76: The Five Elements into Understanding One’s Self

“If you discover what your element is, what the elements of your friends are, what your family is, then, you have a key into the world of how people live.”

      Dondi Dahlin     

Do you want to find out what your element is? Dondi Dahlin is the author of the book, The Five Elements, which brings back the ancient wisdom where people are born with five personality types: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. She shows us that there is something more to a person’s individuality that is beyond what is in the genes.

On this episode, she talks about the five elements that define your personality and influence a person’s health. She talks about how the elements are assessed and composed and how these elements help improve people’s health. Find out these elements and understand why people do what they do, act the way they act, and live the way they live.

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76: Show Notes

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Time stamps:

08:29 – What are the five elements

10:33 – Where does the five elements system come from

12:08 – Composition of the five elements within a person

13:58 – How are the elements assessed

16:47 – Personality of a water person

17:51 – Personality of a wood person

18:46 – Personality of a fire person

19:32 – Personality of an earth person

20:37 – Personality of a metal person

23:14 – How these elements improve one’s health


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica:  I am Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive.  You have been listening to me for a while talk about health and wellness and all matters of everything that is on the periphery of what you are getting every day when you walk into your conventional doctor’s office.  Now I never say throw away your doctor.  The doctors today who are by and large wonderful people who are on a mission to help people, we are but there is also everything else you need to know.  The doctors of today conventionally trained, MDs and ODs tend to be the firemen, they run from room to room to room putting out the fire because the people that come into the office are in a crises and they are on fire. And so when you get upset and say they are throwing that medicine at me and again I don’t want to be on it it’s because you are on fire because you haven’t taken action before that and maybe you didn’t know what to do and how to take action.

So it’s my hope after you listen to a lot of these shows and people who are little bit earlier in their journey in life can learn another way to do it the pharmaceutical companies are going to be awful mad, you know, companies like Monsanto who produce all these genetically modified stuff are going to be awfully mad but we have a right to know what’s going on in our body.  Now let me tell you something about what completely is non-existent in conventional medicine, nonexistent.  There is the traditional Chinese medicine, there is ayurvedic medicine out of India and before you talk about what’s going on physically, you talk about the spirit and the emotion and the energy and we all know about energy because we can say my energy is high or energy is low, well that person has good energy but we have no idea what we are saying for the most part. It’s just sort of a cliché at this point in time, they have good energy, my energy is bla bla bla.  But you are a whole energy system.  You are made up of atoms and molecules and go back and think about Einstein who was doing such cutting edge research right here where our studio is.  I can walk to the Institute For Advanced Study where Einstein produced some fascinating ideas and theories in the term of equations and where he thought about some of the ideas that today we are still questioning although we love this man Einstein.  Now we all know this famous saying Einstein, maybe you don’t know the author of this saying was but it was Einstein, insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  People wake up, if you are sick and you are not well and you keep getting worse you have to do something different.  No, I am not saying go and throw away your doctors all right here now and today, that’s not what I am saying. I am saying expand your team.

And so at Wellness For The Real World when you listen to Dr. Veronica, medical doctor and medical intuitive and I have even gone to the point now where I want to say medical intuitive first because I am proud of it now when I used to be scared to say it, I realize how important the energy system is and I understand that when I need people and their energy is off and they refuse to address it because it was emotional and spiritual issues then I don’t care what diet I put them on, I don’t care what supplement I give them, they are going to stay sick.  So you have to participate in your care and I am not talking about going to church or synagogue or mosque.  That’s not what I am talking about, you can pray, it’s good to have a spiritual life but you also need to meditate.  Now, you know the difference between praying and meditating?  I am going to give you my definition, pray – people are generally begging God or thanking God and they don’t shut up.  Meditation – you just sit there and listen and wait and people say I can’t do that because I can’t slow my mind down. You the exact person who needs to just sit there and listen and wait and then when an answer appears to you which is usually in the form of a person giving you a message some place where you least expected then you have to know that’s the answer and then take action. This is how the law of attraction works, this is how the universe works, these are the type of concepts that Einstein was studying, can you imagine that?  So listen to Einstein who is so admired in this country, who did some of his best thinking steps away from where I broadcast my show and realized that here I am giving you a gift. And the gift as I bring to you my knowledge and my connection to the universe and pull in people that I know that you need to hear from.

And so I am going to introduce you now to Dondi Dahlin and Dondi has a very famous mother. Now, before I talk about her mother because a lot of us we don’t like to be known by other people but I am sure she is very proud of her mother, she realizes that her mother is such a pioneer.  Her mother is Donna Eden, she is well known as energy medicine pioneer and the Little Book of Energy Medicine that’s Donna Eden.  I am sure you will say hey, I know her, yeah, you do.  Her daughter Dondi has been around this her whole life and so obviously has just, because you absorb energy from where you are, picked up other gifts and talents that she shares with people.

And so Dondi, you can find her at learnthefiveelements.com.  We are going to talk about your element. You have about elements on the periodic table and all this other type of stuff and you say ooh, I don’t what to talk about this. You want to hear about this, five elements secrets to guarantee harmony.  Won’t you love harmony all around you?  I have got to tell you, I keep talking about it, I would love to see more harmony in America and I know that the reason that why we are imploding and people are walking around shooting each other, the police are shooting, the people are shooting, we think that, ok, yes, we do need to do something about guns yes, but it’s because we have got a bunch of angry people with their energy systems all out of work, which is also leading to their physical ills too when we don’t even realize what’s going on. We are so angry, what’s your element? Maybe this is the answer for you to be in more harmony because as you get more harmony you can pull other people around you into more harmony too. You don’t need to lecture to them, you don’t preach to them you just be and do.  So I welcome to Wellness For The Real World Dondi Dahlin

Dondi:  Dr. Veronica, thank you, thank you.  It’s a pleasure to be here, that was brilliant.  I am on the same page with everything you say and I love how you say never throw your doctor away but all of these can be complementary with each other.

Dr. Veronica:  Absolutely because the doctors are sick too, we need a healing.  I can tell you, seventy five percent of the doctors, traditional doctors get depressed at some time during their medical career, some of them commit suicide.  I know, I went through a major depression and then after I emerged I figured out that a lot of the people around have been through the same thing, we just don’t talk about it.  So your doctor may need a healing and so you may be just the person that walks in and offers something to them one day that helps them get on a better pathway.  And so Dondi tell us about the elements, what are the five elements?

Dondi:  I will be so happy to tell you about them.  I was raised in the five elements, they have absolutely made my life what it is today which I think is a wonderful life, I am a happy confident person.  So in brief the five elements it’s a system, it’s a brilliant system to help you get along better with other people, it brings compassion in.  So Dr. Veronica you were talking about how a lot of us are walking around angry, this system quells the anger. This system helps us to communicate our anger better and to live with it viscerally instead of in an aggressive or violent way.  This is a system that’s practiced by Tibetan Masters, Buddhists, ayurvedic doctors and in many countries by regular folks.  If you have heard of the Myers Briggs personality indicator or the Enneagram model, this is similar. This is a similar system to help you understand why human beings do what they do and we look at the five personality types of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  And if you discover what your element is, what the elements of your friends are, what your family is then you have a key, you have a key into the world of how people live, how they act, why they respond the way they do and you have a key to be able to living with all people better in a more healthy way.

Dr. Veronica:  I know audiences that listen to shows like Wellness For The Real World have heard these types of concepts before sometimes, so the audience tends to be more educated on these complimentary areas. However, we are going to start from the beginning for people who are just learning because there are a lot of people just learning. So where do we start?  Where do they actually come from?  From what I know it came out of what’s called the Chinese tradition.  Is there some place else it came from before that?

Dondi:  So you are right, the five elements system that I work in is from the Chinese tradition, the Chinese system. So chances are most people have heard of acupuncture and the five elements came from the two thousand year old system of acupuncture. People may have also heard of Fang Shui and if you haven’t heard of it Fang Shui, well it’s a message for balancing energy in rooms, in spaces and buildings and so the energy can flow freely and assure good health and good fortune for people living in that space.

So in these systems of acupuncture and Fang Shui is the five elements and both acupuncture and Fang Shui draw almost exclusively on the five elements for their wisdom and Dr. Veronica I think you will be interested to know that it was the physicians in China, the doctors, who were able to look at a person and their five different types of vibration, their five different ways that they are as people.

Dr. Veronica:  So describe to us the five elements?  We all want to diagnose ourselves.  What element are we?  Is it that we are one element or are we mainly one and the other four are in us, how does it work?

Dondi:  Good, I will definitely explain myself.  Most of us have all of the five elements, they come up in our lives at different times. However, there is usually one and we call it the primary element that is coming out in our daily lives that work with friends, with family and it may be the same one that people do fall to under stress or there may be a second one and that would be called the secondary.  So whereas we have water, wood, fire, earth and metal, these elements can circle through you and it’s not just the personality, it’s also about health, every element has a certain body they govern so to speak.  So for instance a water person is governed by their kidneys and their bladder.  So this just means that a water person may be a little bit more tilted toward issues with the kidneys and the bladder.  And so when a person goes to a Chinese physician, the Chinese physician will quickly assess what their element is and they look to the kidneys and the bladder first because those are the organs that are governed by water.

Dr. Veronica:  Explain to me a bit about how the elements are assessed because I do go to acupuncture, acupressure traditional Chinese medicine physician in New York City and it’s wonderful but how do they, they seem like they don’t speak English to you necessarily, they are talking to each other and they figure it out like in moments what’s going on in you.  How do they do that?

Dondi:  They do figure it out in a moment. The masters from the moment you walk in the room they are going to be watching that you gesture, the way you speak, the way you stand, the way you move, the way react to them when they say certain things, they will also take your pulse.  They may do an energy test which is just testing a limb, usually it’s the arm, it can also be the leg to see if energy is running through a certain meridian and meridians are very simple, they are simply energy pathways on the body and they are named after certain parts of the body.  So for instance you have a lung meridian, you have kidney meridian, you have liver meridian.  And so they may do a number of tests for people who don’t go to Chinese physicians there are online quizzes, I have a quiz on my website at learnthefiveelements.com.  Somebody can go on and take the quiz pretty quick and find out what they are.  But it’s so fascinating once you get in to the five elements. Once you start studying, it isn’t very long, I mean, like a day or two and you can start picking up what elements people are around you again by doing what Chinese physicians do by observing people.

Dr. Veronica:  so, if you want more information about this go to learnthefiveelements.com and also you can read Dondi’s book, The Five Elements, very simple, coauthored with her mother.  So you get Denna and Dondi all in one in this book, The Five Elements. You are listening to Wellness For The Real World, I am Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive and you can find me at drveronica.com to ask more questions about any of the guests that I have or if you can’t find something that you need to find out ask me, I love to be asked and give you information to help you live a better life.

Now let’s go back, we were talking about well, if you are water you tend to have more kidney problems.  Let’s get a little bit more into detail, just if you can quickly and I know these are long subjects which is why people like Dondi exist so you can get a more in depth explanation about who you are and people around you but let’s get the made for radio explanation of the five elements.  Let’s start with water, we are going to look at personality types because this is what people are going to see.  You are going to recognize a particular personality type when somebody is around you or in yourself.  So let’s start with the water and go over what you are going to recognize from a personality perspective?

Dondi:  For a water type of person these are your poets, your writers, your musicians, your philosophers. These are the people who dive deep into the depth of life.  Thinking about people like ……………., Jim Morrison.  There is also a childlike playfulness with a water person, so it’s not just all deep, deep, deep.  But these are definitely the people who are able to talk about art for hours or music for hours or they notice things like the smell of the rain on the pavement whereas the rest of us are just rushing by and the word hurry by the way is not in their vocabulary.  Of all the elements the water element is a person who really takes a slower rhythm, they slow down and they smell the road so to speak.  So in a nutshell that’s the water type.

Dr. Veronica:  And, let’s go on to the other ones

Dondi:  Let’s go on to wood. So the wood type, this is the fierce, fearless determined person, they come into obstacles and they suppress those obstacles, they see the bigger picture, they find solutions, they make changes.  When you are thinking about people you are thinking about people like Simon Powell, Pink, the musician Pink who sings in her music with a lot of rage and anger.

So let me touch on this real fast, each element has an emotion that they live with and for wood it is anger, for water it is fear.  Now, it doesn’t mean that these people walk around and in fear or in anger but if they go into stress that is definitely their motion, they start to exude.

Going on to the next one, the fire element.  The fire element, everybody loves the fire, it’s Jim Curry, it’s Ellen DeGeneres, they are fun, they are funny, they walk into a room with a huge smile, they are almost dancing as they walk and they have this great ability, this is what I love about fires, they just have the great ability to put everybody off out of the murk, out of the stress and lighten everything up.  And they are very much into pleasurable experiences so they are drawn toward fun, toward love, anything that feels good and the fire’s main emotion is joy.

Moving on to earth.  The earth type. This is your compassionate person, this is the person that is pulled deep from their core to service people, if you are a person who wants to help others, to make your people are happy, to make sure people are feeling peaceful then probably you are an earth or at least you have a lot of earth. And it’s like torture for earth when people are in pain, when people are hurting, they just want to help.  Their main emotion is compassion and they are the counsellors of the world, they are the mediators, Think of Mr. Rogers so sweet, the neighborly neighbor and a very peaceful and tranquil and just lovely to be around or to listen to.

And finally the last element in the wheel, and we talked about a wheel because when you see the five elements they are usually represented in a picture of a wheel.  And the last one is metal.  And metal people are very amazing, they never get too hassled, they whether lives ups and downs and the metal person, not always, but they are usually seeking a higher path of spiritual existence.  They are usually looking for something outside of themselves, outside of their day to day life to really connect into and they have incredible respect for themselves, their own journey, for the journey of other people.  There is a beautiful celebrity who is a metal type, that’s Angelina Jolie, it’s almost like the metal people are above the frail and it’s a wonderful way to complete the wheel. So those are the types.

Dr. Veronica:  So what type are you primarily?

Dondi:  So primarily I am a mix, I am a mix of wood and water which is a little bit of an opposite, the wood person is fearless and a go getter and the water person can be a little bit shy and quiet. So I have both.

Dr. Veronica:  So when I ask you what I am I am going to guess that I would say I am a fire and a metal but I am going to let you say what you think that I am.

Dondi:  Well Dr. Veronica met you in New York and my first hit was metal.  However we were in a situation where a fire person probably wouldn’t have shined as much for the fire personality because that you wouldn’t just be cracking jokes and swinging on a chandeliers as fires do.  So your metal did come out that day. That’s what I picked up.

Dr. Veronica:  It’s always interesting to see when people listen they will probably say she’s a this or she’s a that. So people have to like weigh in on what they think that they are. So as we are coming down towards the end of the show, I would like you to tell the people how this can really help them, knowing your element and everything, how it can help them transform really their health because this is part of a system of health that is used. It’s not just sitting out there for fun where you do a reading, it’s part of a system that includes the acupuncture and acupressure and the Tai Chi and the herbs and all that. So how can people use these elements, so how can people use these elements to improve their health?

Dondi:  So, once you find out your element, let’s say you are a fire, you learn very quickly by studying the fire, there are four main body parts that the fire governs, so it’s small intestines, the heart, the pericardium which goes around the heart and the triple warmer which governs the fight flight of freeze response.  So you can immediately start working with those areas in your life. Like if you are an earth you are going to be working with stomach and the spleen. If you are a metal it’s going to be the lung and the large intestines, wood is gall bladder and liver and you can seek Chinese health practitioners to help you with these, whether you are doing hand on work like acupressure of you are actually taking herbs.  And I find it really interesting, I heard recently that the Chinese health system, so Chinese medicine is a ninety five percent of Chinese hospitals, it’s just a part of people’s lives in the East.  Not so much here although it’s starting to gain force which is wonderful because it’s a complementary medicine.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, and it’s wonderful to know about these complementary areas.  We feel here that if it is not a case controlled ………… with respect to study that it doesn’t work yet we have these systems that have been working for thousands of years in a country where there is over a billion people who are more well than what we have in the United States.

So people listen, there is a reason you have heard this show today. So I want you to be able to find Dondi Dahlin, Dondi Dahlin and her mother Denna Eden who is in energy medicine and they coauthored a book the five elements and you can go to her website, learnthefiveelements.com.  She has a nice little quiz on there, you can start figuring it out but as I always tell you after you take the quiz that doesn’t mean you stop right there when you read every book because if you think self-help is the way to go that’s why you are sick because you haven’t brought in the team. In places like China there is sometimes where the doctor is not paid if you are sick, the doctor gets paid only if you are well, what a noble approach. Keeping you well that’s what Wellness For The Real World is about.  So I want to thank you Dondi for sharing with us a very American said way about the five elements so that we can understand it a little better.  Dondi Dahlin, learnthefiveelements.com, her book The Five Elements and you are listening to Wellness For The Real World.  I am Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive, you can find me at drveronica.com, I love to hear from you.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



The Five Elements – Dondi Dahlin

The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with Dondi Dahlin


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