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     Stephanie McCannon     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Stephanie McCannon
about being Happy, Healthy, and Healed.

Stephanie McCannon is a natural healing expert, author, and certified health and wellness coach. She teaches her happy, healthy, and healing systems of living to help other live a fuller life.

In this episode, she will share how she healed Ulcerative Colitis and explain why her doctor didn’t provide her with the right solution. You’ll learn how to properly bring mediation, simplicity, and carbohydrates into your life. Listen to the end to learn how to re-do life situations.

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73: Show Notes

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09:48 – Ulcerative colitis diagnosis

15:36 – Why doctors recommend prescriptions only

19:04 – Carbohydrates in your diet

20:25 – Incorporating meditation & simplicity

22:20 – Learning how create a do over



Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: I’m Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive, bringing you some more information to be able to grasp different strategies in your life, Wellness for the Real World. This real world is what I am. Now you guys know I am real talking. And I just want to tell you, you know I like to tell my little stories, what made me happy.

I tell a lot of junk just because people like to listen to junk and gossip. But I want to tell you something that made me really pleasant, happy, and joyful over the last week. I had two different clients come in and give me gifts, little tokens of their appreciation.

“I have a gift for you.” One of my favorite ladies came in and gave me a book about near death experiences. We a lot of times talk about this otherworldly conditions about our spirit selves. We talk about her health of course and we worked quite a lot on her health. But I believe that some people are brought into my realm not just to change their physical health but also because there’s some spiritual learning and evolution that comes in.

And this lady who’s one of my favorite people. She’s been with me for quite a while now. Decided when her time was over in the program I don’t want to give you up. I want to stay with you. Of course she has some things to work on because we all have stuff to work on. And so I get to see her frequently. And when I don’t get to see her we get to have phone sessions where we go over various things. Sometimes it’s physical health information but sometimes it’s about what’s going on in the spiritual life so that she can begin to more sort out what she is here to do so that her spirits will evolve.

And so she brought me in a book as a gift. She knew the type of books that I like. I enjoy reading about… science is fun but everybody’s saying their whatever is the it. There’s a new piece of research every day. Who cares? I go, I learn it. I implement it so that my clients can have the benefit of these situations. But long before you’ve read about them in somebody’s best-selling book, people who are studying these different strategies know about them. So my clients have before you’ve read about it. I’m like, “Okay, that’s nice.” Years ago we’ve known about it.

Bringing me the information that is just fascinating. And that is about our spiritual life and what goes on at the time of death, near death, and between lives. Yes, I believe in past lives, future lives, and different realms. My favorite movie of all time is The Matrix because I’ve been in the Matrix. You’re saying, “She’s crazy.” But I know you’re not saying I’m really crazy because the only reason you listen to this show is because you’ve been in the Matrix too. I know that.

I had another lady that I worked with. It’s always the people with the spiritual revelations that bring me little… You want to make me feel really special towards you, any type of gift. It doesn’t matter. I had a lady at Holiday Time who baked me a cake. And it was just so sweet that she baked me this cake.

And as she was giving me this cake I was like who’s going to eat this cake because eating a whole cake for me, even with my family, we don’t tend to do it because we don’t eat like that a lot of times. So if we a have whole cake it will likely not be good. The cake was tasty but I was just thrilled and flattered that she thought about that with her own hand she baked me a cake.

Wonderful. I remember who these people are. I can tell you about a gentleman who years ago in my eye care practice, he made me a wooden guy with the red, white, and blue on that stood in my office. It was just so delightful. I remember a lady who happened to be from India who bought me puri bread.

My latest gift yesterday was from another one of my beloved clients. They are my beloved clients because I feel honored when people choose me to help them. And I was telling her this yesterday. And she gave me a gift. She had just been on a trip to South Africa, came back, and she was telling me about how she had walked all the way. And she didn’t get sick and all these other pieces.

Because we had worked together for a while and had strategies so that she markedly improved her health. She had even gotten off some of her diabetes medicine, her acid reflux medicine, and some other medications. And she had lost a good amount of weight. She said, “I didn’t even have to wear the seatbelt extender.” She’s one of those people. She just went on her trip and she went from wearing the seatbelt extender to not needing it. Wonderful. It makes me feel joyful.

She brought me back a bracelet from South Africa made by the Holistic Education Coalition. This little beaded bracelet is just very special to me. And so I thank her. I don’t reveal people’s names on air. But I am happy and grateful. And being happy and grateful is what allows people, everybody to keep their health, being happy and grateful.

But sometimes we mess up. We say something we don’t want to say. We do something that’s really off and we wish we hadn’t done it. And we want a do-over. There’s a way to get a do-over. It’s not permanent. You can fix it. But you have to know how to fix it.

First step is knowing that you did make a step that may not be the step that you want to make. You want to turn back and go the other way. I don’t like to say mistake because life is all on purpose. So when you walk and you think it’s a mistake there’s something that you learn from it.

If you keep walking down that pathway and bad things, or things that you can consider horrible keep happening to you then that would be just dumb. But we all do that sometimes. We all do those dumb things and we want to figure out, how do I fix this?

Stephanie Mccannon is a do-over specialist. You want a health coach that’s not an Uber doctor like me, because Uber doctors we’re going to put your feet to the fire. And you cannot mess us at all because we know the truth all the time. So when you try to tell us something…

I’m not saying people like Stephanie who’s a health coach know everything but it’s just not the same as going through medical school and sitting… all those anatomy. Like I told you about being in the shock trauma room. And I forgot to tell you in the shock trauma room I was standing over this dead person for the first time, congealed blood around me, whole nine yards. Not many people have the training of a physician where you just do all that stuff before you even leave school. And then you have to do more training even after that. It’s just grueling and you want it to be that way. But sometimes you want somebody who is going to be a little bit more gentle with you and help you with those do-over. And people like Stephanie Mccannon help you with the do-overs.

I’m going to tell you about StephanieMccannon.com, and we’re going to talk about do-overs. Recognizing when you say or do something you know you shouldn’t and how to instantly fix it. Stephanie, welcome Wellness for the Real World.

Stephanie: Thank you Dr. Veronica. And I so enjoyed the stories that you shared. We have some of the same alignment in how we look at the universe, our world view. It’s very refreshing to hear somebody that does have a medical background that can integrate our wholeness with our physical being. I think that’s wonderful. You’re rocking it.

Dr. Veronica: Thank you so much. Before we get into the do-overs I would like to talk a little bit about your health history because you had a condition that a lot of people suffer with still today. And they suffer with it and they don’t necessarily have to continue to suffer with it. You overcame ulcerative colitis. Tell us about your ulcerative colitis. When did it start and when was the time that one day you said, “I got to figure this out. And what I’m doing in the traditional system isn’t working and so I got to do it another way.” When were you first diagnosed with it?

Stephanie: I was actually in my late 20’s. I had two young toddlers. And my husband is a western trained physician like yourself. But he doesn’t adopt a lot of the spiritual aspects of our health and wellness. I’m still married for over 20 years. But when I was diagnosed I was in my late 20’s and basically doing everything that Western medicine was telling me that I should do for my health. I exercise regularly. I ate pretty well. And I didn’t really understand how my body is revolting against me.

So when I finally went in for the initial exam and they told me that my intestines were just so raw. And they couldn’t tell me anything about why that was so. Why was my body attacking itself? Why did I all of a sudden have this autoimmune disorder? And the doctors at the time had no answers for me. They told me food didn’t matter. Stress would make it worse but that’s not necessarily the cause of it.

I do have family history. My grandfather and my mother who died by the way at 58, it was right before I was diagnosed. So I knew that intestinal diseases and issues ran in my family. That’s why I chose or thought I chose a healthy lifestyle.

But I’ll tell you Dr. Veronica, the big piece that was missing, I was referral to a person. I went to church. I prayed. But I didn’t intersect that with my health. I compartmentalize my life. Church and spirit with spirit, and physical and health was that. I didn’t integrate those two.

But basically my doctors at the time weren’t offering me any other choices except for drug therapy. And they were going to be very aggressive with the drug therapy because of the advances these days. And if the drug therapy didn’t work then they were going to go to remove the intestines, maybe get a whole ileostomy. And I know that I did not want that. My grandfather had that. He had busted that. There were always adhesion problems.

I am a young, 27-year old mother. I do not want to have my intestines taken out of my body. I do not want to be sick. So I started to look for alternative treatment methods because I got pregnant. I got pregnant and I didn’t want to take any more of the drugs.

There was a lot of emotional issues that were coming up, and even more stress because none of my doctors would agree with me. None of my doctors wanted me to get off the medication just because I was pregnant.

Dr. Veronica: Really? They wanted you to risk the health of your child? Give me a break. Okay, go on. I’m not an ulcerative colitis doctor. I’m sitting here in judgment and I don’t know truly because I’m not an ulcerative colitis doctor so I’ll say that.

However, there is always another answer out there. Tell us what answer that you came up with. But before you do that, let me just say you’re listening to Wellness for the Real World. I’m Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive.

You are listening to Stephanie Mccannon. We’re going to talk about do-overs, but first we want to find out how she got to the do-over stage. And we’re hearing her story and her journey about her ulcerative colitis. And her doctor said even though she was pregnant we want you to stay on these toxic medications even though you’re having a baby and that risked your baby. And she said, what did you say Stephanie?

Stephanie: I said no. I couldn’t do it. And now I was considered a high-risk pregnancy. We were living in Laurel, Maryland at the time and I had to go down to Bethesda. And so I have two kids by the way, and I ran my own business. I was a busy woman, and having to go down to these weekly appointments, and I they just would tell me again and again, “You need to get back on the medication. You need to get on the medications.”

Tell me another way. Let’s talk about food. Because I started doing a lot of research and I was hearing from other medical physicians that food could make a difference for me. But my doctors at the time were saying, “No. There’s no [Unintelligible 00:14:43]. We have to tell you what the protocols are that are mandated by the different medical societies.” I know you know more about that than I do, but [Unintelligible 00:14:55] I’ve seen several gastroenterologist.

I got really sassy one time. I was so frustrated. It was after my daughter was born. I told him, “You’re telling me I can eat Ding Dongs all day long and that’s not going to affect my health. You know that’s wrong.” And so he leans back in his chair. He was a very nice man. He said, “I cannot tell you outside of the protocols what to do. I could lose my license. If I tell you to go home and eat this particular type of yogurt that I’m going to give you a recipe for, it’s not a proven strategy by our medical society. I could lose my license.”

Dr. Veronica: I want to just highlight pieces of this story because… You go to your doctors and you wonder why they’re not telling you the rest of the story, or the other story, or what really works without using toxic pharmacologic agents. Because we’re in fear. We’re are in fear not losing our license. He’s like, “I can lose my license,” but what he was really saying is, “What I use to support my life and family, how I support my wife and children, and eat my food is being threatened if I don’t tell you to do everything the way that big pharmacists do it.”

You know why? Big pharma is paying everybody off. And when they pay everybody off that means the laws get made in their favor. And in addition, we’re a country where we have more lawyers than people. And people automatically go running to their lawyers when they have a bad outcome.

That doesn’t mean that there are no medical mistakes and anything out there. I’m not saying that. Stuff happens. Crap happens. And there are people that are incompetent. But most people are not incompetent. And this doctor knew the other answer, but felt that he was under threat that he would lose his family and livelihood if he told her the real answer.

Thus you have doctors like me and other doctors who decide, “I’m not doing that anymore. I’m not touching that anymore. We’re going to do it another way. And when we do it another way we’re not going to touch that stuff.” But guess what, we operate outside the whole system and people have to find us.

But this is why I talk to you on the radio, so you can find the right people. Stephanie was reading between the lines. I can’t tell you what really works. And I’m going to give you a recipe. And your doctor did what? He gave you the recipe?

Stephanie: He said, “Have you ever made yogurt?” I said no. And he said, “My mother used to make this special yogurt.” And he basically walked me through how to do it. And I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with this specific carbohydrate diet. I’ve just become aware of it in the last month or two. I ended up healing myself. I followed a lot of those same rules, although I had nobody. This was 14 years ago. I really had to come up with these things on my own. I just eliminated a lot of foods and I started adding one thing at a time.

And I will say this for any of your listeners out there that have IDD or ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease, if you are currently in the disease phase you need to stop eating raw vegetables. We need fiber when we have a healthy system. That was one of the first things that I did and I allowed my body to heal because I started cooking any vegetables that I have. And I go into that in great detail in a book that I wrote. Anyway, just think about that a little bit.

Dr. Veronica: I’m going to plug your book. It’s upcoming, Happy, Healthy, and Healed. Keep that on your mind. Let me just mention, she mentioned this specific carbohydrate diet. I just want to highlight a few instances here. There are people that can tolerate no carbohydrates at all. And in fact their system is so broken and dysfunctional that they cannot process any carbohydrates at all, and that includes fruits and vegetables.

You say what’s the healthiest diet, and you would think that meat is not the healthiest diet for somebody. But I even know a doctor who was in medical training who was overcome. He was a vegan which everybody thinks that’s the best to be. He was a vegan and he was getting sicker. And then he went to a meat diet, no vegetables at all, none, and healed himself.

And so there are people who are exquisitely sensitive. And you may be able to have cooked vegetables but not raw vegetables. What happens? The chemistry begins to change. The breakdown is a little bit different. And so this is why you say raw is supposed to be the best, right? No, not for everybody. Seven billion people on the earth, seven billion different eating strategies. Now, let’s talk about the do-over because here’s where it gets interesting.

Stephanie: Okay. I started implementing not only diet changes in my life but I started learning about medication, it’s really taking quiet time. I mentioned I was a spiritual person. I had prayer time but I was mostly doing all the talking. I wasn’t doing a whole lot of quiet listening.

So I started listening more. And I started recognizing things in my life that kept popping up that were producing stressful situations to the body. I didn’t really recognize it before. I thought I was doing well. We all have stress. We’re all busy. We’re all coping. Well, my body wasn’t coping.

So as I spent more time in meditation and quiet prayer I started getting these intuitive feelings of next time something pops up in your life recreate it. You’re the master of your life. Together we’re going to create your life. You have the most say.

The next thing that actually popped up was with one of my children. Something happened. They said something that I didn’t appreciate as a mother, and they were little so I was, stop right there. I started this as a little game. It was like a play. I said, “Take your two steps back. Everybody back in the same position. I’m going to walk back in the room and you’re going to decide to say something different.” And so that’s how we started it. And my kids would do that. And we would practice it until we got it right.

I’m a firm believer that what we say and think helps create our world. But we can also take those moments when we say and think something that we might know instantly we could’ve done a better job with that. You might be driving down the road and somebody cuts you up and you instantly go into, “That SOB. Why did he do that?” He’s not even thinking of you.

I would like to offer you… stop right there and recreate that moment. Stop right there. Not literally stop in your car, but stop your thinking and say, “Okay, that guy that just cut me off. I bet he didn’t even see my car. He’s not even paying attention to me.” And what that does to your body and your mind is it retrains you to a more positive thinking method. And that becomes your go-to. Your body starts to deal with stress differently. You start to see possibilities where there were none.

The instant do-over, and you can feel instantly better. When I do this either with my children, and they’re outside of myself. I do physically make them go back and get into their position. Or if I have a close friend that maybe I was tired or I said something smirky, I’ll just put my hand up and I’ll say do-over. And I’ll say, “What I really meant to convey is I love you and I’m feeling tired right now.”

The idea is to create the world and the life that you want right now. You said Dr. Veronica, I don’t think there are any mistakes. There are opportunities for us to feel better and to really communicate what we want to another human being. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, I’m just going to whoop, for the first person that I can be snappy to. I just can’t wait to spout off something that’s rude and inconsiderate. I’m just so looking forward to getting mad and raising my voice at my children.”

None of us want that. We don’t really want those situations in our lives. However, I do think that the universe continues to give us what we’re putting out there. That’s what is so wonderful about a do-over. You do have to stop and recognize that… And your body will do this. Your internal guide knows when you said or done something wrong. It’s a little icky feeling. You won’t feel happy, and open, and allowing.

So you know when you’ve done or said something that’s not really in alignment with your true self, that’s when you take the moment. And you don’t have to necessarily share it with another person. If it’s a co-worker or a boss or something like that, and you don’t feel comfortable putting your hand up and saying do-over, then just do it mentally in your mind. Just try to quickly as possible recreate that scene. And if you have the moment to think about it, and now with reflection, what would you want to say? What is the message?

And almost everybody that starts to implement these practices their lives changed. They are happier all the time because they’re creating happier situations. They’re being mindful and deliberate with their thoughts and with their speech.

As you mentioned Dr. Veronica, it’s first recognizing right there in the moment and doing something immediately about. If you can with your voice, because that’s sass, it’s not just re-think it. And respond in your thinking in a way that’s loving, kind, and reflective of your true self. Does that make sense?

Dr. Veronica: It absolutely makes sense. Here’s what I tell my future daughter-in-law, my son’s girlfriend who he says he wants to marry. I might be revealing something on the air I’m not supposed to. But anyway, I say to her, “Don’t go in the basement.” What I mean is don’t go down to that level. When somebody’s doing something and you don’t like it, you stay at the top step. You let everybody else go in the basement. And even as you get better at it you can go up to the second floor and on to the roof and be in higher ground always. The best way to deal is to be at the highest ground you possibly can and don’t go down to the basement.

And so when it comes time to do-overs, Stephanie Mccannon can help you with the do-over. She can help you with your health, especially if you have any type of disease of the digestive track, because a lot of it is similar. And so StephanieMccannon.com is where you can find her. Stephanie, thank you so much for being on Wellness for the Real World.

Stephanie: You’re so welcome. And I just think that you’re a blessing and it’s encouraging to hear that you are integrating the whole self. We are whole people, mind, body, spirit, and we leave one of those pieces out our bodies fall apart. Our lives fall apart. Thank you for having me.

Dr. Veronica: Absolutely. You’re listening to Wellness for the Real World. I’m Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive. You can find me at drveronica.com.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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