Defying Age with Dr. Robert Silverman

“Science bridged to application will lead to results”

     Dr. Robert Silverman     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Katie Beecher to Learn about Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being from a Medical Intuitive.

Dr. Robert Silverman is a Chiropractor and an expert on human nutrition. He graduated magna cum laude and has accomplished a long list of educational degree. Despite having a physical impairment, he became one of the best in the field of functional nutrition. His principles on health and nutrition are so overwhelming that you just can’t get enough of it.

On this episode, Dr. Robert Silverman teaches about what speeds up the aging process and what can be done to slow it down. He talks about the contribution of blood sugar to aging and the supplements that would help in sugar regulation. Discover how to stay young, look young and feel young.

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04:36 – Addiction on pills

10:53 – What drove him to Chiropractic

13:05 – What are good results

15:22 – Anti-aging strategies

19:33 – Getting out of sugar addiction

22:10 – Fruits that are not so high in sugar

23:24 – Why are sugar substitutes more harmful than plain sugar

25:13 – Issues on honey, agave and the like


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. The radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth sex and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical mental and spiritual health in their lives. If you’d like to have access to our entire back catalogue, visit for instant access. And here’s your host Dr. Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: I’m Dr. Veronica, a medical doctor, medical intuitive and I’m here to help you have the best health you possibly can. So you know I like to give you little tips and bring on wonderful guests to you but I always got to just talk to you ahead of time because there’s so much going on in the world. We have to talk about what is making people ill and old and cranky. There’s so much going on I don’t even have the time, when I turn on the TV or log on into the Internet or even look at my phone because you know with the smartphone everything pops up. Because there’s so much horrible stuff going on in our country and around the world.

Now you’re going to say well which one is this that you’re talking about. Exactly this is the problem that we’re running in today. So we’re watching our presidential election, we’re watching elections around the world, we’re seeing people massacred in the clubs, in the streets all over the world. We have it where it is that the police who we used to feel are the good guys we don’t know any more and we’re all scared of them and you speak I’m African-American it used to be that we were scared of the police, but I’m seeing the police that are killing everybody all the time.

This is insane but on the other side there’s so much hate going on in our culture, it’s just really scary, you’re watching people around the world in the Western countries where we have everything we possibly could ever want. In America the poor people are rich and if you’re poor and you’re saying how can you say that, you need to really step into a third world country where they really are living on a dollar a day and realize that those people are happy and wealthy in spirit, whereas we in America are not that way.

We just aren’t that way, we have all the opportunity at our disposal. We spend the most money of any country in the world on our health. We have access to what we consider the best doctors in the world and we do have a magnificent medical training across the board in all areas even, now I’m not just talking about MD’s and OD’s I’m talking about natural practice and chiropractors and Reiki Masters and we have all of this here in the United States and we all who go into training.

I ask people how do you much do you feel I’ve spent in my medical training when I give you my knowledge and that’s what I do, when I bring in people and I coach them. When I give them my knowledge to short cut them so they get a quick way up the pathway to wellness.

I say how much do you feel that I’ve spent on my medical training and I said do you think I spent $250,000, yeah we know doctors come out. I said okay well let’s just talk about school, you come out of school and by now I’ve probably spent a good half million dollars, real dollars on my knowledge so that I can help more people from an academic perspective. But there’s all the time and effort that goes in behind the scenes in which we’re thinking about how to help you better and then I’m also going to conferences to learn from fabulous people. Some of the fabulous people that I meet at these conferences which are sponsored by just all kinds of people.

I don’t go to pharmaceutical conferences anymore but I do go to supplement company conferences which are absolutely excellent and I meet practitioners who are on the same mission that I am. Helping people be well not just in their body but in their mind and spirit. But guess what we’re down to the pills, we are addicted to pills. Now you’re looking at people like Prince and like Michael Jackson who died of drug overdose. Amy Winehouse I mean you just name it, who died of drug overdoses and some of these people we looked at as having a clean life such as Prince who was famously known as a Jehovah Witness and a vegetarian and wouldn’t even allow alcohol in his house. We now know he died from a fentanyl overdose.

Now I got to tell you some stories about fentanyl before I bring on. You guys know my first training in medicine was as an eye surgeon and I used to operate under local anesthesia and we used to do everything we could to make our patient under there be comfortable because you can be anxious with surgery. You understand that I understand it and fentanyl was my drug of choice, fentanyl was my drug of choice. Now I have never taken, actually I had surgery once and I have fentanyl. I asked them to give me fentanyl, I say give me the fentanyl or give me the remifentanil because that’s even better than the fentanyl.

Because I saw the effect that it had on reducing pain and anxiety and a little bit of amnesia surrounding the surgical experience and so I wanted my clients to have that because I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible while I was restoring their sight as a cataract surgeon ori glaucoma surgeon. That’s the type of surgery I did and people are awake while we’re operating. So you got to keep the environment very relaxed and controlled because otherwise you have a lot of anxiety going on and their anxiety ends up be a my anxiety and that can lead to what we call it, complications and we don’t want that we want to restore your sight.

So America here’s what’s going on, now doctors are the drug pushers and we’re not just ready. I’m not just talking about narcotics, I’m talking about Lipitor and Norvasc, metoprolol and synthroid and all those other things that you consider that are good but that are poisoning you and there’s another way to do it. America stop looking down on the heroin activist, stop looking down on the princes of the world, stop looking down on them Michael Jackson, stop looking down on that poor brown drug addict in the park and thinking you’re never like that because you are addicted to your pills and when anybody says anything about taking away those pills you want to fight tooth and nail and that’s how the political system keeps you voting the way they want you to vote.

Now having said that I have a wonderful practitioner here who I will call one of my teachers because I went to a conference and I met him and I said this guy’s fantastic I have to get a more because I want to share his gifts with people who know there’s another way and there’s a better way. And so there’s those of us who are committed to being well in body mind and spirit and what starts with what we put in our body as far as food. No medicine, no amount of exercise no supplement can overcome a crappy diet first of all and that diet that eating strategy that you’re using is different for everybody.

There are seven billion people on the earth and so there’s seven billion different ways to do it and this is why you need help. And so all of you who have medical degrees from university of Google and refused to get help, this is why you’re sick because you’re not getting help from me and people like Dr. Robert Silverman who was my guest that we’re going to talk to in a moment. Go admit that you don’t know and go ask somebody who does know.

We’ve dedicated our life since I was four years old I said I’m going to help people and Dr. Robert Silverman likely has a similar story he is a chiropractor and he has so many letters behind his name it’s just like if you see it, he’s got more letters behind his name than alphabet, seriously he really does.

And so this is not just we love to learn but we love to learn because when we learn something then we go to our clients the next day and we can help them do it whatever it is better. So I want to introduce to you Dr. Robert Silverman. You can go to; he is a chiropractor he graduated magna cum laude. We all love when somebody has the honors graduation behind it but you know honors graduate doesn’t necessarily make a good clinician.

A good clinician is somebody who can get you the results that you need to do. Results, results and so people want to say Dr. Veronica how do I know you can do what you do? Go to my website look at the testimonies of the people talking about it. Go look at the people whose lives have changed who you can feel their energy and Dr. Robert Silverman is also one of these type of people who can help you change. Kettle bell certified he’s not just a chiropractor, kettle bell certified, cross fit trainer, rock tape.

I love rock tape that got me through my run after my knee injury, my trainer did really therapy did rock tape on me and this morning had me doing sand bags and the kettle bells. Dr. Robert Silverman I got to let you do that. After my insanity workout and then a little bit of spin, I was in there doing- you wonder, wonder why I look the way I do at the age that I am and you can’t figure out the way I am and I had trouble getting a guy that was age appropriate, everybody was so young it was scary. Anti-aging, that’s what we’re going to talk about with Dr. Robert Silverman. He’s been all over the TV, Fox and Friends, NBC, CBS, News Max. Dr. Robert Silverman welcome to Wellness For The Real World.

Dr. Robert: Good morning, how are you?

Dr. Veronica: I’m great. Is there anything else that I missed about you?

Dr. Robert: No, you should talk about the handicapped but thank you so much I appreciate what you’ve done.

Dr. Veronica: You know what let’s talk about the handicapped because we want to talk about anti-aging, because everybody wants to know how to stay young. But let’s talk about the handicap because- all right I’ve been with you I’ve noticed something but, so tell us what’s going on with the handicap?

Dr. Robert: Well I was talking about the golf handicap, but you’re talking about you know what drove me into health care was I have what we call the congenital scoliosis. So my neck is slanted to the right and it was tough. You know I grew up in the Bronx in New York it wasn’t great not fitting in if you will. So that drove me to alternatives, to seek out past the medical field which I have a lot of respect for. That drove me to alternatives and that originally drove me into chiropractic.

And then chiropractic you know got me into that critical thinking moment, believe it or not I saying how do I fix the body inside out. How do I help the masses and that’s when the term functional medicine, functional tradition really dawned on me. To help people fix their body from the inside out and you know which you alluded to all the issues that we have now in America. With the university or if you will the United States of Diabesity. Everybody having getting diabetes and obese. I mean I don’t need anybody to speak their language or move, I can just look at them and tell them what country they’re from.

Dr. Veronica: I’m about to go to France and the people all there look beautiful and we wondered why. Because they’re, they just- well first of all I want to ask you. Do you feel one of the problems that’s going on with Americans is that we’re so smart that we don’t listen to the people who have real education and authority and look for the other voice of reason?

Dr. Robert: You know what I heard you say two things that was so compelling I wrote them down and I’m going to steal them from you but I’ll give you credit. Number one, I always say something similar don’t let your Google search get in a way of all my degrees and experience and a lot of people do that. Google’s powerful but can also be an issue because they read something and the question is where do they get it from and who do they have it from?

The other thing is yes we’re so educated but we don’t listen to other people like yourself who are educated and experienced in a field. Remember science bridged to application will lead to results. The evidence is in the patient, so that’s part of the problem we’re not good listeners.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Not good listeners but we also when we are looking for results, we don’t know what is a good result and what is not a good result and so you have people who go to their conventionally trained practitioners with all the degrees on the wall from the best training who put them on a medication which can cause all kinds of havoc in their body such as muscle breakdown the liver problems and blah, blah, blah. [Indiscernible 00:13:27] and all its sisters and brothers and we think because the number came down it’s all fixed and we call that a good results. Comment on that.

Dr. Robert: Well I think you’re able to really speak to what I’m about to say, I think we now as functional medicine practitioners looking at the body from the inside out, always looking to treat the system. I think some of the issues that most doctors do is they treat the symptom and that’s where the patient is. You know there are thousands of symptoms, you probably memorized them all when you went to med school. I had to learn a lot in myself going to chiropractors school. But there’s anywhere from 11 to 14 systems.

Dr. Veronica: Yes lots of- we need to treat these systems and so we’re a whole person let’s talk about some of the body systems and what keeps people young. And so what I’ve noticed traveling in the functional wellness world, I don’t even like the word medicine anymore. People say, what do you do, I’m a functional wellness specialist that’s what I tell them. I don’t like the word medicine.

But one thing that I’ve noticed traveling in the functional wellness world is that the people for by and large are very youthful appearing and so when I go in traditional medicine people are just kind of old and broken down to look like the rest of the American population. But when I traveled in a functional wellness crowd, everybody’s very youthful not just in their appearance and yes some people look older and blah, blah, blah yeah.

But usually if they look older they’re probably 20 years older than what we think they are. And there is a system to anti-aging that works which to conventional doctors haven’t been taught necessarily and are not giving to their patients. So tell us about some anti-aging strategies that you know and that you give to your clients.

Dr. Robert: Absolutely I always like to talk about in The Magnificent Seven. Number one, functional movement, move well keep your joints health well. So functional movement is you know if a patient walks and I can see how they sit if they’re bending at their lower back plus moving at their hips and then they say to me well I have lower back pain. Of course you’re overusing you’re not moving well. My dad always used to tell me as an example, he said when you lift everything up that big box, bend your knees. Dad had a right intention but it was the wrong movement patterns, bend down your hips. So moved well first then move often and you’ll have better joint health.

Another concept is the body composition, well to speak to obesity body composition. So we’re just too heavy in America, we’re carrying too much weight we’re carrying too much percentage of body fat. Some of the things that we have as we age is the loss of muscle mass, sarcopenia if you will. Protein synthesis our ability to make muscle changes at 40 much to [indiscernible 00:16:33], at 40 shhh don’t tell anybody. I stopped to Jack Benny the age of 39.God bless that, absolutely.

So part of the problem is that our inability to use all these amino acids from the foods we eat, we are not able to go through the proper pathway so we have to add specific nutrients like an acetylcarnitine to add with protein synthesis and allow us to put muscle on. Telomere length which is a whole conversation in its own, essentially telomeres as a protective tips of our chromosomes. So if we can’t protect our DNA and our chromosomes we’re going to age quickly and poorly.

Blood sugar that’s a whole another topic, blood sugar. Again the United States of Diabesity the average American eats 152 pounds of sugar per year. So with 50% of Americans going to have some form of blood sugar rate this regulation by 2030 we’ve got to help people stop consuming sugar and clearly in evil people to break the sugars down. Whole body alcholization which is acidic. Oh cancer is growing an acidic environment, more alkalization, more of vegetables, more fruit. Detox and I know we’re going to go into more detail in detox vacation. Everybody should be detoxing it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of twice a year and finally change your lifestyle change all your patients lifestyle get them moving exercise.

I mean when you see the studies they talk about we spend 41% of our time now on technology about 30% of our time sitting and less than 1% of our time exercising. If you knew what I knew you would really be standing listening to us on the radio possibly walking.

Dr. Veronica: Oh I’m about to stand up right now. I’m standing up right now, I got to stand up. Now I’m probably not the person that needs to stand up but I’m standing up here. I’m going to hone in on some of these issues because they are what I see every day in the questions that people ask me. I’m going to sit back down with your permission.

Dr. Robert: Absolutely.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so let’s talk for so I’m going to jump around a little bit and I know you can talk off the cuff because I’ve seen you do it. Healthy blood sugar regulation. One issue that a lot of people come to me and they say sugar it’s really a problem. I just I can’t give it up and I understand. I say to them yes I understand think of sugar it’s like an addiction and if your nervous system is out of balance and you’re hormones are out of balance, you’re going to want that sugar all the time and think that you cannot resist it. But you can and we can get your body in balance where you don’t care necessarily one way or the other you might have at some time but you’re not going to go off the deep end.

Let’s talk about sugar because everybody associate sugar in and of itself that’s not the whole story with diabetes but too much sweets, too much sugar, your sweet your blood sweet you have diabetes. How do you help people get out of the sugar addiction because if you’re not addicted to heroin or you’re not addicted to Lipitor you’re addicted to sugar, salt, fat or something else that’s getting in the way of your health.

Dr. Robert: What a great analogy when you think about it because they did a study between cocaine and sugar and he gave it to mice and they found that the mice preferred the sugar 94% to the cocaine. So you just asked the hardest question in the world, it is addictive. However everybody needs to cut it down slowly if that’s the issue. I mean we have some new dietary guidelines that people should be consuming less than 10%of their calories from sugar. The average American consumes 15% of their calories from sugar most of which is from high fructose corn syrup which you know they have those hidden labels now for.

In addition we’re consuming 146 pounds of white flour. So the average American is consuming more sugar or white flour than their body weight. What I do with the blood sugar regulation now, I ask them to cut it down and what I do is I have to make better choices. So a better choice for sugar clearly would be a fruit, clearly a vegetable and I recommend some supplements and I think we can talk about the supplements because I know you’re privy to them.

We talk about specific supplements that have nutrients that help with sugar regulation like L-carnitine and acromium and some of the B vitamins really do a great job, alpha lipoic acid. So I usually start I’m on that and I get them on a portion size. I always used to say everybody likes that family style plate except they’re eating a whole family style plate. So smaller meals you know proteins from the size of your hand and a nice mix of all the macronutrients and eating small meals throughout the day. I think that you would probably recommend all of what I’ve mentioned

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Now let me let me go a little bit more deeper into the sugar and what people are eating. Let’s talk about fruit, one issue with fruit is some of it is very high in sugar and other is not and I recommend that people eat a variety but what I’ve noticed with people who are on the spectrum of the insulin resistance or going into the diabetes is they love the really sugary ones. Here we are summer time watermelon, mango all those type of things that are super pretty dense in sugar, grapes. I mean they’re little sugar bags. What do you tell your clients about going towards fruits that are not going to have as big of an impact?

Dr. Robert: Great point, now the fruits that I recommend they do not have that sugary high glycemic impact or typically something like an apple and berries. Really high on the total oracexhale getting a lot of antioxidants which decrease the radicals. Those are my choice fruits because as you were trying to allude to, fructose even in fruit is what we call the sneaky carp. It goes to the lever and then raises the bloodstream, so it has a negative dual purpose. However berries and apples are very low glycemic index and they add some taste to a meal. So you know one apple a cup of berries a day that should be fine for everybody to get the nutrients that they need.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so people when you’re making that smoothie a half a cup of fruit and a whole cup of vegetables is probably what you should be doing and not two cups of fruit. I just want to make that clear because we’re now all smoothie and juicing and all the other just type stuff. Let’s talk some other information; this is just plain on everyday stuff to you and I but not to the American public, sugar alternatives, sugar substitutes. Now there’s a couple that I tell people here’s what you can have and here’s why you don’t want to have that. First why are the sugar substitutes so harmful and worse probably than just plain old sugar?

Dr. Robert: What a great question, I mean they did a study of the saccharin the Splenda and the nutrasweet the aspartame and what they found out was one it damages the individual’s gut Michael Flora. So 70% of our immune cells are in our gut. So that alone causes increase in diabetes. In addition what’s fascinating about them is the brain senses them is sweet and assumes that there is just going to be carbohydrates with it and the body starts releasing insulin.

Now in addition something like a nutrasweet aspartame crosses the blood brain barrier and is a neural toxin and with all the issues and the conversations we’re having about brain, it’s very adverse. Saccharin has raised the incidence of bladder cancer in animals and Splenda actually is higher in glycemic index than sugar.

Dr. Veronica: Wow and so I recommend to my clients a little bit of stevia. Now one thing that I’ve noticed is as I transition them to a more healthy diet. Their sugar cravings go away as well as their taste for the sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet stuff. So sometime I recommend also you know add a little bit of stevia if you don’t like it do that and about after a week or two they don’t necessarily even need to add anything to different you know concoctions I’m asking them to drink or taste or something like that.

What about honey and agave and that nature of because people say I’m going to be natural, so agave or I’m going to do honey and the real health conscious people like I’m getting raw honey, a manuka honey. What are the issues with honey and agave and ones like that.

Dr. Robert: You know it’s funny I wholeheartedly agree with you with stevia. The literature is real positive at this points very prodigious. I’m very down or negative to agave because originally we said it was a low glycemic index honey and now we found out it was being extracted from the cactus and it’s actually considered to in the body because it’s so concentrated in fructose, high fructose corn syrup. So it’s a negative, stay away from it, let’s avoid it because we just don’t know the source of where we’re getting it.

Now honey has some additional effects so it’s hard to argue with what Grandma said and it is natural or at least it should be. However again it’s high in glycemic index and high fructose corn syrup means that it’s concentrated with fructose over 55%. So with all the blood sugar dysregulation I would probably avoid the honey at this point also, I would stick with the stevia. Quite frankly I have a lot of nutritionists they probably said they can consume 25 calories of brown sugar before honey and all the artificial sweeteners as much is we’re down on the sugar now. Which is sort of mind bothering.

Dr. Veronica: So I’ll tell you what I’ve tell my clients, so you’re getting like this great free advice here. I say stevia and if you can’t, if you are going to go with the sugar go with the raw sugar and so that’s the two sweeteners that I recommend when people have it. If you’re going to do honey, you want raw honey and a teaspoon is all you can have and a lot of times that doesn’t sweeten enough so therefore they’re like well why bother.

But Dr. Silverman, wait I got to tell you where to get him, I have to have you on again because there’s so much that we didn’t touch and we’re at the end of the line here. So I want to thank you for being on the show, it’s been an interesting topic I have to have you on again so you know that I will be having my team contact you and say when can we get you on again because we have so much more that we can teach the public. And part of what we do by me doing this hosting this show and Dr. Robert Silverman going around and talking and you know giving seminars, is so that we can teach you how to have a better life. So thank you so much Dr. Robert Silverman. You’re listening to Wellness For The Real World, I’m Dr. Veronica. You can find me at

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life, visit See you all next week, take care.



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