breastfeedingSince October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let us take a look at breastfeeding and how it can lower cancer risk.

If you breastfeed for more than a year, you can reduce your breast cancer risk for multiple reasons.

1.) Producing milk limits breast cells’ ability to act strangely.

2.) Women have lower estrogen levels caused by fewer menstrual cycles when their breastfeeding.

3.) When breastfeeding, women make better health choices especially because they’re caring for their children.

A study conducted by Swedish scientists suggests that there is a multitude of health benefits for breastfeeding. Apparently, women with breast cancer who gave birth and breastfed for more than six months had higher chances of survival than women who didn’t give birth.

The researchers analyzed a group of 630 women from the ages 25-74 from 1988 to 1992 in Sweden.

Over 275 had died when the researchers started the study in 2004 while ten women were in hospital care.

They distributed a questionnaire to 345 women to inquire about their breastfeeding history and pregnancy. They included the number of children they have given birth to and the entire duration of their breastfeeding.

Since Sweden has nationalized health insurance, the researchers were able to study the records of the women who weren’t able to complete the questionnaire. They were able to utilize 91 records of the women.

In the final analysis, over 266 of 341 women gave birth. The study found a shorter length of breastfeeding in the women who had died compared to those who lived.

Because of this, the length of breastfeeding and the number of pregnancies were linked to breast cancer survival.

For most women, breastfeeding is an immensely personal decision requiring much dedication, but knowing these facts might encourage you to breastfeed more to lessen the risk of breast cancer.