“Beauty rituals are as ancient as time,” says Huffington Post writer and beauty expert. Well, I agree! Our world has seen an array of beauty practices across various cultures for many generations. For ages, natural substances like spices and plant extracts have been utilized in unique ways to promote beautiful skin, hair, nails and bodies. While these natural treatments help, a person’s health plays a large part in what is considered beautiful. Healthy people are always beautiful. Moreover, health is something that radiates from the inside out; when someone possesses inner wellness, they exude beauty. It’s as simple as that! With that being said, the supplement of natural outer beauty doesn’t hurt.

There are many ways to stay healthy and beautiful, aside from hitting the metropolitan gym, lifting weights, and indulging in fat booster smoothies. Nature offers an incredibly diverse bounty of beauty “products.” According to a Huffington Post article, the popular skin moisturizer of our convenient stores and beauty shops, shea butter, actually originates from a nut that falls from the karite trees in West Africa. Shea butter’s well known properties of skin enhancement include stretch mark prevention for pregnant women to protecting skin from free radicals.

Another natural beauty supplement? Tumeric! This common spice used in curry sauces also boasts antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities. “In India, it’s common tradition for brides and grooms to apply a paste of turmeric and chickpea flour before their big day,” the article shares, “In addition to turmeric’s bacteria-killing powers, chickpea flour is an exfoliant and a moisture-absorber.”

Anti-aging beauty products are probably the most highly sought after of all. What woman hitting her later years doesn’t desire to reverse a few wrinkles? Well, argan oil, extracted solely from the Argan tree in Morocco, is an amazing source of vitamin E and fatty acids. It’s benefits range from wrinkle treatment to acne prevention – it can even enhance the beauty and richness of your hair!

This “product” is not for the faint of heart. A longtime treatment for sun spots, acne marks and pigmentation in Japan is nightingale droppings. I’m not kidding! “The bird excrement — rich in proteins and a whitening enzyme — is sterilized, ground into a powder and sometimes mixed with rice bran. The powder is then applied to the face and washed off with water.” Nobody ever said that beauty is pain-free.

Beauty takes many shapes when considering the global perspective. Across the world, the variety of beauty practices and products used can overwhelm. But when thinking about your own personal beauty, consider the many natural options you have to choose from. Try something new, and decrease your impact on the globe through product processing. Finally, know that your true beauty begins within your heart and soul. Practice feeding yourself healthy foods, living an active lifestyle, nurturing yourself with positive affirmations, and connecting with your God during meditation and prayer. From there, adding the natural creams and makeup will only supplement the outer beauty that you already possess.