78: Healing from Another Dimension with Owen James

“We’re working from another dimension. We’re not working from the cold science dimension; we’re working from the sensory-visual knowing.”

     Owen James    

Owen James is a medical intuitive who works as a psychotherapist. He heals a person by seeing into the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. He believes that every organ in the body has its own movement, own feel, and own vibration.

On this episode, Owen shares his experiences in spiritual healing and how he realized the power within him. He talks about past lives which he believes have a connection with the issues of the present physical body. He also talks about Christianity and how our relationship with God affects our wellbeing. He brings us to another dimension where Science alone cannot explain.

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78: Show Notes

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Time stamps:

02:26 – The realization of his healing capabilities

06:25 – The use of vibrational medicine

07:06 – Healing in the alter dimension

12:32 – From a Spiritual Healer point of view

14:24 – Past Lives

20:41 – Curses and Dark Forces

24:36 – Influences of Implants

32:19 – Blueprint of the body


Full Transcript:

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Dr. Veronica: I am Dr. Veronica welcome again to the Wellness Revolution. I have with me today one of my esteemed colleagues another medical intuitive. My purpose of bringing to you medical intuitive is so that you are able to understand how to why then your medical team, your health team to get results and so as an intuitive we do things that are considerably less felled but we also understand how to get results. A lot of times results that can’t be gotten with traditional medical care.

Now we’re not saying they’re always all your doctors, we’re saying keep them and add other people to your team. So for me I’m a medical I started my life as an eye surgeon, I’m a cleared eye surgeon. Well what do you have what do you do with that. Well then you take on homeopathy and functional medicine and then you finally get the strength to admit that you’re having these visions and you help somebody with the vision. So I bring on today Owen James and he has such a wonderful background, so he has his traditional background which is in I believe psychotherapy. Is that right Owen?

Owen: Psychotherapy, also trained as an osteopath, acupuncture homeopathy and shamanism working in Brazil and Peru.

Dr. Veronica: Yes and so you see he started probably doing what he was supposed to do according to his parents and society and then realized that, hey there’s something missing and I have to learn some other stuffs and instead of going back to a traditional university he went out to people who understand how to fix things that we don’t learn in school in our universities. So I welcome medical intuitive homeopath, fellow homeopath, fellow medical intuitive, acupuncturists, shamanic healer, Owen James thank you for being on the Wellness Revolution.

Owen: You are welcome, my pleasure.

Dr. Veronica: So let’s get a little bit about your background first. How did you end up doing what you’re doing now which is just so for most people so nontraditional?

Owen: For me it started, really started as, I started as a musician. I was kind of a child prodigy and I think my big change came when I was 12 and I went for a walk in this beautiful land called Big Sur California. Sometime around 12:00 at night and I went for a walk, I had liberal parents in fact they didn’t know I went for a walk that was at my estate and I ended up on the bridge. This big bridge over Anderson creek and as I’m standing on the bridge this wind starts to come around me and I realize I’m being completely surrounded by spirits and I just knew that that’s what was happening.

It was just around me and I thought this is great, you know I really what a wonderful feeling. So that progressed and there is a place in Big Sur called Big Sur Hot Springs and the Big Sur Hot Springs is a source for water that came down and then that got changed when I was 17, I was running three concert series in the coast of California. And these fellows came and they took over the hot springs and turned it into Esalen and Esalen became the first humanistic growth center in America.

So they brought in people like Fritz Perls [indiscernible 00:03:56] all the tyche people. So anyone who is anyone Erick Burns work of transactional analysis and here I’m running these concerts here I’m 17 18 years of age and they say come on in and look what we’re doing. Just sit and watch what we’re doing, so it’s like change my life. Because I saw people doing things, I saw people helping getting help. So I started putting that into my teaching. I have had have kids beating pillows and screaming to get their breath opened up and they express themselves.

So that’s really I started it in that way then I trained with Dr. Raulf in rolfing who was a brilliant- What she taught how to see into our body. She wasn’t interested that a shoulder was higher or hip was lower a foot was turned out. She said what’s inside, what in the fisher is causing that twist, so she forced us to look inside a body and then I did a lot of training besides in healing with certain people like John Reed, who worked with this is in New York when I moved there and he could go in and he could take in the body and he would pull things out with this fingers and I’m standing there and I’m watching him do this.

So I went I tried it and so I started pulling things out with my fingers too. So and then I had a client once so, I was working on his wife and he was sitting there and he’s saying I can see it, I can see what you’re pulling out. Sometimes I could just see the energy coming out but he could actually see the white straws coming out or the darken straws coming out. That’s pretty interesting he sees things I don’t see. So it’s that progression in time I worked with John Appleture in cranial sacral therapy. He was teaching for a while and what he taught was how to listen to the body, how you really go in and listen.

As a group sometimes listening to the one mind working on all of this started bringing me more and more and more into the sensitivity of observations until I created my own system. I trained in a regular medicine, work with [indiscernible 00:06:19]. Very complicated you have like 300 little round filters and the filters have everything on them, morphine homeopathic vitamins and you flash this over someone’s orac field while you’re holding their radio pulse. It would be fine if I could be one of these union gods who had six arms. I only had two and I needed a third one to write with a pencil all the things that came up. Some people have this great memory, they can remember through a whole session, that’s not me.

So what I discovered was that I could feel the change in the body when I could put something into the orac field, I could feel the change in the radial pulse without feeling it. So that gave me one free hand and then I realized this, my work has always been vibrational medicine, that’s what I called my work a long time. Because everything is vibration as you already know that and so that started me setting up encyclopedia of the body, liver, kidney because everything vibrates differently.

John PR Burrell was a person in visceral medicine and what he showed was that the viscera the organs all have their own movement, they all have their own feel, they all have their own says sensory touch and so a liver is not a kidney. The other thing that happened to me when I was 27 is I went to Mexico City and I had the privilege through a healer I was training with in New York to work with Conchita. Conchita was an old Mexican lady woman who got taken over by the god quatabec and she was not around but he took over her body and she would talk in Mexican and he would talk [chanting]. This deep voice would come out speaking [indiscernible 00:08:26].

Okay the big operation that affected me was with a 10 inch knife, an old kitchen knife they stuck it into this French girl and I’m sitting on the table holding her hand because I’m supposed to be an angel and anesthesiologist which I was not. But anyway I was holding her hand to the best I could and he stuck this knife into her right lower gut and he cuts all the way in, pounds it in, cuts reaches in and takes out a rotten kidney. Then out of a little clay crock she takes a kidney that her nephew who works at the morgue gathers these body parts from the morgue.

Now this sounds of course totally insane but I’m watching this and he takes this kidney from the morgue from this other person, puts it inside this 30 year old beautiful French girl and wires it up somehow. Closes it up with this hand just going click, click, click with his hand, the tiny pink line hardly any blood and I said, “What is the body?” Okay, “you can’t do that, no doctor can do that” But that’s what happened right in front of me and I watched three other operations of Mexican women where he took the same knife and they don’t clean the knife by the way, there’s still dried blood on it and they cut open their bellies and open their intestine and take blockages out and one of them was a torentula. He pulled out this torentula from her intestine which is black magic, that someone was putting black magic on her.

At 27 when I saw this I say well this changes my life, doesn’t it. You know I knew my anatomy, I knew that this can’t happen except in some other altered dimension, it happens and that’s gets back to our medical intuitive because we’re working from another dimension. We’re not working from the cold science dimension; we’re working from the sensory visual knowing. And so I started just setting up this this kind of double way of one, I always wanted to be able to do that kind of healing like Philippine healers. They go in with their hand, open the body takes out blood clots and all the stuff.

I still can’t do that but I do my own, you know I can see sometimes tumors disappear under my hand so forth but I still can’t open a body, maybe someday I’ll do that, I don’t know. But there are other ways to do all of this as you know and you do it yourself because you’re quite psychic and you have this ability to perceive into a body and change the organs structure. Because that’s what happens when a tumor disappears.

Dr. Veronica: So the interesting part for me myself is you’re talking about we’re working in an altered dimensions and I trained as a traditional MD. I was an eye surgeon I’ve been in all other types of surgery through my medical training and now I can perceive issues and all that that I’d never, well here’s the thing. I realized even when I was back in medical school that when I was getting answers it was probably I was intuiting the answers, it wasn’t just because I was smart to get clinical answers in the patients who were the zebras, they’re not or horses where it looks-

You know they put those cases out there because they’re meant to stop people and those are the type of cases where it’s just like, oh it’s this it’s the chest disease, it’s acquired at- Somebody will sit down in front of me or start talking to me and all of a sudden a diagnosis will come. Now I am a MD, so I know all these names but they don’t keep happen is bla, bla and then I asked the questions to verify my diagnosis and it’s amazing to me how accurate I am without the benefit of what we will consider modern technology.

Lab results, somebody came to me and said I have a problem with my eyes and I said, oh you had this and here is what your deficient is and here we need to do about it. And then she said to me you’re absolutely right, I had lab test and that’s what it showed.

So from what you had learned and what you know because you’ve walked in a much more vast path than I am. How do you explain this ability to people, how do you explain where it comes from? We’re say, okay we’re working in altered dimension but people are like, well you’re crazy and this is- you know I’m a doctor and so from a doctor standpoint I always have people sign disclaimers to say I’m not making a medical diagnosis to a medical treatment or psychotherapy, yet I can get better information than they’ve gotten from their traditionally trained MD. So what do you tell people?

When I hear acquired acromegaly in my head, I don’t tell them they have acquired acromegaly because I’m concerned that people who used to be my colleagues are going to say, well you’re practicing medicine and how could you do that because you don’t have the lab test results or blah, blah, blah. Even though I know what to tell them to do and I know you know you need to this remedy this herb, this is what you’re deficient in. I’m not giving it based on that hard data case controlled double blind retrospective study that’s in a peer reviewed journal. So what do you tell people?

Owen: I tell people simply kind of what I said already. That everything is vibration, so that when I talk about the body from the Conchita point of view or in some of the other healers, Rodrigo and Charlie who used to use a pocket knife and just scrape, or John of god who I’ve been to a number of times. Who takes this couple and just cuts in the body or the spirit healer is there where you’re sitting in a room and suddenly there’s blood coming down someone shirt and there’s no doctor there. You are just sitting there but the Spirit is doing this work, so we’re working on this other dimension and the-

Dr. Veronica: They found you.

Owen: I’ll be out in half an hour; he’s calling back from Beirut. Because we’re setting up a whole program Glastonbury to do some lay line healing and in July and some ceremony work. So somehow people don’t really ask in a certain way when I tell them that everything is vibration and the liver works like a liver and the kidney works like a kidney and then when I’m teaching I ask people to close their eyes and picture a shelf of fruits. And I say does a banana vibrate the same as an orange, can you feel the sense of a banana? Can you feel the sense of an orange? Do they feel the same and working with that kind of cheer energy with the hands getting people to feel in their hands, this what does this feel like, right.

I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t have a sense of the energy between their hands and already that’s helping to expand that hey there is something here, right. So taking that into that next step where you’re talking about this wonderful medical that you have. Maybe you’d like to join our staff when we set it up because working from the doctor point of view and working from the intuitive point of view and putting these two sciences together. Because when we realize that some of this is probably traceable.

If we go in and we look at the, like say the past life records or a curse and we go back through that history. Where is it, we can say where is it coming from but this is [indiscernible 00:16:41], that all of this exists that we can go back in memory we can do it past life.

Dr. Veronica: So we’re talking a little bit about past lives here and I will say that before I even- Let me say myself bought in the past life are really there even though I could see stuff happening, I could see myself in particular positions in the past that I knew were not in this life. I knew something was going on, I knew something was different. But I was told by another intuitive a psychic that oh you’re a healer you’ve always been a healer.

Now I can see lives where I have had healing abilities, this is the first life where I get a Western MD but in other lives I had amazing healing abilities. The type that you’re talking about in some places where people I was known for that and people came to me this is thousands of years ago. It’s been one of my core geniuses and in fact I feel like in this life this has been my least genius life. But I believe I’ve been in training for a particular reason and everything hasn’t come out yet because I had to learn another modality and so here I am where I have to go through this slow process of learning another modality.

However I know in these other lives I’ve been part of a tradition of healers and I knew how to move people’s energy. I just knew how to do it, other people in my culture societies knew I knew how to do it and this is what I’ve done for many different life times in different capacities. Man woman you know looking different ways different ages even in one life I set up a big clinic where there were a bunch of other women we were all in the healing professions and people used to come from other countries.

This was in the Middle East in fact, in other countries to visit our clinic because we were known for being able to get results when nobody is. So they would bring us the dying and these people walk away. So when you talk about past lives that had all kinds, we all have had all kinds but one of the threads that has gone through a lot of these lives even when I was doing something else along with it was that healing thread. So here I am again. So where have you been otherwise, in other past lives that you can see.

Owen: I have been Shaman, I have been American, Indian for many lives in the southwest. Many lives here I’ve run some moon dances for 16 years, Native American from New Mexico, my teacher Joseph Brial, beautiful [indiscernible 00:19:52]. One of the world’s greatest living mystics and- So what other lives, lives in the east lives in China as a doctor as an acupuncturist. So yeah I’ve gone through so many different lives, a lot of lives as a Christian.

I was brought up non-religious but when I was 27 all these wonderful things happened to me including being called to by Sai Baba to go to India and so I went to Sai Baba and spent a month with him in the early days and there were very few people there. Not a half a million people but like 400, 500 to 17,000 showed up for his birthday. So these kinds of lives that have brought me this gift in the Christian world, so even though I wasn’t brought up in that world I now run a Christian church. And we have a healing center, the St Francis Circle of Life which is developing.

We’re doing some crowd trying to get together to get some crowd funding to build the new building that we have space to house people. You saw on my web page beautiful chamber we have, peace sound chamber, working with people chanting for world peace. So this is some of my direction, I’ve seen many times where as a Templar night hooking into this Christ line that’s been important. When I saw that I said, okay I need to really embrace this aspect of my life because it’s been coming for 2000 years, so it’s time to embrace it.

The difficulty that I find with many people is that we’ve been so tortured through these Christian lives. Not confirming ourselves with the Catholic ideal which meant we’d get burned at the stake tortured killed at the time of Jesus, I was there on the Hill, got beaten by the Romans. So this kind of lineage brings up both the resistance and yet keeps us in this path and so that’s taken me to places in the world where I get to remember, oh yeah I’ve been here before.

Just like when I went and did a pilgrimage into the Himalayas and I’m sitting in the cave where Verosa wrote to Vedas and it’s like, well welcome son, we welcome you back. It’s nice to have you back with us. I said, “yeah I feel like I’m home, I’ve come home here” You know that’s 11,000 years ago when I sat in that cave with him. So we look at these lives and we look at our lineages. So many you know I’ve been initiated as a Brahmin I have been initiated you know in other as a goddess.

But each of these I had to relive from all my past lives where I’ve been a goddess and I’ve been a Brahmin and I’ve been all this but this life I’ve had to come into this line more of this Christian. But not a Christian really a Christ light, the new Christ. So our church has a double cross which represents the new Christ. Which is what’s new, new is going back to the old Christ which says I love my five neighbor, I will not gossip, I will tell the truth, I will be friends, I will not hold things against other people. It’s so simple right, when you come down to it but hard to belief for people.

That’s I teach people how to open their heart and clear of themselves of all the entities, the things that are in our world that we don’t see but are possessing people and drug addiction and alcohol addiction and sexual addiction. All these has dark forces attached to it. So I do a lot of work with that and that’s where the curse is coming also.

Dr. Veronica: You were telling me a story about a woman you know very professional, who she had some health problems but she also had curses and so let’s talk a little bit about that. Some of the curses and the cords. This is something a lot of people haven’t necessarily heard about and I’m following this up with your Christian side and you are bracing all of that. Because I have found a lot of people who subscribe to Christian beliefs, have a hard time embracing people like me and you.

So let’s talk about, let’s transition into the you know what I’ve done that, you know this day in age Christian walk where it wasn’t for me the way a lot of people practice it. But you know my name is Veronica for a reason I was named after St and I was on that road. Okay and that’s how I ended up having to be dealing clinic. I had a clinic because Christ said to me and I didn’t even know who he was at that time, said to me heal the people, keep healing the people on that road, all right.

So we’ve come through this Christian tradition yet now many of us who have these abilities that cannot be explained are considered dark, when we’re nothing but light. Let’s talk a little bit about curses and courts and all that that we tend to ignore a lot of times as Christians, but are real that we need to, in order for people to figure out how to heal their physical, they have to heal these energetic issues that are going on. So talk about that.

Owen: I think when someone looks if one is a Bible reader and you look at the time of Jesus and stories. Now if we come to the present day, we have even Bishops writing books that Jesus never existed, but this is a metaphor. This is of course ridiculous because of not only history but there I am with Sai Baba in India and Sai Baba once a year brings up, when he was alive he would bring up Shiverachi festival in Lingam and lingam this one lingam was a beautiful blue lingam and the top of it was completely clear and the middle of it had a little candle burning. It was flashing like this and one side was like Sai Baba and the other side was Jesus.

A picture of Jesus that he had manifested with some people in the early days a year before I got there they were on a beach and Sai Baba blew in his hands three times and the doctor from LA asked him why three times, usually you know you’re just manifest something out of your palm. And he said well it took me a while to find the original cross of Jesus and here I’m giving you a piece of it with a true picture of Jesus on it. And so when we say if these people writers in the papers here that Jesus did not really exist.

They’re talking about in the books where Jesus talked about I heal this man of demons, the demons came out of him, same as St Francis, St Francis one of his great disciples, he writes about, talks about clearing him of the demons and yet people get upset at me if I talk about, oh you have three demons in you, oh don’t want talk about that.

Right, so we’re in this very shallow world that we live in not recognizing drug addiction, alcohol all this we talk about has very dark forces inherent in it. Not only that, look at the world look at the murdering, the killing that’s going on in this beautiful existence we live in. Isis what happened the other day in London. This is not just human, this is a very dark forces that are at work to stop the kind of light that you are bringing into the world that I’m bringing into the world, that the church that I work in and I have been pastor for years bring this light into the world through the ceremonies that we do.

So when we look at then this extended self and we’re also talking about the ET world, we’re talking about the influences of the implants into people. And I teach people how to clear it, it’s really simple. I can give it to you right now, this is a gift from Mark angel Gabriel, a little this about an inch and a half white, sixteenth of an inch thick it’s been preprogrammed, people put it in their head and it clears all the implants and then they can drop it down because most people now have at least two or three implants in their heart. And if they’re very active sexually, male have implants there because this isn’t, they’re like energy transmitters. But they also interfere in our central nervous system.

So you we’re nearly always have some in the hypothalamus and you’ll have them sometimes growing when they’ve been in there for years, they’ll grow down like a lymph node system into the central nervous system. So and this interferes with people. So like I had a person because all I do is one out of one hundred. What is the vibration of the pituitary and if the pituitary goes the thyroid goes in most cases. But they never test the pituitary they only test the thyroid and they do that wrong anyway, right.

I mean most of the time they get the wrong testing for it, so someone is hypo thyroid and they say, oh no your thyroid is fine when it’s not fine because of this you know extended testing because so many people are sicker today. So being able to clear the implant that’s in the pituitary, the pituitary normally in most people at 65, your pituitary is 70 out of 100. So you have this it’s very active queen, pituitary and hypothalamus are the queen king of the whole energy and your consistent, so your pituitary is very active.

But if I get someone whose pituitary is 40 or even 35 and then I look at it and I see they have two or three implants in it. Have them clear the implants, I don’t clear them and then it suddenly goes up to 60. Well it’s clear that those implants are interfering with the energetic flow of that including anywhere in the body that these implants could be. So people will say well what is it where does it come from? Well this you know this is another dimension.

If ETs can come here from another galaxy and maybe they’re not human maybe they’re reptilian but they have the advancement, the mechanical advancement to be able to do this and finally I learned how they implant everybody. I mean it took me years I meditated on it, how on earth can they implant a whole city. You know I finally got it I saw it one day how they do it and it’s kind of like you have 500 TV channels coming down into a city and nobody sees that, nobody sees the rays of that, you don’t see the rays coming out of your telephone when you hold it to your ear and burn your brain, people don’t see it.

But they get a TV they can turn it on, right and then they say oh yeah. And the same thing about telephone, I said have you ever pick the telephone up and the person you’re going to call on the other end of it. That’s all mind and mind has all of this being able to pick this up and everybody has had that experience. So they don’t think I’m so weird all the time. Because that’s like awareness you can feel something you can sense something.

So this is very important when we work with these darker forces in terms of courts of attachment are really thought patterns of leeching on by somebody holding on to somebody else and particularly strong when I worked with divorce cases. Whether it’s a husband or the wife not resolving their issues where they’re really not divorced because they have these cords of attachment. To dissolve those cords of attachment allows the heart to open.

Because that court of attachment has to do with resentment and resentment has to do with I have not forgiven you and when I forgive you something changes inside of me. And that was the gift that God gave me, God gave me my brother in law. I married and actually because I was a reverend in United States. So God brought him and he was in this egg of pain and suffering because he had contracted AIDS in the early days of AIDS, he was bisexual and he gave it to my sister. My sister eventually died, that was I could forgive him for that because they didn’t know. But he gave it to four other women knowingly and they died, so I couldn’t forgive him.

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