“If you can connect with your intuition and accept yourself, you can get through anything and recover from anything no matter what else is going on with your life”

     Katie Beecher     

Have you ever felt unwell and don’t seem to get any better? Katie Beecher is a Medical Intuitive and a Licensed Professional Counselor who has a high success in identifying various health issues with a unique therapy reading. At a very young age, she discovered her gift which allows her to evaluate people through their thoughts and feelings. Having been through depression herself, Katie realized that overcoming her own issues brought her to where she is now.

On this episode, Katie talks about health and how experiences influence a person’s condition. She discusses her therapy style and her philosophies as a medical intuitive. Learn more about the connections between a person’s emotion and his well-being.

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Time Stamps:

3:00 – Recovering Bulimia

4:42 – What caused her eating disorder

6:10 – Symbolism in the medical intuitive world

9:16 – How she became a Medical Intuitive

15:36 – Her reading process and how she differs from other Medical Intuitive

20:04 – Root causes of why some people don’t get better

24:45 – What made her who she is now

25:45 – Art therapy

31:58 – Ethics of being a Medical Intuitive



Full Transcript:

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Dr. Veronica:  Ok everybody, thanks again for joining another episode of the Wellness Revolution. We have a treat today, I am looking for people who do what I do but in different ways because we all have to work together.  So today I am bringing to you another medical intuitive and I am so excited about that.

There are seven billion people on earth, there are three hundred and thirty million people in the United States, what does that mean?  That I can’t take care of everybody, no one can take care of everybody in the world or on earth.  So that means that we need to have other people who do what we do that we can all work together and network together and every once in a while or should I say a lot people can stump us and we want help from other people who know.

So I want you guys out there to know that you have to expand your team, and expanding your team means that you need to have not only traditional MDs but massage therapists, chiropractors, naturopath and medical intuitives and homeopaths and functional medicine doctors and whoever, trainers, nutritionists, whoever fits the bill at a particular time in your health you have to put them on your team.

So what is being a medical intuitive all about?  This is what I am going to tell you because this is really important.  There are three sides to the triangle in health.  There is the structure, you can see that pretty easy, there is the physiology, that’s the stuff underneath that while you are eating something or taking a supplement.  But then there is that emotional piece and that emotional piece is at the bottom and holds everything else up.  If your emotions are in water you know, it’s called stress and it affects your body.

So today I am going to have a conversation with Katie Beecher.  She is a medical intuitive, she started her life off doing something completely different to and we are going to talk about this.  So katiebeecher.com is where you are going to go and take a look.  We are going to have a medical intuitive discussion and I am so excited about this.  So Katie welcome, thanks so much for joining us.

Katie:  Thank you for having me.

Dr. Veronica:  So first Katie talk about where you were before, where you started your life.  I know you have a history of eating disorder.  Tell us about that because a lot of people who have those types of situations figure out what do I do?

Katie:  Yeah, there are an awful lot of people.  My family background is fairly dysfunctional like a lot of people as well. When I was sixteen I was very bulimic and suicidal, I was throwing up three times a day and I decided that I really couldn’t live that way anymore.  And it was divine intervention, when you are sixteen you really aren’t equipped to know what’s going on, so it had to be divine intervention.  I decided to call my family pediatrician without telling my parents about it even.  And I told them what I was doing, that was the eighties and they really didn’t know much about eating disorders.

So he actually said you will be probably be fine, it’s not a big deal and I said no, this is a really big deal, I need help.  Fortunately, he knew a Yang Yin therapist Carol Yang and he hooked me up with her and I worked really hard, I was very determined to get better.  So, I started working with her and that really changed my life because she taught me about connecting with my intuition and loving and accepting myself.  And those ideas are something that I have really taken with me and really believed with the …… that if you can connect with your intuition and love and accept yourself you can get through anything and recover from anything no matter what else is going in your life.

Dr. Veronica:  Ok, so was there was something else going on at that time? Now that you know what you know about this emotional and body connection, was there something else going on in your life at that time that would explain why you were manifesting what sounds to me like bulimia?

Katie:  Like I said, my family was quite dysfunctional and I did not have any support.  The reason I didn’t tell my parents is because I knew they wouldn’t be there for me.  Basically I was not able to express who I was, I didn’t know who I was. I wasn’t able to be Katie or to have any of my feelings or anything like that. So that was a big part, the other part of it is I was very intuitive and had all these psychic abilities and didn’t know what to do with them and I was very afraid of them because I was picking up all of this curious and things and had no outlet to express them and that was the other thing that Yang Yin therapy did was it allowed me to for the first time talk about them and find out that I wasn’t as weird as I thought.  So there were a lot of things going on and just being very creative and not really knowing how to express that.

Dr. Veronica:  So you are talking about Yang Yin therapy and for those of us who don’t know what Yang Yin therapy is specifically, we are talking about Carl Jung, ………………… who is famous in the psychology, psychiatry community, it’s a particular type way of thinking.  Explain to us what that means?

Katie:  He was a pretty amazing person, he was really ahead of his time and one of his main premises is that he talks about symbolism.  So in the medical intuitive world your symptoms for example will be symbols for what’s going on in your life.  Every symptom you have is really a communication from your intuition saying this is saying your intuition is to hear from you, I mean, you need to communicate with your intuition better.  So something like pain in your legs or some issue with your legs, your legs about moving forward in life.

So, Louise Hay for example, Louise Hay thoughts and ideas are very Yagian and it’s really figuring out what part of the body goes with which symptoms and what they mean.  So Yang talks about symbolism, he talked a lot about dream work or therapy, communicating with God within and figuring out who you really are, being true to yourself, also talked a lot about the shadow which is the part of yourself that you are afraid of or you don’t like that you push down and then they come out in other ways.  They come out in symptoms or behaviors or things like that.  So it’s about being whole.

Dr. Veronica:  So what inspires you to become a medical intuitive because I know people don’t as they are young you were a little girl saying I want to be a medical intuitive and I can tell you that I didn’t think as a little girl I am going to be a medical intuitive.  I didn’t even want to tell anybody, I just knew this.  What happens for those of us who are intuitive, for me it was just like, I didn’t even realize there was anything weird or different going on until somebody else pointed it out to me, until one day I absolutely realized that, you know, I can like not know somebody and a diagnosis will pop into my head. Now I don’t tell people diagnosis particularly and I am sure you probably don’t too, why?  Because my physician colleagues will come after me for saying diagnosis and say then I am practicing medicine when I shouldn’t be practicing and how could I know.  However, I might have a diagnosis coming to me like a ………………. or …………….. hypertension.  Now I have medical training so this will pop in and then what I do is I start asking questions to fill in that that’s right.  I realized that when I was in medical training that is what was happening a lot of time, when I would get the answer and it would just come into me. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time but then later on when I look back on and I said I know I was using that ability, yeah, I graduated with honors, I was smart but when you are dealing with somebody right in front of you it’s a little bit more than that, it’s a lot more than just putting together those puzzle pieces.

So it took me years to be able to, it meant that I even could know something that wasn’t logical.  So how long did it take you to admit that you actually had this skill, this gift, this talent?

Katie:  It is sort of funny because I didn’t even realize I had medical intuitive abilities until five years ago.  I knew that I could talk to dead people, I knew I had medium abilities. I knew that I knew all sorts of things about people that I shouldn’t know, the sort of illogical things. And I started out as a licensed professional counsel which I have been for thirty one years.  And while I was doing sessions with people I would start channeling their dead relatives by accident, not wanting to. I would see visions and scenes of their growing up and things about them.  When I was young like I said I really didn’t want anything to do with this because it was scary.  And after a while I realized that first of all I can protect myself, it wasn’t scary but also that I couldn’t run away from it, you know it was there.  And when I did counseling it was always very intuitive, I always was just sort of, I guess, like what you said is thing would come to me about maybe not the same sort of diagnostic, if you will, when you are dealing with people with mental health issues.  But things would come to my head about their bodies or their emotions and things like that and I would listen and realize when I was listening that’s when I was right.

So it’s always a very intuitive process anyway.  And then, I guess it was nine years ago my mum got a ……. 0:12:35.8 and became  paralyzed and that changed my life and when I had to stop but I was taking care of her and I stopped my art, I stopped being a counselor. And it’s something like that as a lot of people know who have had major crises or have had to stop their life to take care of their loved ones, it really does change you.  And so the things that I had been doing that were fulfilling that I thought were the direct ………. 0:13:12.2 in my life didn’t fit anymore, weren’t really working.  I had a lot of health issues myself from that stress and things. So I was sort of left filling very unfulfilled and depressed and thinking I had all this school and this training and in God’s name what am I going to do with it.  And I happened to see a class for a three day, class for Mona Lisa Schulz, she is a pretty well know medical intuitive

Dr. Veronica:  Who is that, I am sorry say that again

Katie:  Mona Lisa Schulz

Dr. Veronica:  Mona Lisa, oh my god, yes, I love Mona Lisa.

Katie:  Yes, me too.  So I happened to see a thing for a three day workshop and I had read one of her books and I said you know, what I don’t really know what this is but I had learned so much taking care of my mum because I was her soul caretaker and I had to deal with all of the doctors and all the nurses and all the hospitals and the rehabs.  I was always interested in medicine anyway because my mum was a nurse and I had always looked through all those gross medical journals and books when I was a kid and that was interesting to me.

So I said they said something about this and I went and you start off your classes with, she just says tell me everything you know about this animal or person or something and I am going to give you a name and an age and that’s all you know.  And I knew how to do it.  And I just said, ok, this is really weird but by the end of the first day she said I don’t know what you do for a living but you should look into pursuing this.

So five years later this is what I do full time and I work people all over the world and it’s pretty amazing.

Dr. Veronica:  So I have got to say that is really cool because I would say my mentor, you could call her my mentor just because that we are talking Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, so if anybody is like I want to say the name for people out there who is absolutely amazing and we connected when we met because we have similar backgrounds.  My background was in psychology, neuroscience, what happened is that when we met we started talking really sharp because we know the intricacies of it but what happens is she puts you on a hot seat and makes you do it.  She said let’s do it and what happens is you are not sure about it and you think I don’t want to say anything and then you just start doing it and you realize oh my gosh, I am really accurate.  I am really accurate at this.

Katie:  Shockingly

Dr. Veronica:  So intuition is something that anybody can develop and most people just pressed it down.  Most of us have pressed it down, we don’t give it any credence at all and we think there is nothing useful about it.  And so for me I said, “ok, you know what, if I am going to do this it’s not going to be just to impress people”. So there are people who are medical intuitive, who are very talented and they are like human MRI machines and I am like that’s all well and good and it’s very impressive however how does that help the client?  It’s not like we get MRI machines, we have got MRIs so we don’t need that.  We deed to help people put it all together and figure out where to go and what to do.  And so me telling you, you have some kind of strange tumor well we already knew that, what do we do about it.

So I like Mona Lisa because she is a physician and so she puts it into here is what it is and then we need to put together some type of plan to help people and that means if you are a counselor you have got to help them with the emotional stuff, if you do medical stuff you have to help them with that physiology and that structure type of stuff.

So I love Mona Lisa, people know her but she is not like one of the ones that is like such a celebrity like a lot of the other names that we know and I am just she is the real deal and the best that I know.  And let me just tell you, here is something else interesting, I ended up doing a training with her mentor Winter Robinson and I was just like oh my gosh, I can’t believe it, you helped Mona Lisa? I didn’t put the two together because Mona Lisa doesn’t mention her name but you meet these people and all of us fell into it through a back door.  So Katie, tell us exactly, I understand now why you do things the way you do it because I was like, hey this is looking really similar here but explain to people when you do a reading exactly what you do?

Katie:  So my process is a little bit different from a lot of others, I think we all do these things a little bit differently because we are our own personalities.  So one of the things that I do that’s different is I start with someone’s name and age and that’s it, I don’t meet them, I don’t talk to them, I don’t see a picture, nothing.  And I use the general chart that Mona Lisa uses with chakras, the seven chakras and physical and emotional and I write down the characteristics, the emotional and physical characteristics.  I put down some of my own stuff.  So I have this blank chart that I start with and I go into a little bit of meditative state and I just have my guide to just download the information onto this four page chart.  I fill that out, it takes around an hour or so and then I do a watercolor symbolic painting of their body and emotional state as well which is pretty different as well from what a lot of people do and that gives me information in a different way.

So I take all of that information and then if someone is meeting with me in person obviously I give that to him when I meet with them.  If I am meeting with someone long distance, I will email that to them before the meeting and then we will go over all the information that I have come up with, my guides have come up with.  Sometimes the information is also for loved ones who have passed because I have medium abilities.  So we will go over all of that, it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, I try a lot with root causes of what’s happening. I will also get more information during the meeting and I include follow up as part of it which means I am helping them find practitioners in their area such as integrated physicians, regular physicians, all the people you mentioned in the beginning as part of their team to help verify what I have said, like I said I don’t give a diagnosis but I will give symptoms or I will say I suspect lyme perhaps but let’s get you to people that I trust who can verify, who can test etc. because I don’t want it to just be here is an hour with me and now you are on your own, part of my counseling background is case management too. So that is part of what I do.

I may recommend certain testing, testing of things and let’s take a look at that and see where else you may need to go after that.  So I have a big network of people that I work with and I am always looking for more people that I trust as well.  Some people will meet with me once a month, you know, I also do some counseling stuff as well but.  So everybody has different needs, some people have been to a lot of different practitioners and don’t get the answers they want or no what they have and aren’t getting well. Some people don’t know what they have at all.  Some people are just perfectly healthy and they will just want more information about how to connect more to their intuition and live healthier lives.   So really there is a lot of different types of people that I work with.

Dr. Veronica:  Wonderful.  So what I like also is people have to understand it’s not about the diagnosis, it’s not about the words that are going on. People worry about what do I have?  Well the body it works in mysterious ways and so therefore there is not always a name for it.  So to be able to language it where it looks like you know, you are testing sweet, maybe you have a problem where there is elevated blood sugar or, I see redness and dots around you thyroid area, it doesn’t mean oh, you have a hashimoto, just somebody found symptoms that go together and put their name on it but that’s hashimoto is like oh I got, what is the root cause of that?

So when I see someone with a hot thyroid, I am not looking to say oh, you have hashimotos, ok, go on synthroid I am looking and saying  ok, they have a got thyroid, why is that going on emotionally but also what made it that way in the first place?  And so if you maybe coming at it from an emotional counseling standpoint, I am looking to say, your problem is dairy.

Katie:  And also there are so many people I work with who, like a lot of the doctors I work with have people who they are helping to a point but they are not getting better and so they refer them to me and I found out, you know what, your marriage is horrible or you are not standing up for yourself or you are needing to change jobs or whatever it is but if you don’t change your emotional state or you are not connecting with who you need to connect to or you are letting people treat you like garbage you are not going to get better or maybe you recover from one thing but you are going to get something else.  So those are the true root causes of things as well.

Dr. Veronica:  And so everybody has got to understand once you see the medical intuitive it doesn’t stop there once you get the reading.  I do see a number of people that say well I am working on myself and they are doing all this emotional stuff but they are not taking care of the structural and the physical and so know and I know Katie agrees with me that it’s not just about knowing emotionally what’s going on, it’s about ok, well what do I do next.

Katie:  Exactly

Dr. Veronica:  Yes you need to have a counsel that can help you but you also have got to get in with somebody who understands what’s going on.  So some of the tools I use are functional medicine type strategies to get the cause of course but also for me, this is one modality I really super love, is homeopathy, because it works with the energy and so I know how to scan people to figure out what homeopathic ….. they can get.

So after I get that, and why is homeopathy so powerful?  Because illnesses show up in your energy system up to twenty years before they show up in your body. And so if we can do something to push your energy back in balance then your body starts to heal and then you start having the emotional wear with all to release.  So it might be that I work with somebody and I am like you need to go to Katie because you need that counseling piece of it.  And Katie might work with somebody and say, you need Dr. Veronica because she has got the homeopathy thing going on and she can help you to figure that out.

And so this is not like, you know how cardiologists work together and the GI people work together, this is the same type of let’s tug team to get people well.  It’s not about just being the human MRI, ok, you have got breast cancer, well, guess what, you have got breast cancer and if you don’t fix that nurturing of yourself you are going to have a long problem, or you are going to have a heart attack or this is why do have lymphedema, you have got lymphedema because you have got ……….. and let’s fix that.  And so I may say, you know, what I am going to give you what is called HPC race to help you heal that heart area homeopathically, now talk to Katie.

Katie:  Right and genetics and even when I do my readings I see a lot of times spans all at the same time they show me childhood. They show me all these different time spans and so sometimes it’s just for verification if the person know, that yeah I do know what I am talking about but it’s also, so many people will say well, that happened a long time ago, why are you showing me that?  And I will say because all of these things have affected you and they are still with you.  So it’s really fascinating.

Dr. Veronica:  So one thing, I don’t know if you see this too.  One of my, that pops in for me a lot is past life information where I will see oh, you were in the civil war and your foot got cut off and that’s why you had that foot pain and people say why is that important?  Well, there is something important when you are having your foot pain about going forward in the symbology in that but also it’s about knowing information to be able to let go. And so sometimes when I or Katie will share information with you it’s about oh, that’s not relevant anymore, I can let go with that.  But why was I holding on to that?  Let’s talk about why was I holding on for that and if you don’t clear those emotional blocks you are going to get something right back in the same area and let me just say, just because we are intuitives and counseling it doesn’t mean we don’t have our own issues.  And so I go places and work with people, remove my blocks, why do I that?  Because it’s important for us to be high vibrationally than the clients that we are working with.

Katie:  If we don’t address our own issues then we are not issues then we are not any good to anyone.  And I feel like me starting my journey at sixteen was one of the best things that ever got to happen to me and the bulimia was a gift. If I had not gone through that I wouldn’t be myself, I wouldn’t be here there I am, I wouldn’t have studied Yang Yin therapy, I wouldn’t have done so many wonderful things.  So that really is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I understood the family system even what happened to my mum, because of that I don’t have contact with a lot of really toxic people anymore and that gave me the courage to do that.  So there is a lot of things that you look back on and you think are horrible and they are really pretty great. But if you hold on to the anger and the fear then they destroy you.

Dr. Veronica:  So how do you incorporate the art piece in this because I have seen some of the pitch that you do which are so interesting to look at, how do you incorporate that into helping people?

Katie:  I think that for me it’s a really integral part of what I do because it gives me nonverbal information. Sometimes when I am downloading the verbal stuff the information I get from my guides is always right on but it’s the interpreter who can put my own stuff in it and misinterpret. So even when I am going over the chart with my clients I always say, your input on this is very important because I many not know what they are talking about but you do.  So I always tell them I don’t ever want you to substitute my judgment for yours and I am here to increase your intuitive knowledge, intuitive ability as well. This isn’t about meeting your goal it’s about me helping you get closer to your intuition.  The nonverbal piece of it with the art is they just show me what colors to put down and symbols and things like that and I just do that and afterwards I sort of do like an art therapy interpretation type of thing.

So I have places where I go and look up colors symbolically and shapes symbolically and it’s much more objective in terms of me putting my own thoughts and feelings into it.  When I think I can screw it up, it’s harder to think when I am just doing the painting part.  And people at first, you know, going from being a fine artist to making these things that look like a ………… 0:31:46.1 is a little bit intimidating thinking about showing them to people.  But people really like them and it’s amazing what comes out like real people’s pets who have passed. Sometimes the things are a little pointed out on people’s bodies and the energy and that’s a lot of the time if I don’t pick up like sexual abuse or something in the written part it will come out in the painting part.  It’s a really fascinating work comes out when I am not thinking in the painted part.  So it’s a really important part of things.

Dr. Veronica:  So it’s just interesting because different intuitives have different areas where they get information and communicate that information to different clients. And so for me I am also musically trained like Mona Lisa so sometimes songs will start popping in my head and I will just write down the name and they will pop in in certain chakra such energy level that I just write what that is there and I say to them I don’t know, if I feel like something pops in that’s an interpretation I will give it to them.

Sometimes information pops in and we have no idea what it means but the client will know what it means.  And so when you are with an intuitive there is a reason they are getting that energy, there is a reason and the most talented ones are the ones who said I don’t know but I see this or I hear that or I taste this or whatever.  So the hardest part of this is not editing and sometimes not interpreting.  For me I will get some of the tools, sometimes I will use a decker cards, I have all these different cards that I don’t always use but sometimes it will say ok, use those past life cards.  So I will put a past life card everywhere and sometimes I can say this, you know, I can tell the other thing from this particular area but some of them I can’t do all fourteen of them, so most of the time I cannot give you all fourteen interpretations, I might get hey, this card is the most important or you are, you know, your overarching  theme is this card and it’s amazing when I have that here is overarching theme and I pick this card for it where people will have some understanding of exactly why that card is the overarching card and it’s amazing.

People have to understand that we all have this energy and those of us who are intuitive we understand how to see or language that energy and tap into it like Steph Curry knows how to bounce a basketball while Lebron James knows how to shoot, whoever your favorite athlete is, obviously I am a basketball person because I do that.   But we are just, everybody can bounce the basketball but everybody is not going to shoot those three pointers like Steph Curry and we will figure out for whatever reason, we figured out how to shoot those three pointers but the other piece of this that is important which I respect you for a whole lot is you went and got training and you practiced it and that’s what people have got to also understand, once you realize it you can’t do it willy nilly, you have got to have a system, a strategy and then you have to do something with that information.  And so that means once you know about it don’t walk away and say ok, that’s it, I have got this reading, no, it’s about getting the counseling and getting the help and that’s why we do this so people will get help.

Katie:  And also I take this seriously and a I really care about my clients’ feelings and emotions in what I am doing and I think having the professional training to know, you know, people say well, can you give or tell someone they are going to die or something like that? I am like no, my gosh, you have to be responsible with what you tell people and you have to take this seriously and this is their lives and like you said this is something that is, that you have to do whatever training you can, you know, you can’t train for every part of this, it’s important.

Dr. Veronica:  It’s very important.  And talk a little bit about the ethics of this just because, I mean we have been around somebody that has the highest of ethics but I see stories about people say what is the meaning of medical intuitive?  I say that’s just a fancy way of saying I am psychic.  But you see so many stories about psychics who have really taken advantage of people on one side but on the other side these people who become dependent on a psychic like it’s a drug.  So talk a little bit about that and tell people how to know somebody who is real versus somebody who is not real or, give me some green lights.

Katie:  I think that one reason why I do things the way I do in that, and not everyone is crazy enough to get somebody a written report but that takes a lot of risk. So I give somebody the written report and I send to him before I have even talked to them.  So I cannot be a ………. 0:37:33.4, I can’t, it’s there.  And so, you know, there is that. I have people say, which I love, isn’t this stuff on Facebook, can you just do a scan on somebody and, I was interviewed on a TV show and I did a reading for one of the reporters and the other was very nice but he said is this stuff on Facebook and the woman said none of this stuff is on Facebook, she did not know this, there is no way.  So I like the way I do things and the less I know the better because the more them my brain starts working.

So that is that and I think that that’s one of the ways that I have tried to stay very credible but also I have heard stories about people who for every five minutes they spend with you they want to charge you more or they will work with you for this but then to do like some energy healing thing they want to charge you like a thousand dollars more.  So you really have to be aware of the cost and if it’s realistic and people need to be paying for their time, you know, what we does take a lot of time and we deserve to be paid for it.  But, you know, you have to use your own intuition obviously if something doesn’t feel right.

And also I tell people don’t substitute my judgment for yours, what does your intuition say about what I am saying? How does this feel? If I have somebody who asks me a lot of things and I feel like they are not using their judgment or they are relying on me too much I will say what are you getting?  How are you feeling about this and if you are working with someone and you feel like they are trying to foster dependence you really need to be aware of that.  And just people who, like I said, if someone is telling you, you have cancer or that you have this and you are going to die or something like that, I mean, that’s not ok, it’s just not.  I am not a lab test, I am not a doctor, I am not anything, I work with a team to verify the things that I am saying and if somebody tries to dissuade you from working with other professionals that’s a red flag, you know.

So I think there is a lot of desperate people out there who have been sick and who haven’t gotten the answers, they need, I find that a lot with the lyme community, a lot of people have been sick for a long time and they feel like they are never going to get better and they want to grasp at anything and tend to sort of lose sight of taking responsibility for what you can do for yourself, you feel like you are helpless and you are not helpless and it’s easy to identify with being a patient.  You don’t want to be a patient, you don’t want to be a disease you are a person.  I think it’s kind of things like that that I try to think about when working with people.

Dr. Veronica:  So one of my things in working with people is, to work with me is an investment and really is and I purposely make it an investment for a couple of reasons, first of all you don’t understand how much energy it takes to do this.  Katie understands how much energy it takes.  To be able to do intuitive work takes more energy than doing the actual medical work, the actual medical work is textbook, it is textbook.  For me it’s not hard, I was a very good student,  I remember stuff very easily, I can recall very easily, textbook, you tell me what your issue is I can tell you what to do with it, I don’t even hardly have to think about it, textbook easy.  To do intuitive work it takes a lot more digging deep in me, wooo, it’s tiring.  Whenever I do a reading it’s tiring, I have to make sure I have time after it to be able to rest, it’s an investment.  But the other reason it’s an investment is because I want you to have exhausted everything else before you come to me. I want you to really think about it and decide you really want it, number two and also three we have to make some type of energetic exchange.  What happens a lot of times in healthcare people why am I not getting well?  Do you realize that you go to the doctor and you take, take their energy but you don’t even give anything back now, you don’t even give anything back, you give him back ten dollars, fifty dollars, whatever.  There is not an energetic exchange and you are taking, taking, taking and doctors now they are very depleted.  That’s not to say that oh my god, you are too expensive, so how can anybody use you.  I have been surprised that people who say that I am unemployed we will come up with, I am like what, ok, how did you come up with that?

Katie:  I know

Dr. Veronica:  I think figure out if I told you I can give you a hundred thousand dollar house for ten thousand dollars can you get it by tomorrow, you would figure out how to get that ten thousand dollars.  So the question is what is important?  Everybody has a smartphone, iPhones cost eight hundred bucks, new ones cost a thousand dollars.  And so it’s all about priorities and when people say I can’t do it, I can’t afford it, it’s about priority.  When I really do get that someone is financially limited I say well can we do this and I have battered with people if I really get it, I don’t do it all the time because it takes an incredible amount of energy to do intuitive work.  And when it comes to other things, I am just saying, like for you for the same thing for counseling, counseling is easy, I learned that academically, tell you what to do, it’s a cookie cutter approach, if I use the Yang Yin here is what I am going to do.  For me ok, I did functional medicine cookie cutter approach here is where I was going to go, here is the protocol, here is what I tell you to eat based on and it seems like it’s difficult but it’s not.  But when you do intuitive work, what’s beautiful about intuitive work is it’s going to be very customized, very individualized, there is not going to be a particular protocol that goes along with it which is when you use an intuitive correctly you can get better quicker, you can get better quicker so later on down the line it ended up being a better investment than all the years that you have stayed sick for free.

Katie:  People don’t realize what you do behind the scenes too because you like look up things, you may interact with them in different ways or interact with other professionals for them.  So it’s not just the time you spend with them at all.

Dr. Veronica:  After doing a reading I am just like ok I need a nap.  The other part of it is I am also not into the nickeling-and-diming like you talk about them, I am not going to say five minutes is this and then every time, I am like here is what it is upfront and here is different service if you want, it’s this, if you want this is this.  So I am going to do the Mona Lisa way of I am going to give you five minutes and if you are not happy we close the reading I am giving you your money back, are you happy or not right now, do you want to go on?  No one has ever said no.

Katie:  That’s why I send the stuff beforehand, I am like does this all make sense?  Yap.  Let’s go.

Dr. Veronica:  So katiebeecher.com, I know the background more because of how you do it to get a report is absolutely beautiful. I usually send my stuff afterwards, I like showing them here is what I got on you right here and I am going to send you after what’s going on just because what happens is people look at it and they have no idea of what they are looking at, you know, there could be information on there that’s frightening, frightening information by email and they are scared and they don’t know what to do

Katie:  I am very careful what I write, believe me.

Dr. Veronica:  It’s like if you have a heart problem or you have a cancer the doctor isn’t giving you the report over the phone.  They are like you have got to come in.  So I operate that way.  You have got to come in because I am not going to give you this scary information unless of course if you want to record it reading, I am giving you the recording and I am always going to put a head of time not a medical diagnosis, medical psychotherapy. And I always make all of my clients even my functional medicine and homeopathy clients they have to be working with another healthcare practitioner so that they have somebody that they can go to although a lot of times they want to quit their other healthcare practitioners.  But I would like somebody that if I see something that I am concerned about we can pick up the phone and I can make a phone call and say here is what I am concerned about and let’s talk.

Alright we are going to end at that piece right there.  I didn’t even realize how long we talked.  Let me just give all your information again, katiebeecher.com, medical intuitive, Yang Yin therapist, got over her bulimia, got through her difficult dysfunctional childhood to be able to serve as a medical intuitive.  So, Katie any parting words?

Katie:  It was absolutely pleasure talking with you and I look forward to referring clients and maybe we will share some clients and I would love to get to meet in person someday and this is a pleasure.

Dr. Veronica:  Thank you so much Katie.

 Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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