Welcome to guest blogger, J. C. Gordon, founder of today’s foremost Life Potential Network, the BCM Foundation.  As a Cognitive Empowerment Specialist, JC helps his clients overcome fear, pain, and addiction to unlock infinite potentials that far exceed anything they’ve ever thought was possible.  He is the author of the book Beyond Consciousness which is his detailed account of how his Simultaneous Time Empowerment Program (STEP) program came about, literally, as a result of one of the most gruesome experiences we’ve ever heard anyone survive.

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used to create them.” Albert Einstein

JC Gordon

We all have hope.

The problem is hope comes in time slices.

For some, their slice of hope only lasts a moment. It’s kind of like having sex for the first time.

For others, their slice of hope is longer. Which is like having a lot of sex.

But if we could have sex forever, now that would be infinite hope.

Well, I’m glad to say we can. That’s right, anyone can activate infinite hope. (Did you really think I meant you could have sex forever?)

What gets in our way of infinite hope is our mind, which is constantly being fed by an energy of fear and negativity that dims our hope.

It feeds our minds with seven primary fears.  Everyone experiences an ever-changing amount of fear and negativity every day. Alarmingly, I am finding that the energy of fear and negativity is now able to regularly attack all seven primary fears at once.  This has, no doubt, led to the increasing suicide rate we see today, surprising being led by white males, aged 45-65, who make up seven of every ten suicides.

I recently had a client tell me she lives in a world of darkness, with zero hope, and no matter how hard she tries to find hope, she can never find it.

The order of our seven primary fears are as follows:

  1. The fear of not having enough money
  2. The fear of failure
  3. The fear of losing love
  4. The fear of failing health
  5. The fear of growing old
  6. The fear of death
  7. The fear of admitting our secrets

All other fears are secondary and are grouped under our seven primary fears.

On June 25, 1996, I had an experience that changed my life forever. I died after a chainsaw kicked back and sliced my throat wide open. While on the other side, I witnessed the totality of simultaneous time and experienced the complete absence of fear and negativity attached to it. I further saw that our thoughts must be merged into Simultaneous Time to create a Simultaneous Time Mindset, that can form our bionic thoughts and eliminate the energy of fear and negativity from our minds.

It was 85 years ago when Albert Einstein predicted the existence of simultaneous time.  Science confirmed it in 1971.  Einstein knew that space and time are fused together with motion, leading to the mind-bending realization that there is no difference between the past, the present, and the future because it is all happening simultaneously.

To confirm this, check out the video in the link below.


My Near-Death Experience (NDE) revealed that our understanding of time is only a slice of the simultaneous totality of time.  Time also includes pre-time events, that took place before the beginning of time, and post time events, that will take place after time, as we know, it ends.

Since returning from my NDE, it took me over 20 years to perfect THE STEP, my Simultaneous Time Empowerment Program. THE STEP is the only program available today that stops the energy of fear and negativity from entering the mind by merging our thoughts into Simultaneous Time.  It further eliminates fear so anyone can unleash their life purpose and infinite potentials far exceeding anything they ever dreamed was possible.   

For the convenience of anyone who wants to quantify the level of hope and thought potential they are presently accessing, I have created a free and simple 2-step CQ-Cognitive Quotient Challenge on my website www.beyondconsciousness.info. Simply go to the website and click on “Take the (CQ) Cognitive Quotient Challenge.

It is a mind thermometer that quantifies your baseline thought potential and hope at any point in time. The results are simple – the higher your score, the more potential you have tapped into, and the more fulfilling and impactful your life can be.

THE DR. VERONICA BONUS- Indicate you’ve taken the Cognitive Quotient Challenge because you read this blog on DrVeronica.com and I will provide you with an extra 15 minutes of free consultation time to discuss what your level of hope and thought potential means for you.

Time is not the problem; the problem is how we understand time.  

Enjoy the journey!


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