83: Becoming a Medical Intuitive with Tina Zion

“It’s the whole world that is opening up to medical intuition”

Do you believe in the 6th sense? Tina Zion is a registered nurse, a teacher, and a published author, specializing in medical intuition and teaching it internationally. She wrote the book “Becoming a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Development Course” and is releasing a new book in 2018. She believes that people are not born with medical intuition; however, with proper training and consistent practice, the gift will eventually open up within us.

On this episode, you will have a glimpse of the medical intuitive world and how it came about. Tina talks about how medical intuitive works, how they are perceived, and how they developed into one. She gives us a comprehensive insight into what it truly means to become a Medical Intuitive.

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83: Show Notes

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The Reiki Teachers Manual
Becoming a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Development Course
Advanced Medical Intuition – To be released


Time stamps:

02:08 – Transition into becoming a Medical Intuitive
03:36 – The information she gets from people
04:55 – Traditional Medicine on Intuition
05:51 – Are people born with medical intuition
08:21 – Hindrance in learning medical intuition
11:26 – The ethics of a medical intuitive
17:42 – Credibility of a medical intuitive
20:24 – Tina’s teaching sessions
23:56 – Her books


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

Dr. Veronica: Welcome back to the Wellness Revolution. I’m glad you’re here I’m Dr. Veronica, medical intuitive medical doctor homeopathy functional medicine practitioner and I am delighted today to have a wonderful lady with me. She started life as a little baby but her medical career, she was a nurse. Sorry, yeah, you know, you guys know I like to like to say little silly things she was a nurse and she came into being a medical intuitive, you guys know that I do that type of service for people and how I started but I was scared to talk about it for a long time. And I thought everybody’s going to think I’m crazy especially my colleagues I don’t want anybody to know I could do this and then my business coach said “You got to, you got to help people with this you have this skill that you can help a lot of people. You’re not when on your master path, your life path if you’re not using that skill to help people”. Because you have such gifts and even in your hands, the markings in your hand say you have intuitive gives you got to use this or you’re not doing your life purpose. And that’s all strongly one of my counselors said that to me. So, we’re going to talk to Tina Zion now I’m going to tell you she has a book coming out I want to tell you the name I’m looking at my sheet. Let’s see is it advanced medical intuition six underlying causes of illness and unique healing methods. Coming out in 2018. Sometimes people might not see this till 2018 that’s the beauty of internet and be an evergreen, okay, but, she’s in contribute an author too I’ve read this book memories of the afterlife Michael Newton’s book memories of the afterlife. You know, it’s interesting, we can also Tina talked about the afterlife and the pre-lives and the lives in between and all that type of stuff because when I’m doing readings I will see that type of information on people. So, Tina welcome to the Wellness Revolution. I want you to first start by telling the audience just a little bit about your background and how you came upon medical intuition.

Tina Zion: Okay. My background like you said is nursing. I always specialized in mental health nursing and worked with organizations and things like that and then about 25 years ago I went into private practice, part of for mental health counseling and part of my private practice was also doing Reiki. And the Reiki while I was doing Reiki with people I was picking up and all of a sudden, all kinds of intuitive information and I started to tell people about it and they were wowed out and it was so helpful and so I started doing more and more of that and less and less of the actual hands-on Reiki and that’s really what set it all off. That’s really what got it going.

Dr. Veronica: Wow. So, what when you first came upon your skills, did you think it was weird?

Tina Zion: No, because I grew up and I talk about this a lot that I grew up in a family that we were absolutely expected to use our intuitive abilities, we were absolutely expected to see our relatives who have passed and to communicate with them. So, I grew up this way but it didn’t become more in the medical emotional realm until my Reiki just opened is that the same.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. And so, what kind of information were you getting on people?

Tina Zion: Oh, right away I was getting, I was getting what the body looked like that was struggling and how it was struggling and what the energy was doing and then as an advanced I started picking up more and more the underlying cause. So, that’s what prompted my current book become a medical intuitive and then the more and more I’m picking up underlying causes of illness and so that’s why my book advanced medical intuition is coming out in April. So, it led to that. I just started studying myself I thought “How am I doing this?” And so, I study myself and then began to create a book for other people.

Dr. Veronica: Ah, yes. Because I mean I find it fascinating because I’m like how am I doing this and I first up you’re just doing it and it’s coming to your like this is weird especially when you you’re a nurse so you know when you have traditional medical training, you’re a soldier talk to turn off your intuition. Do you think so?

Tina Zion: Oh, yes. Absolutely. Because it’s in the traditional medicine in fact facts last chances exams as you know, MRIs and things like that. So, yeah. But you know in my workshop I’ll tell you I am getting more physicians in my workshops and nurses nurse practitioners physical therapist because they know these physicians know that they’re picking up more information than what they’re then what their lab tests and their MRIs are showing. They just know and they think what “How am I giving this information?” And so, that’s why they come to my workshop. None of these physicians they already know it.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, and so more and more physicians are like myself admitting that there’s something else going on but we people say “Oh, my gosh. You have a gift, you have a special gift”. So, talk about it do you think it’s a gift? I mean, is it that? I feel I’ve learned that we all have intuitive abilities and how I describe it to people I like to use a basketball analogy and say well, some people are just like LeBron James and other people or let’s say Michael Jordan I’m going to use Michael Jordan for a reason. Some of us are like Michael Jordan and other of us our struggle at bouncing the basketball. There’s different levels but even Michael Jordan was not good at it all his life is basketball even didn’t get on the high school team but then practice, practice, practice and also got fabulous coaching and then became the magnificent basketball player that we all know what he is and we still wearing his sneakers. So, I think intuition is that same way that if you there are some people who are going to have it better than others it’s going to be part of our let’s call it core genius. But if we don’t do anything with it we don’t practice it and we don’t get coaching at it, it’s not going to be good. What do you say about that?

Tina Zion: I guess have what I would say we I’ve had found in my experience that we are all wired to receive this information. I think our passion and our interest actually will help accelerate it and open the abilities up but I have found over and over again it is not something that we’re born with, even though I am teaching now full time I still practice every single day. I practice every single day and I’ve been doing this for years. So, I agree with your basketball thing that the he practiced and practice and practice and that’s what I still do and that’s what will really escalate this ability. I totally agree with you.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. So, tell us, you teach this, so that means you feel it’s something that can be learned. We talked about so some people might be skeptical because anything in this type of realm in this let’s call the sixth sense that we can’t see people find mystical and is hard to study as a matter of fact. People think well it doesn’t exist and it’s just there and you know you see it in the media and you have these people who they’re famous because they’re a medium or whatever they are. Talk about that. How well can people learn it? Can it be trained and all that type of stuff?

Tina Zion: People can learn this absolutely but there are some things that get in and absolutely get in the way. One of them is people are afraid and I hear all kinds of different fears that I would have never thought of that people in my workshops will say “Well, I’m afraid what if I get so good at them and all my family thinks I’m crazy”. And somebody told me one of my students just a couple of weeks ago said “What if my friends find out about this? They will leave me”. So, people have these deep, deep fears that get in the way, see it so spheres that get in the way and they also tend to hide their abilities where you and I are out there just real open about this but people become so afraid that they hide how capable they are and they hide all this information that people are yearning to know. I have found out that people are yearning to have help in that medical emotional realm of their life. You know, why do I keep getting this you know physically happening and why do I keep getting sick and things like that. So, it fears it’s hiding our abilities and gets in the way a lot.

Dr. Veronica: So, they’re there are some people who believe their intuitive but don’t think they can be medical intuitive. What do you say about that?

Tina Zion:  Well, just a little bit ago this man came up in my awareness and here he is again so I mention him. I received a phone call one day and he said you know that he was searching medical intuition found my website and all that and he kept saying “You must understand I am only an old farmer from Ohio”. And he said, “How can I do this?” And I said well what it drew you to searching it on the website anyway and he said, “I was massaging my wife’s back and all of a sudden I could see her spinal cord”. And it just threw him for a loop it just frightened him but he said, “I think I can do this”. And I said, “You can absolutely do it”. So, to see some people just start spontaneously and some people just feel that yearning and that passion for it and they learn how to do it. But I’d love that story he kept them just an old farmer in in Ohio as we kept saying.

Dr. Veronica: So, I think that the old farmer in Ohio has a role yet you as a nurse has enrolled me as a physician has a role and it’s important for people to decide what they’re looking for other than they just want somebody to tell them cool information. So, how do you Mr. Old farmer becomes a medical intuitive and everybody is going to him. Are there concerns and limitations to that versus using Tina versus using Dr. Veronica? What do you say about that?

Tina Zion: The ethics is I go on and on and on to people that if we are not physicians we absolutely cannot diagnose. We cannot give it a medical label but you know what? People who are not physicians can do. They I ask them to describe and describe and describe in detail what they’re perceiving to their you know for their client as long as they don’t give us that medical diagnosis. I also talked about to be very, very, very private because what is there’s nothing more intimate than and intuitive picking up their general story but a medical intuitive goes in past the skin and how much more intimate can we be and when we receive information down inside of our physical body? So, as far as the ethics I’m very, very strong on being very compassionate because this is so intimate when we do this kind of work.

Dr. Veronica: I certainly agree with that and when I’m doing medical intuitive readings I always tell my clients even though I’m a physician that I’m not doing the medical diagnosis recommending medical treatment or doing psychotherapy. And in fact, when I get medical terms that pop up into me because they do because I’m a physician that’s my background in training it’s really, people I have people say, “malignant hypertension”. Those words will pop into my head. “Acquired acromegaly”. These words that you know most people have never popped up will pop up to me because it’s in my whole soul history of doing it so we’ve come up but despite those type of words coming up with a diagnosis I do not give that and I tell I give an explanation of what it is it’s making it pop that pop in my mind verse is given it I’m careful even when that label comes in so I’ve been told by other intuitive don’t edit yourself. But the reason that I edit out the name of the diagnosis is because number one I don’t want anybody to be confused and number two I think everybody should get verification of what any intuitive says. And I think that that is one issue that I have with people doing medical intuitive work is that they don’t really insist that listen I’m going to say here you need to go get verification with this and you need to do something about it. On the other side, there are a lot of people who are real spiritual and they’ll go get all the spiritual stuff and they won’t do anything physical. And then on the other side you have people who are physical and they don’t want to hear anything about the emotional and spiritual. And they tend to sit on two sides as a physician I deal with both but when they come to me at all ends upcoming together. So, I believe that when you’re a medical intuitive purposes you’re going to bring out what is important at that time of the reading and that can guide where somebody who could be incredibly complicated medically can go first. What’s important that’s what’s going to pop into the field and so you may have somebody with twenty-five diseases and they’re trying to figure out “What do I do? How come nobody can’t tell me? I’m so sick. What do I do?” And all of a sudden, I’ll say listen this is what’s important now this is what you should work on now from an emotional and spiritual standpoint and this is where the money is to go from the physical standpoint to do first. Is that you work similar that way?

Tina Zion: What I would tell people is I said well I know you have other issues going on but this issue is very dominant and prominent in your energy field. That’s why intuitive are picking it up right now. And so, it’s you know it’s an energetic situation. The other thing I would add is you know you and I are really doing integrative medicine. We’re incorporating the energetic intuitive information with the traditional medical field. I love that. I can’t tell you how many people I sent to a physician to their physician or even to the ER after I have seen them for an hour, you know. I love it’s really integrative I want it to work together.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, and so, for people who for me I’m like say “Listen it’s nice to do a reading” and you know I think it’s fun and I’m giving you information but the reason why I’m doing this is because why did I get trained I started my life as an eye surgeon. Why did I get trained and homeopathy functional medicine herbs? Why do I go get all this training? So, that when something comes out I can help you figure out how to resolve that that physical biochemistry structural piece that’s getting in a way and then I have colleagues that I send on to that I say listen you’re having us this is a perception a spiritual issue and I think this person is great to be able to help you deal with that. So, it’s an I insist that listen getting a reading is fun but on the other side you got to do something with the information. It’s not just about going from some psychic the psychic and some people are psychic junkies it’s not just about forward from psychic to psychic to see who’s the most accurate, who’s the most right it’s a bit because in reality I have found the ones that are ethical and moral, they all are right. The ones that are ethical and moral now there’s people who play games and you got to figure that out. So, talk about that. Let’s talk about that because there have been some really prominent cases where people have gone to psychics and been taken for hundreds and thousands of dollars and now I’m wondering what’s the matter with them but so then the public hears that and thinks everybody’s a sham everybody’s a fraud. Talk about that a minute.

Tina Zion: Well, you know I would say it’s like anything there are going to be people who are faking and they’re going to be people who are truly picking up this information. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be telling somebody something in a session and they’ll say “Oh, I went to a psychic and intuitive two months ago and they said the same thing”. I said if you are going to real people who are truly, truly intuitive we should be telling you very, very, very similar things. And one thing I do is I do not ask my client any questions in fact I don’t want them to tell me anything about their life anything about their medical diagnosis I say don’t tell me anything I want to tell you first. And you know that gives us a lot of credibility because they’ll know we’re not fishing because the people who are faking it they left a lot of questions and they’ll have techniques to fish for the information. I don’t want them to tell me anything.

Dr. Veronica: That’s how I work also. I want to know your first name a last initial your age and sex and that’s about all that. I’ll take from you I don’t even want to hear your voice if you call I want my assistant to call I don’t want you to email any because I feel it would not be organic and it would be bias and even more so I’m probably saying for you because I have medical background and there’s stuff that I can pick up so easily soon as you open your mouth and start talking.

Tina Zion: Exactly, yes, yes. So, your credibility though that people say wish you don’t even ask any questions that it gives us credibility I think.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, and I allow people to do readings in different ways. Sometimes I said listen I’ll just I’m going to talking I’m going to give you I’ll give you a recording. We never have to do that but also when I’m doing it live I said I’m going to give you the reading first, give you all the information I have and then I’m going to give you the sheet that I wrote everything down on because it’s hard to say everything because sometimes I write stuff down and I can’t interpret it but it means something to you. So, I’ll give you that information but then after I give you all the information that is coming to me then you can ask questions and I recommend that you ask questions without giving me a whole story behind it. Ask the question, don’t give me any background information and then I’ll bring forth what I’m going to bring forward based on the energy I’m getting from that question.

Tina Zion: I love how similar that we’re working. I like that a lot.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. So, we’ve all we’ve had, we’ve had good teachers and let’s talk about it. You’re a teacher and you teach this so where do you teach this?

Tina Zion: You know, that is my true passion is that I love to teach them. Right now, I teach individuals and it’s awesome over Skype you know or even phone sessions or coming to my office, so individual session. But I also teach workshops go shall over the place the rest of this year I will be in New York and Chicago and the Wales in the UK and I teach internationally now and my clients are international. So, you know it’s not just us here in the States but the world is opening up to this. It’s the whole world that’s opening up to this medical intuition. I think that’s fascinating to me. So, to answer your question I teach individual and also workshops all over.

Dr. Veronica: And it’s interesting that you say it’s international because how I ended up we are seeing that I could do this in the first place as I he started with international clients. People found out I was a doctor would start asking me “Can you help me?” And I would know what was wrong with them say “Yes, I can help you”. And tell them what was going on and what they needed to do. So, I started international because that was more comfortable for me. I don’t want to be here at America you know and then said “Okay, all right, all right, all right, coaches. I’m hearing you, all right, spirits I’m here with you let’s all offer it if the American public”. Interestingly I have found the International pop maybe more receptive than the American populace. I’ve been called more here a quack just because I talk about homeopathy and the medical intuition. That’s really just really third-rail and they use that I do this to try to downgrade my intellectual ability and I’d be happy to roll out my degrees and my trainings and certifications and honor societies and all that but this is a particularly different area and I found that the scrutiny from the American populace is much more harsh than from the international populace. Have you found that?

Tina Zion: Very much. So, I have fun that I you know sometimes I’ll say the craziest thing and they say “Oh, that makes complete sense or we are aware of this”. So, yes international all over tends to be more open and already aware that we are energetic beings. That we are entered and an energetic system and yes so, I totally agree with that. The Americans I think are more skeptical you know that we have a lot of religious beliefs that are getting in the way I think because even that can be integrative you know, we can integrate the church basis of things but also the energy systems that we are. So, I think even that could be integrated but Americans do struggle I agree with that.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. So, what tell us all your books because I’m sort of people going to look at this be fascinated and say I want to know more. So, let’s start with the easiest thing where people can go to Amazon and always know that in our show notes we’ll put the links to the book. So, you’ll be able to find up easy to tell us your books.

Tina Zion: My first book came out the Reiki teacher’s manual and it’s the content is for teachers or students but it’s structured so that people who want to teach this will have a structure for each class and lots of people have told me that that really helped them because I want people but I want the domino effect, so, I want people to go up and also to be able to teach it. So, that was my first book and then become a medical intuitive was my next book and that was me studying how on earth am I doing this and why and how am I so accurate. And so, I wanted to teach people how to do this for others. Again, always that domino effect and then what I noticed now wait a minute I’m picking up underlying causes and some unique healing techniques and methods. I thought I need another book so that will be out April first I believe and that’s advanced medical intuition. So, those are my three and I’m thinking about it I think I have maybe two more books inside of me yet.

Dr. Veronica: Oh, more than that. More than that.

Tina Zion: I don’t know, maybe. But I know I got two more.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah. I think that’s great. I’ve been working on I have a book coming out about being a medical intuitive and you know physicians guide is going to distress me out you know so and I’m like I specifically say this book this is not about science, you can go everywhere I also get that. And I wanted to say that as a doctor this is not about science this is for me to say something else to you that you need to hear. The other part is which you know, I’m anxious to read your books of course you know. We all look for people who are like us with good information but not only rolling out the, okay here’s what some of this means but here is what I have gotten intuitively that people can do about these issues from a holistic standpoint and I include homeopathy and different foods and just if I can download for people that are very specific. You have this and you started noticing a pattern with those downloads. So, it’s about getting the information but oh, now I have this information what can I do about this? Because if you run in, yes you might need to go and get some testing but if you just run into your doctor’s office and get testing about something if it’s something that’s a little bit more nuanced, you’re not going to have any idea what to do about it. There’s just your there’s only going to be certain people that are going to be able to tell you what to do about it. I would say integrative doctrine or doctors or practitioners functional medicine practitioners which you know I’m training with the Institute for functional medicine I’ve trained with CDH for homeopathy some chiropractors that are trained in especially on-forest total body modifications and things like that, maybe especially able to help you when you get these pieces of information. But I found that if you get the information and you just go back into the conventional medical system a lot of times you’re not going to get the result that you’re looking for which is to be able to resolve the issue.

Tina Zion: Absolutely. Very, very, very true.

Dr. Veronica: So, I’m happy you’re coming to New York and I hope that when you’re in New York my schedule is clear so that I can appear because for anybody I want to say this for people who want to be medical intuitive and anything else professional. I believe it’s a lifelong learning process. So, just because you’ve read somebody’s book or been to one person’s workshop you should go to as many as you can because that’s just going to strengthen whatever gift talent ability that you have. And so, I will find somebody I’ll find their workshop I’ll go I want to go because I want to be there to learn to be able to do it better. And to me that’s also a hallmark of somebody who’s really dedicated and true versus somebody who’s not necessarily. Now, it’s not always the case but I think people who are really ethical and moral want to make sure that they have as much information and training as possible to do it at the top level.

Tina Zion: Well, even as you said that it reminds me that I used to be really intimidated because a lot of professional intuitive would come to my workshop and that used to scare me because they’re already and some of them were very well-known and it used to kind of scare me but there they were wonderful when they come up excuse me at the break and they said “Oh, my goodness I never thought of this. I didn’t think of that. I’m going to include this in my session”. It just it was wonderful. Gives me goosebumps to talk about it.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. So, if we want to find you, tell us where can we find you? What’s your website?

Tina Zion: Oh, it’s livingawareincamc.com

Dr. Veronica: Livingawareinc.com.

Tina Zion: Right.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful. Thank You Tina. So happy to have you.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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