By guest blogger Ingrid Macher

Ever since we were little girls, we always dreamed about finding the perfect prince charming, who would come to our rescue with a big beautiful wedding just like in the princess stories.  In reality, we grow up and realize that finding the perfect man can take time and effort, and when we find “the one”, we want to make sure that our wedding day is not only perfect, but we look our best!

If your wedding day is coming up around the corner, don’t freak out!  Here are 7 tips that can help you to flatten your belly and lose weight to look your best on the most special day of your life –

1.  Eliminate any carbonated drinks – This includes sodas, energy drinks, or flavored water, because this type of drink makes you look bloated.  Additionally, any “diet” drinks with artificial sweeteners will give you even more dress-busting cravings.

2.  Eat more whole foods, green veggies, and fruits – Stay away from processed food, especially white flour because your body will convert any excess of these foods into sugar, and sugar turns into fat!

3. Stay away from alcohol – Alcohol will not only make you dehydrated, but it will increase your appetite and usually comes with lots of sugar.  Remember: you waited 21 years for your first drink, you can wait for a few weeks to have your next drink looking fabulous for your big day.

4. Stay away from dairy, sugar, and gluten – Don’t hate me for this one, but these foods go through a lot of processing so the nutritional content is very poor and is tied to obesity.  Stick to fresh and homemade foods.

5. Visualization – I suggest to you to get a picture of your wedding dress and place this picture on your refrigerator and pantry, or in your purse, to remind yourself of how you want to look for your special day so that you can make smart decisions when it’s time to eat.

6. Get your beauty sleep – Make sure you get the appropriate amount of sleep every night, 6-8 hours.  Lack of sleep causes increased levels of Cortisol (the “stress hormone”), which the body confuses with hunger and is linked to excess body fat storage in the abdomen area.

7. Set your exercise routine – Find the activities that you enjoy the most, whether it’s walking outside, jogging with your dog, dancing (try Zumba!), spinning, or whatever makes you happy, and do this 5 times a week.  You don’t need to go crazy spending hours and hours in the gym, you can do these activities for 20-40 minutes each day.

You can do this for 3 -14 days prior to your big day.  Remember to start your new life with the person that you love not only more skinny, but more healthy and happy because that’s what really matters in the end.

Enjoy your day, because you’re beautiful and you deserve to be happy!

P.S.  I know you will LOVE how you look and feel after going through this process, so I encourage you to make this a part of your lifestyle so you can live longer, happier, and healthier!

Ingrid Macher is a holistic health coach, personal trainer, and fitness motivator helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world to change their lives.  After finding the key to losing 50 pounds in 90 days herself, she has found it her duty to help everyone to become more healthy and happy.  On her website, she reveals how she did it in her free ebook 9 Simple Secrets I Used to Melt Away 50 Pounds.

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