’re afraid that if you reject those tenets that you’re going to be kicked out of the tribe and you’re not willing to be kicked out of the tribe.

Roy: That’s fine. But the important thing to understand, once again a famous carpenter he said, “The Father is within me.” And that’s where the spirit is, is deep within our hearts. And so for any addict or emotional eater, food addict, whatever it is, the problem is deep within. The solution is deeper within. Sweet spirit deep within you.

The essence of you and your… not you particularly Dr. Veronica but all of us of course, but I’m talking to your crew, your people out there. The essence of all of us is spirit. And what I’m about is helping people feel safe enough to face these things within themselves that are blocking them from the sweet spirit that’s deep within them that can heal them. I don’t heal anybody. I don’t think any human being heals anybody.

Dr. Veronica: That’s correct.

Roy: What we could do is help them to align themselves with the sweet spirit within themselves that does the healing. I’m really along for the ride. I’m about helping people feel safe enough to go within. And that’s what happens when people come to me, and I have people come from all over the world. It’s amazing how they find me with everything that goes on. The last one recently, a dear lady friend doctor, a friend of mine featured my book on her book club and some lady in Abu Dhabi read it and came in to see me. It’s beautiful how it works and now…

Dr. Veronica: I hope these podcast reaches people. The purpose of doing this is ultimately yes I’m a healthcare practitioner. I’m an intuitive. I come across a lot of people who I know that their issue is very… All illnesses and injuries have a root cause that’s emotional and spiritual, all of them, every single one. You don’t just get something.

And so it’s interesting because I will talk about this, I had talked about my intuitive abilities and people say, “We can’t deal with you because we don’t believe in that. We don’t want to talk about that.” I’m like, “Okay, that’s somebody I can’t work with because they don’t understand what holistic really means, that they’re mind, body, spirit. That means that we have to work on all those levels. If you’re not willing to open up and work on that level that’s out of my core genius area. That’s why I’m bringing you on and other people like you who have strategies to work particularly on that.

But those people who haven’t realized that their illnesses and injuries are their biggest sole challenges. They’re challenges to your soul. You’re here to learn something. They’re not going to heal from it.

Roy: I’m totally on board with that.

Dr. Veronica: Your book shows like this, somebody’s going to listen to this and watch this, and it’s going to resonate with them. And they’re going to be happy that a doctor said, “Listen, you don’t get your spiritual self together ain’t no medicine, no food, no nutrition plan, no supplement, no hormone testing, no adrenal this, no thyroid that is going to help you.”

Roy: That’s so true. The thing is my experience is everything on the outside is there to help me to refine on the inside. That’s why I believe that’s why we’re here on this level of existence. This is not to realize. We’re temporarily human but we’re essentially spirit. But we have opportunities for refining here for growth and development here that we wouldn’t have on a purely ethereal level.

Dr. Veronica: Doggy wants to come in. We’re listening.

Roy: Hey, hi.

Dr. Veronica: People enjoy seeing that on the film so that’s why I let him make an appearance.

Roy: Absolutely. But one thing I will say, it’s often times easier to help somebody who thinks they don’t believe in God than it is to try to help somebody who thinks they do.

Dr. Veronica: Interesting. Explain that more.

Roy: Well, because oftentimes people who believe they believe in God have a lot of pride around their beliefs. And that pride can keep them from… In other words when you think you know everything then you can’t learn. And in my experience this whole process is about unlearning.

And I have people who come to me who are very religious, in fact one woman in particular you can watch her videos on my website. I want to make sure people understand I don’t broadcast who I work with, but some of the people who I’ve worked with want to be part of my outreach and they volunteer to do video on my website. So please understand, I’m not going to plaster your name out there if you work with me.

One woman’s very religious, actually many people who come are very religious. But the thing is I always just say to people look at the pudding. Check the pudding. Because the proof is always in the pudding. Bottom line how’s it working.

The other thing is too Dr. Veronica, I think you understand, I know you hear what I’m saying here. The only thing any of us have to do is ask [No audio 00:26:55] how am I living, what am I believing, what am I doing, what’s it costing me?

Dr. Veronica: In other words how’s that working for you.

Roy: Well, what’s it getting me, what’s it costing me, and is that okay. Because we all pay a price. Everybody on this earth pays a price for how they live. We get certain perceived benefits but pay a certain price. You live at Bucks County, you get some perks, you get some benefits, pay a price. Live in Manhattan, get some benefits, pay a price. Everybody in between pays a price. Who’s to say for somebody else if that price is okay. Each person has to ask themselves is that okay. And there’s no wrong answer.

Dr. Veronica: That sounds like you reap what you sow.

Roy: Absolutely. And there’s no wrong answer, because the nature of evolution is evolve we must. And there’s no time limit on eternity, right? The universe loves u so much it’ll allow us to hurt as long as we need to hurt.

Dr. Veronica: It’s true. We all keep banging our heads on the wall in certain areas until we get it right.

Roy: Yeah. And again I was morbidly obese for a number of years. And I deluded myself that it was okay. But what started me toward having to do something about it was panic attacks and all of this stuff. When you bury your emotion, it’s like when you bury anything, it’s like a volcano the more you press it down the more it wants to explode. And that’s what eventually happens.

Not everybody gets to that place. Many people who are morbidly obese that’ll end, what’s the roll call, the lives of quiet desperation. They just settle in and that’s fine. There’s no wrong answer. That’s probably what I would’ve done if I hadn’t had the panic attacks and the crippling depression, phobias, anxiety, and all the stuff that went with it.

But some people have it so buried, their feelings are so buried that they don’t have those things. There’s no wrong answer. Each person has to decide for themselves because there’s a price for getting better. You have to go through hell to get to heaven, right?

Dr. Veronica: Yes. I believe that we live in the dichotomies. So you have to know down to know up. You have to know black to know white. You have to know good to know bad. You have to have both experience for comparison purposes because that’s just the way the human mind works.

Roy: Absolutely. And that’s why I would never try to convince anybody that working with me is the thing to do. There’s an opportunity here for total freedom. My experience is people come to me usually when the first or second day all their addictions fall away. And if they’re overweight they start losing weight effortlessly and which is my only hope because I don’t have the power to resist temptation. If I want to eat it I don’t have the power not to eat it. My only hope is sweet spirit will remove my desire for those things that aren’t good for me and for amount of things that aren’t good for me. Because in and of myself I don’t have that power. That’s my only spirit.

That’s what I’m talking people is having people start to experience that sweet spirit. People come here they’re hating their momma. They come here they’re here for a few days and start loving their momma. They got all this stuff inside it’s hard for people to be able to see themselves as they actually are on their own. Nobody can do this alone.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. You can’t do it alone. Please understand, there’s no such thing as self-help. You have to have somebody to help you. You need a mentor, a coach, somebody who’s going to guide you who’s outside that box. I tell people that all the time. Because they want to stay home and they want to read books and watch… I say people are going to the university of Google and good friend with Dr. YouTube.

This is part of learning. But then you have to know what you don’t know and then get to that point where it’s so painful, it’s so bad that you’re going to reach out. But not only just reach out, you’re going to do something. You’re going implement. Tell me a little bit more. Because your book has chapters on all the different addictions. Are they all different? Why do you break it down like that?

Roy: Well, it’s to help people to identify. First off no addict wants to know they’re an addict. Nobody wants to think they’re an addict. I had so many addictions I didn’t think I had any. And the thing is it doesn’t matter. Frankly if a person doesn’t have an addiction that’s fine too. All God’s children got problems. It doesn’t matter…

Dr. Veronica: In one form or another, yes.

Roy: It doesn’t matter what the manifestation is, there’s only one problem and there’s only one solution. The problem is always this perception of being separate from God. You can’t even be separate from God. God and you are one but if you perceive yourself to be separate, you think you are, you act like you are, you feel like you are, for all intents and purposes you are even though you aren’t. There’s one problem, there’s one solution.

The one solution is the conscious contact, the sweet spirit deep within. And that’s what I’m about helping people contact. And that’s the only thing that can heal them. That’s the only thing that can remove the obsession, the compulsion to overeat or to hurt themselves with anything. And there’s never just one thing. It’s a myriad of things that people use. Because it kind of goes with the territory. In other words if you got one you’ve got a lot of other things going on at the same time. Often times we’ll use one thing to keep the other thing down.

Dr. Veronica: Let’s talk a little bit more about your definition of addiction. You put it in there so people can start to identify… There’s commonalities. Some people are going to say, “Am I addict or not?” Are there are a few characteristics that you can tell people that if you’re having this or that. You got to give them a symptom. Because we’re talking very high hyperbole and all this other type of stuff that people say. Let’s get down to it.

“Roy, Dr. Veronica, how do I know if I’m really addicted? Tell me what I need to do.” Because we’re very reductionist here. We want to know. I want the checklist. I want the test. So here are a couple of the things.

Roy: Do you deal primarily with people with their eating? Is that what you deal with primarily?

Dr. Veronica: People come to me a lot of times because they’re concerned about their weight. They’re concerned about… Sometimes they’ll come because they’re concerned about belly fat. But a lot of times it’ll be my thyroid’s bothering me. My digestion’s bothering me. I’m concerned that my hormones are out of balance.

Roy: First off we have doctors including you of course that we refer people to for their hormones, or they thyroid, or their adrenals. I don’t practice medicine as such. And we have a lot of good doctors including yourself that we refer people to along those lines. But generally speaking overweight is a symptom of overeating. And overeating is a symptom of what’s eating you. That’s what we’re dealing with is what’s eating you.

There’s no way on earth that I could abstain from all that I need to abstain from except the grace of God would remove my desire for those things, my need, my requirement for those things. There’s nothing I can do. And certainly we know estrogen causes belly fat and we know thyroid and stuff like that. There’s issues but those are generally excuses that people use when they don’t want to face their real problems.

I take thyroid medication and I take stuff for my adrenals. I’m not saying that those things aren’t real. I take things for my neurotransmitters. I’m not saying those things aren’t real, they are. But none of those are going to keep me from destroying myself with excess food. Only God can do that, and only I can let it. And I’m about helping people let. Because only god can do it. And only that person can let God do it for them.

And I’m helping them get themselves out of the way so that the sweet spirit… When I say God I’m not talking about the bearded man in the sky with a clipboard. I’m talking about the sweet spirit deep within. That’s where we have to go, deep within.

Dr. Veronica: Now you said in a couple of days usually people start changing. I know you have a 28-day program. People say, “If I can get it in two days, yeah, that’s it.” Why 28 days?

Roy: That’s precisely why we do the 28-day program because the thing is people often think overeating is their problem. And so when they come to me and when they stop overeating they think they’re cured. And you and I know that’s not true.

Dr. Veronica: No.

Roy: That’s not true because we have to deal with the underlying causes that caused us to have to overeat in the first place. And that’s a lifetime. That’s not a 28-day program. I only said 28-day program because that’s the call that most of us… people who want immediate results that most people can get their head around. People come here, “I don’t know if I can do 28 days.” And then they’re in the 3rd week and say, “Roy, you’re never going to kick me out after 28 days, right?”

Dr. Veronica: Wow.

Roy: I do a 28-day program but I work with them longer if they have a good attitude and want to keep going and want to keep growing and developing. It would start with a 28-day face-to-face and go from there. They don’t live here. If they come here from out of town we have them arranged for local housing. Of course some people come here from local.

Whatever it is it’s always lifted. It’s just a matter of being willing to let me into their heart so that they can feel safe when people come here with a big wall of fear around their heart. And what I’m about is I’m putting up a big wall of love around their heart so they can gradually lower that wall of fear. So that all that stuff that’s inside that needs to be addressed come tumbling out. And then we can sort it out. It’s a process and it’s absolutely amazing.

Dr. Veronica: You know what I find amazing, you’re doing it from a different way. How I work with people, we talk a lot, something about the emotional things that are going on in people’s lives and I challenge them a lot. I’m the tough love person. I just think it’s amazing how many of them have spiritual revelations.

Roy: That’s what happens. Exactly.

Dr. Veronica: I’m hitting at them from a physical side but they have a spiritual revelation and it’s beautiful because I say to them, “I’m so happy to see that you’re happy now. Because when you came and you first sat down with me and you were having a really hard time making a decision to make the investment of time and your finances. You were so miserable. I saw you hear crying. I knew I could help you but I know that you had to make that decision. I’m so happy because we’ve been working together for three, four weeks, and you’re such a different person now.” And they say, “I know it.”

It’s amazing. I’m not quite sure where it is. I work with people and I always mention these spiritual… I know when people work with me. I’m going to mention those spiritual and emotional pieces. They start to have it on their own. Once they make the decision to make the commitment, and they start on the pathway.

Or maybe it’s because they understand that I’m open to listening in a different way and giving them the type of emotional and spiritual feedback. It’s a beautiful thing I got to tell you. Because I have the people who they’ll do testimonials for me and they just look so happy. And that’s not even everything they can say that’s good.

Roy: You happen to feel same enough to start feeling things that they were previously afraid to feel.

Dr. Veronica: Those are the people who do the best and that have the revelations like that. I’m thinking of people that I know who haven’t had the revelation yet. Of course my phone’s going to ring in the middle of it. Those people don’t have the revelation, those are the people who quit or they just don’t get where they want to go.

Roy: I understand that.

Dr. Veronica: Your website is roynelsonhealing.com. Is that where people can go to find you?

Roy: Yes, absolutely, roynelsonhealing.com.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful. Roy Nelson, Read his book, Love Notes from Hell. We can get that Amazon?

Roy: Yes, ma’am. It’s actually best-seller in three categories.

Dr. Veronica: It’s fascinating to read because when you read somebody’s… everything they’ve been through and then you meet them at a later point and you see how they have that aura of wonderful energy around them it’s like, “Oh my god, he’s been all of that?”

Roy: All grace, absolute grace. Unwarranted, unearned grace.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Thank you so much Roy. I’m happy that you’re doing this for people who want to get in touch with Roy please do so. Don’t wait. The reason that you’re energetically pulled to watch this particular interview is because you need it to.

And so I’m Dr. Veronica. You know you can find me at drveronica.com. This is Roy Nelson, Roy Nelson Healing. And this is Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. You’re not going to get well unless you put together mind, body, and spirit.

Your biggest challenge is to your soul, to your evolution. And learning your life purpose is through illness and injury. We all have them. Thank you Roy Nelson.

Roy: Thank you. I appreciate you.

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