77: Seeking Truth about Ovarian Cancer with Jennifer Coken

“I do believe that everything that is put in front of us is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

    Jennifer Coken     

Jennifer Coken is a full-time author, life coach and speaker. She wrote the book, When I Die, Take My Panties, which gives a view of the story behind her mother’s death and how she moved on with her life. Being a stand-up comedian, she wanted to use humor in portraying the misfortunes in life. Apart from telling the story of her mother’s cancer, the book also helps readers discover the gifts in their own lives.

On this episode, Jen tells the story of how her mother died and how she turned this dark moment into an opportunity. She talks about ovarian cancer and the reality behind it. She believes that her sole purpose in this lifetime is to seek the truth.

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77: Show Notes

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When I Die, Take My Panties – Jennifer Coken


Time Stamps:

02:24 – Who is Jennifer Coken

03:56 – Signs that her mother experience having ovarian cancer

07:30 – Her mother’s battle with ovarian cancer

10:42 – Where the title of the book came in

19:39 – Living everyday like it’s your first

25:10 – What to look for in ovarian cancer

27:33 – What to do when we feel something wrong with our body


Full Transcript:

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Dr. Veronica: Welcome again to the Wellness Revolution. Today we’re going to talk about panties. Yes we are, we’re going to talk about panties and your health because I have a lady with me, Jennifer Coken who has a book, When I Die, Take My Panties. We’re going to talk all about where that came from but we’re also going to talk about a really serious subject, Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. So I’m sort of welcome you Jen to the Wellness Revolution, thanks for being on.

Jennifer: Thank you for having me it’s great to be here.

Dr. Veronica: So Jen and I were talking a little bit behind the scenes about panties and ovarian cancer. I got to give you a little bit of this background and I remember meeting her at this event I met her twice, so that meant I really need to have this woman talks to her. I met her twice and I remember the book because it’s such talk about When I Die, Take my Panties. So we all have those embarrassing things we’re not supposed to have and for Jen’s mother it was hi my panties.

Okay, so when I die I want you to find my panty collection let me go out and buy some new ones. Some other things I may not want you to find but no they were helping me have a good time. I have otherwise known as Bob and if you don’t have a bob otherwise known as a battery operated boyfriend, you need to get one, okay.

So we’re laughing all about these things, life has a way of throwing us those curve balls and for your mother she had a curve ball of cancer thrown in her way and this is how you had the conversation about if I die here’s what you got to make sure you do for me Jen. So Jen let’s back up a little bit tell us a little bit about your background and then we could talk a little bit about your mother and how this came to be.

Jennifer: Sure, well it’s interesting I was in politics for 25 years and then I did standup comedy and I joke it was because I was in politics that I went into standup comedy because it was- for that. But at the same time you know I was a grassroots organizer for a long time. I was a life coach and I was coaching people for a big company and then my mom you know was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2006 and began dealing with this whole diagnosis and when she passed away, I said to her I want your death to make a difference.

Because her life she was such I mean as an woman, you know she was a teacher and principal she worked for NASA, she tap dance, she went to senior Idol at this competition in Florida, she taught all the women in her retirement home, retirement area tap dancing and I wanted to write the book for her but also made it my mission to end the late stage diagnosis of ovarian cancer because it’s so hard to diagnose and they didn’t want another family to go through what we went through.

So the day before my book came out I was laid off from my job. Hard job I was laid off from and I kind of went, okay universe what are you trying to tell me. This is my mission this is what I meant to do, so now I’m full time author, life coach, stand comedian and speaker. That’s how it came to be.

Dr. Veronica: Wow, so you got downsized three times and instead of saying, everybody hates me and I’m qualified and why is everybody after me. You said this is my opportunity to do something else, so that’s wonderful. So your mother, let’s talk a little bit about ovarian cancer because that’s one of those cancers that people say there’s no way to figure out what’s going on. What was your mother experiencing before that?

Jennifer: So my mom both of us has our Italian side of the family bodies. I use to joke and say I got my hips line and forgot the lips line because I have hips and no lips, but we always had this flat belly and just it was hereditary in our family and she had the scorch that she had never have before and it was upsetting and you know she was sore in her belly and this was the woman who was a vegetarian, rarely eat sugar, didn’t drink, exercise was her health.

Then took her supplements took extract things you know for years and years and she couldn’t get rid of this constant pain in her belly and that’s really where it started and they were treating her a many different things. Irritable bowel syndrome, Candida, all types of things that they were trying to figure out what was wrong with her and none of it was making a difference.

Dr. Veronica: Wow, so one thing that people have to understand about health is it’s not just a physical, the structural and the physiologic. It’s also there’s an emotional and spiritual piece in there that people say, “oh yeah mind body and spirit” and that doesn’t mean necessarily going to church. But your mother had an awakening. So it’s common, so ovarian cancer is one of those types that we can talk about what that means from an intuitive standpoint, we talked a little bit off air right before about what was discovered and about a little bit about ovarian cancer.

But people have to understand, okay if you’re out there and you’re struggling with cancer. You have to start asking yourself some tough questions and answering some tough questions and so the one question that you have to answer if you have cancer is, when did you decide you wanted to die? Usually for people with cancer there is some event in their life or something that made them at one time or another have a death wish that they didn’t necessarily get over.

It’s not just- now think about it, you can do everything right and get cancer. You can do everything wrong and live to 105, no cancer. What is the X factor and that X factor is that spiritual emotional piece with cancer people at some time they wish some type of death wish.

So let’s talk a little bit about your mother because she had this very analytical background, she was doing everything right yet she got this cancer and then they said well it was misdiagnosed. So my question about misdiagnosis is, I asked Jen did your mother have any idea that was really something wrong. Because most people know their body and they know there’s really something wrong. So even though she wasn’t saying it, she was saying this is weird I have these symptoms, I have the symptoms I know my body I have these symptoms and she has put the ending on for verbalizing it but she knew there was something going on. So tell us a little bit about that journey.

Jennifer: Yeah, so you know I was mentioning she was scientist she had a PhD in education and statistics. So she was very like cut and dry person, you can’t see it, touch it taste it and smell it, it doesn’t exist. So did she intuitively know something was going on, I don’t know that she was connected to her intuition to know. But this is something that is key because we want to know our bodies and if we’re connected to our bodies then we can tell when something’s going on. So I also believe and she never said this to me that she was very disconnected from her womb area and that area of femininity.

Now she tested negative for everything, all the tests that one would try to use to detect ovarian cancer, she was negative so am I, I had all the genetic testing negative on everything. The interesting part here though is I have absolute speaking to a friend in Florida who I met and she was sharing with me and she’d done to try to find this research and couldn’t find it because I had asked her for it. Every there’s research that shows that women who have ovarian cancer have had something traumatic happen in their life. A rape, a suicide a death a murder of a loved one and blame themselves.

My grandfather committed suicide; my mom went into a spontaneous menopause after that event. So something happened where she cut herself off from that shock or from an area that I believe led to the ovarian cancer and I do think as you’re saying that it is our thinking and our belief system and that choice we make spoken or unspoken, conscious or unconscious that we then choose we’re going to die this way.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. So now this is not at all about blaming the victim, this is about empowering people to realize that they can turn on and off different emotions and different physical symptomatology including cancer. So one of my mentors, I’m trying to remember, what was her last name Kim Hayed who found that humankind which is a homeopathic have cancer and then you think about she’s healthier, she’s very you know noninvasive homeopathy and she ended up with cancer. Which in fact she did cure without getting chemo and radiation and all that because yes you can do that and it was verified cancer.

But she, even herself said I had to deal with the time of when I had that death wish and it was locked down deep and I had to deal with that. I dealt with it and then my body was able to heal. And so realizes that this is something to know that’s empowering, it doesn’t be, oh my God you’re going to die. If you don’t, the people who end up a lot of time succumbing to cancer never connect back and realize there’s something else you can do.

Now if you think that your emotions have nothing to do in your physical body. Please go out and read Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief, that’s a good starting place about how microbiology and cell biology and everything is turned on. But this is a triangle, you’re a triangle there’s the structure, there’s the physiology and the physiology that’s the eating and exercise and supplements that everybody does. The structure you know that has to do with your bone your skeleton and make sure everything is in the right place and everything. But underneath the base of that are your emotions.

So if that base it’s like if you don’t have that you know how you hear all other ground, the sinking sand they say that religion, they say, Oh Christ the solid rock you stand it’s all in your motions that have to be, you have to understand and unlock your motions to be able for everything all the pieces of the triangle to be equal lateral triangle and it fit together and to be well. So your mother learned about her emotions. So tell us about her spiritual, wait, first I want to know tell us about this panty conversation.

Jennifer: All right, so my mother I love her I adore her. You know she was always dressed than I, she always has that hat, she had her eyebrows done, her makeup on that was just her way. She was not only a scientist; she was an actor in a community theater for a long, long, long time and a performer. And years and years ago she called me, she said Jen I found the most awesome thong underwear, they’re called hanky punkies. Now originally they were made out of cotton, they are made out of cotton handkerchief, that’s where the women started it.

So she got some for me and then about a month before she was going to pass away, very practical and a Jewish mother too wanted to make sure everything was taken care of and she was taking me through her things. Like here’s a piece of jewelry I want you to have and here’s this gown and here’s a fur coat your grandmother made and she pulls out the store and she goes unlock. There is about 30 pairs of hanky punkie in there, they’re practically brand new. They are barely been worn, good will and take them not going to have you thrown away, take my panties.

So I did, I took them when I was cleaning stuff out and the funny part about your bob, your boyfriend bob. I was cleaning my mom stuff out and found her vibrator stuck behind some socks. I pulled it out and put it in the trash bag and my step dad went to like look through the trash and I’m like no, no, no I’ll take out the trash it’s not a problem, let me take that out for you. So that’s where the title came in.

So interesting what you were speaking about in terms of you know if you are not attuned to that intuition that spiritual side and I do believe that my mother having ovarian cancer was in purpose for her soul to be connected to spirit. It was part of her soul journey to realize there were more than what her eyes could see, more than what person could actually see.

Now when she was diagnosed she had less than a five, she had less than 30% chance of living five years. She lived five years and one month and eight days because she said I’m not going to listen to what the statistics say.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah, but yet she did.

Jennifer: What’s that?

Dr. Veronica: Yet she did.

Jennifer: Yes she did. Exactly there’s a point I think there was a point where I’m sure she was grappling with it the whole time. But one of the things they really want to work on is what it resenting because cancer lives off resentment and if you can begin to uncover those, there was a lot dealing with her father who had passed away. A lot of resentment that we uncovered and work through and process for. So I really believe it was part of her journey and it was part of my journey to be with her and then find my voice and she was losing hers.

Dr. Veronica: So did she get to the point where you know you have this very analytical statistician. Did she kept to the point where she is embraced that there was something else some other answers that she couldn’t physically calculate?

Jennifer: Yes and here is the great story. So a very good friend who is a very gifted psychic and has been a psychic for 20 years. I talk to my aunt because my mom was up for anything; you know she went to hands on healing all these things. I don’t know if she believed it, right, but she was the willing to try anything. So my aunt gifted my mom with some sessions with my Shoshana and one the pulse, Shoshana French, do you know Shoshona?

Dr. Veronica: No different one.

Jennifer: Simple spirit, wonderful human being. So she’s on the phone with Shoshana and Shoshana says to her you know those stones that Jennifer got you. Because I got her a piece of Jasper which is to cleanse the liver and the organs and I told my mom to meditate and hold that stone over her organs. She said you know that piece Jasper that you have next year bedside table, don’t leave it there and you want to hold it and breathe into it. In fact I want you to go get it right now.

So my mom does, doesn’t react to it. They go through the whole session my mom call and she said, “Did you tell Shoshana about the stones you bought me?” and I said why, why would I do that. And my mom said to Shoshana how did you know that how did you know they were there? Did Jennifer tell you? Shoshana says no I’m a psychic, how did you expect me to know, of course I’m a psychic. And then she called me to verify, I say no Shoshana is a psychic she’s very good. So I think it was in that moment that she realized, wait a minute this isn’t just a bunch of molechy there’s actually truth to this, there’s actually connection to that and then she began opening up more and more to it.

Dr. Veronica: Wow, so that’s what I love the story. I did not know that piece of the story was going to come in because I do my work as a medical intuitive which I hold almost higher or at least equal to my MD and all other hard science now because I realize how important that is spiritual emotional piece is and that is what switches on and off people’s physiology. It can change the structure and I’ve actually seen my own body changed because I had limited thinking.

Now why do you need to work with somebody I’m glad your mother went to the psychic, you need to work with somebody because you can’t see what your limited thinking is. I’ve been in sessions and you know I was in a session with actually you know Kim Hayed and we were doing that emotional lock and I couldn’t come up with simple words to express something positive about something that had happened in my past. It was something that happened to me in second grade, I had anger and scared and hopelessness and all these things.

When she was asking me to put these positive opposite words of this, all a sudden my brain was locked and shutting down and she said I was standing in front there was an audience. We were doing this because we’re teaching other practitioners at the same time and I volunteer. So I’m in front of everybody vulnerable, she said now look at this brilliant woman who she can’t come up with the words, like she’s two. All a sudden showing how blocked I was about that particular issue.

So it’s to tell people that when you have those emotional blocks, those emotional are causing physical stuff to happen. All of a sudden I release that block and some of these pains that I was having in places, problems I was having almost immediately pretty much were getting better and almost nonexistent. It’s amazing to me and I do this type of work. So let’s talk about, I want to talk about something medical professional.

So first you talk about the misdiagnosis but you also talked about they told her she had, if she made it to five years and she was going to- All right, so first doctors I think you have to be careful as a practitioner what you speak. Because you said five years and she said well I’m going to prove wrong I’m going to live five years and one month, so she had that five years there. The doctor planned it in her it was going to be five years and plus or minus a month it was five years. We didn’t have 10%, we didn’t even have 5%, it was five years.

So she and I believe what I believe that happen because we’re so in the construct of how the world works that when a doctor says here’s how it is we believe this is how it is and you pretty much adhere to what it is. In fact there have been times where doctors have told somebody they were going to die but told the wrong person and the person was supposed to die they missed. There’s a case like this, they told somebody, they told the wrong patient. Went to the wrong room and said, “Sorry the prognosis is bad you’re going to die” And the patient that was meant to die because they had to spare a prognosis, that patient lived and the patient that didn’t have the diagnosis die. There are cases like that all the time.

Doctors anybody in health care must be exceedingly careful in what they say. So people when they say how long do I have, my answer would be I don’t know. Because I truly don’t know how long you have, now I could tell you what the statistics and the studies show but that doesn’t apply she your mother, she knows it statistics don’t apply to the individual. So people when you go to the doctor don’t ask them how long you have, live it as if it’s your last day.

You can go on doctor Google and figure that out anyway, you don’t need a doctor to say that to you. But if you want to Google it because you want to know I’m going to live five years and one day, you’re going to do that. No, statistics do not apply to the individual. Jennifer what do you say about that?

Jennifer: Yeah, well my mom was a researcher, right. That’s what she did so she was researching everything reading every article every book. So whether her doctor said it and it flew over her head because she couldn’t handle hearing it, she was betting that and she was reading all these different things over and over and over and it’s interesting what you said you know. Go live every day like it’s your last day earth, you know what I say because I’m a type A and I thought I’m living every day like it’s my last day I’m going to be crazy frenetic and running around.

I say live every day like it’s your first, like you’ve never been in this day, like you haven’t approached anything like you are approaching your [indiscernible 00:22:07] newly, like you’re approaching your friends newly, like you are approaching yourself newly to let go of all those kind of strikes and when you were speaking about this whole issue of your change and how you let go of those things and you know this. That’s why they call it dis-ease, disease dis-ease disease dis-ease in your body and we can tell if we’re connected if we’re willing to connect and it’s something simple as waking up in the morning and saying, “Hallo toes, how are you? Hello feet, how are you? Hello ankles” and going up your body and saying hello, hello, hello to everything, then you’re connected to every inch of your body.

So I’m a person who doesn’t read that stuff. I trust my intuition, mom completely other side of the coin. So you know it was interesting we chose each other, right to have occurred in this lifetime. So it was interesting to have that dichotomy between the two of us but I think part of it was her own her own by desire to research everything to death, to death.

Dr. Veronica: And for a lot of people who I hear, I have people- Now your mother she was a researcher and did something with it but I have people come and say, “Okay I heard what you said I got to go do some research”. For most people research is a procrastination technique.

Jennifer: Prove you wrong so they can be right about their opinion about something even though they’re coming to you as a professional and the person who knows which is silly.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, but now on the other side as a professional, what is most impactful to people right now is the part that I do which is not researchable easily. The medical intuitive piece where I figure out. When I’m going through and figuring out these links, like you think about the suicide and over reason. You know I get some things like did this happen or that happen, I’m concerned about this with your, there was some kind of relationship here I’m concerned about this, this was a big deal for you, you know those kind of things come out.

Those are the issues that we can’t research easily and so we want to discount and I say the doctors are doing a disservice by making that cookie cutter technique. I was reading an article in The New York Times about here is how you prevent breast cancer. When I talk about oral screening them out, here’s what you do to prevent, you stay this way you eat this food you exercise this much. So the cookie cutter approach, yet sometimes people still get it and I’m like doctors are doing a disservice to not admit this other side that emotional spiritual piece is quite important.

So here’s what I want to ask those who have cancer, here is if you- do you want to live? You have to decide you deserve to live, whatever it is you have to be able to let go of it. That might mean you need to have a counselor but guess what sitting on psychiatrist couch and talking about it, it’s not necessarily the best way. We do an emotional block release like I did where it’s really gone. It’s really gone and I can see, I can feel my spirit lighter and I could see physical manifestations in my body that say this is really gone.

Jennifer: Yeah and that’s important to realize the thing you said about lighter, so people can say of course I want to live I got my husband my wife my partner whatever that’s so much to live for, but it still feels heavy to them and you can tell it still feels heavy to them, that’s a lie. They may say they still want to live because logically the brain will tell you it wants to survive and saying I want to live. But what really needs to come in here is, okay but it feels heavy, so what’s underneath that and what’s underneath that and what’s underneath. Just like your mentor the work that she was doing with you to make sure that you really got down deep into whatever it was that was causing you all the pains in your body.

Dr. Veronica: And so what about that I want to live I got my husband I got my wife I got my kids I got my job I got my- of course I want to live. Well interestingly that when you’re saying that then people say that it’s well do you want to live for you.? Do you want to live for you because that’s all that matters all those other people outside, they don’t matter so you don’t feel that you deserve to live for you. You’re going to, you may heal the cancer and get a heart attack or get another cancer again and nobody can explain why. You’re the woman where you had the breast moved and you got a cancer under the breast implant.

Okay and I’m laughing, I’m laughing not because I’m laughing at people but that I’m concerned that we don’t have that really hard discussion with people. All right, now you have the diagnosis when did you decide you want to die and do you feel like you deserve to live? Because if you don’t feel like you deserve to live no doctor can give you anything, you can’t eat the right food exercise enough to lose enough weight have enough mammograms, have enough X-rays have enough whatever have the surgery or whatever to allow you to live if you don’t decide you deserve to live and embrace that.

Jennifer: And that’s that part of the triangle you’re talking about. You know there is that quarter a whole mind body spirit, that’s that part you’re talking about and then the other side of it is I want to make sure that people understand you’ve got to choose to live and you also have to be attuned your body. So what do you look for ovarian cancer and there’s actually a ten year old research that shows ovarian cancer is not the ovaries it’s in the fallopian tubes and nobody’s talking about this.

They’re still calling it ovarian cancer they’re still taking our ovaries and you know the unfortunate part is there’s 23 types of ovarian cancer. There’s no test, women think their [indiscernible 00:28:16] test for it, that test for cervical cancer and endometrial cancer they have to do a biopsy. So there’s no test so what do you do in the meantime. Rule number one you have to look at the symptoms and I on my website there’s a free symptom card tracker that I got permission to use Dr. Oz designed it with a National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, because most doctors not you but most doctors only, only deal in facts.

So if you’re going to go you know I’m kind of achy that doesn’t do it for them, you have to track your symptoms for two weeks and if you have these consistent sometimes for two weeks and no change in diet or exercise interrupts them. Go to your gynecologist, not your PCP, your gynecologist and say prove to me I don’t have ovarian cancer. Or an acronym, how do you remember it BEAT, B-E-A-T like beat on a drum, bloating, eating having problems eating feeling full quickly, abdominal pain and trouble urinating, more frequency less flow. So bloating, eating, abdominal trouble urinating.

Now women have those every month, what month pass by that you don’t feel bloated just a little bit. An interesting piece of this I’m actually having a hysterectomy June 5th. Why? I have fibroids that I was not attuned to and I have one that is big as grape fruit. But I’ve talked to my homeopathy we can’t shrink it at this point and I can get my wounds ready to go. She’s like I have served my purpose. She and I had a conversation it’s all good, but I realized after figuring out that these fibroids have tripled in size.

I’m like, wait a minute the symptoms I’m having are actually seeing in Ovarian Cancer. Now I know it’s the fibroids but I didn’t associate the two, so even a me with all my knowledge this comes about and I realized wow that’s why I have a product back ache that’s why when I eat I feel full. So women really have to be vigilant about those facts and how to determine those symptoms and at the same time make sure you are connected to this intuitive part to this spiritual part. Because one can’t happen without the other.

Dr. Veronica: Talk about talking to doctors if you feel like you have these symptoms because a lot of people go to health care practitioners. Their practitioners may poo, poo what they’re saying. What should somebody do if they feel like they’re being poop pooed and there is something really going on?

Jennifer: Well I think there’s a couple things, one is that I believe for me one of my soul purpose in this lifetime is to speak my truth. I’m always working with a closed [indiscernible 00:30:52] I think women consistently deal with that, so we’ve got to speak up for ourselves and speak up without judgment and without harshness but be resolute and what we know about her body. That’s why to bring that tracker, now look I tracked these symptoms for two straight weeks, I couldn’t eat on these days I had issues on these days et cetera and if your doctor won’t listen to you, that’s done with that doctor go to a different gynecologist and unfortunately it happens a lot with male doctors to female patients.

The belief is that we complain too much, right [indiscernible 00:31:32] yet we know our bodies and if you’re attuned to it you’ve got to take a see to yourself and do not back down. Now what can they do? Most of the tests they would do really don’t show anything, CA125 for the elevated blood protein it’s present false positive. You can be tested for the Brocken Gene, the breast cancer gene and women are up to 40% more likely if they get tested positive for that to get ovarian cancer, still not conclusive.

They can do an ultra sound, they can do a CT scan, they can do an MRI but then they’ll be able to see what’s going on. Ultimately until they biopsy that tissue or remove some tissue, they wouldn’t know it’s ovarian cancer. So you’ve got to take a stand for yourself.

The reason I brought up this issue between your fallopian tubes and your ovaries, had I known about this research when my mom was diagnosed and when I was thinking about having a hysterectomy I did not want to do that I want to do a menopause naturally and not through my body with the increase the potential for heart disease and austroprosis, I would just have my fallopian tubes removed. If that was going to decrease my chance then I wouldn’t have thrown myself in a menopause.

Women of childbearing years could have their fallopian tube removed and still be able to have children. There is great research that can happen but nobody is talking about it. There’s one doctor that’s talking about it, Dr. Mark Pukusky and he says why are we still calling it ovarian cancer, it’s crazy.

Dr. Veronica: Because it takes 17 years for research to get to the mainstream, so we got 17 20 years before they start calling it something different or admitting something different. So now the other part of this is I know, you know for doctors we like to be very hard in the symptom tracker and everything like that and one thing that I know from some of that scans that I do and have learned how to do. That there are certain patterns that can be consistent with a cancer pattern.

So people are interested in that type of service where they want to come and say, “do I have a scan that could be consistent with?” I would be willing to scan people and saying yes or no it’s consistent with, but that doesn’t mean once you have one of these remote scans because I do things remotely that it’s true but if I get something where I’m concerned that it’s consistent with that, I’m going to push and push and push and push on your behalf because I know there are certain patterns that we get and you know, I’m not going to go over how we know those. It’s complicated but it’s complicated when you know how to do it.

There are patterns energetic patterns that are consistent with cancers and tumors and in fact a lot of those energetic patterns we can even pinpoint those towards where it is in a body. What energy area, what area. So there are doctors that know how to do that, this is not something that’s considered mainstream we always are very careful about are languishing. We don’t say you have cancer, we’re going to say, I’m going to say it’s consistent with a pattern of people that have had cancer. And so I think you know I think you should- So it’s not a diagnosis but it strongly means get to the doctor that you can get a diagnosis in some other way, so.

Jennifer: Yeah it’s so important to have someone like you as your advocate or listening or you know you need more doctors out there who whether they’re trained in medical intuitive or connected to people. Because so often seven months to see a patient, how do you leave that person taking care of, somebody like you leave somebody taken care of. So we need to get you replicated, we need a bunch of clones.

Dr. Veronica: The idea behind doing this, I tell other people why my medical, I’m not doing this to be a human MRI. I know that if I pick up a pattern consistent with, then next thing that I can do even though you’re going to get other therapy possibly, is support you so you get the best outcome possible. So that means let’s get your body more in balance let’s figure out what is the eating strategy that we’re going to use based on your body type and everything that we get. What are the supplements that you can use, what can we do that’s going to complement not interfere or anything else, that’s going to compliment you getting the best outcome possible and so that’s what it is.

This is not alternative; this is complimentary meant stand side by side. I want you working with a traditional doctor, I will not work with you unless you are because I believe everything’s necessarily not one or the other, everything is necessary. So therefore even if you decide you don’t want chemo you don’t want something you don’t want surgery or whatever, you’re going to be with somebody else that if a crisis comes up you can change your mind to get the chemo to radiation or surgery.

But we may decide, okay you want to go another route you’re going to do that fully consenting with somebody else, so you fully know what all up your options are. It’s about knowing all of your options and so that means if you’re picking an option that’s complimentary you’ve also know why you may not want to pick another option that’s chemo radiation or surgery. Everybody needs to make that decision individually but you realize when you have a big diagnosis that’s a signpost in your life that’s something has got to change and so your mother started buying thongs at 60 and I love it. So tell us the name of your book where we can get it on your website.

Jennifer: Great, the book’s When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments Into Your Greatest Gifts, because just like you pointed to I do believe that everything that is put in front of us is an opportunity to learn and grow and some of the book isn’t just about my journey with my mom it’s the things that happen to me in my life where I chose growth, I chose that harder path.

It wasn’t easy it was simple to choose the harder path but it wasn’t easy to choose the harder because I was committed to growth, so When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments Into Your Greatest Gifts and if you are at books stores, you know Barnes and Noble, How is it, your local independent bookstore will carry it. It’s online as well and you can find out more about me and the book and what I do as a life coach at www.jencoken.com, j-e-n-c-o-k-e-n.com.

Dr. Veronica: Beautiful, Jen Coken thank you for being on the Wellness Revolution.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.




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