How well do you know what your body needs, in today’s fast paced, supplement-overdosed lifestyle? How do you treat your pain – with clinical treatments, alternative herbal treatments or more significant lifestyle changes that are based on a holistic approach to understanding your body?

Now, I’m not a wack-a-doodle who is encouraging my audience to lean totally left or right on a controversial medical topic. Rather, I believe in an open-minded and flexible approach that is willing to explore possible treatments to heal our bodies in the best way possible. So I’m pleased to have recently published a Blog Talk Radio Show that featured energy healers, energy medicine practitioners and spiritual intuitives. One of my expert guests was author and healer Inna Segal, who discussed the pivotal points behind her book, The Secrets Language of Your Body.

After her own physical healing experience, Segal created Visionary Intuitive Healing to help people understand how the body heals naturally. We can sense and understand what is happening within our body in order to heal its illnesses. Often brushed aside by our society’s mainstream medical beliefs, this very valid form of healing, tragically, receives little attention and recognition from Americans today. A physical healing process that shows no side effects, Segal has a repertoire of stories from patients – including children – that she has helped to heal from arthritis, cancer and other serious illnesses. As a guiding light into her patients’ brokenness, Segal works with others to understand and acknowledge their body, move their negative energy and remove their emotional blocks (anger, fear, grief, doubt) to heal from the resulting deadly physical diseases.

Trust me when I say that these are not “miracle cures” but rather real and practical solutions from energy healers who work directly with patients or in cooperation with western doctors. Another such healer is Terri Jay, a medical intuitive, who has the gift that many would refer to as “psychic,” where she can “see” the physical ailments of others’ and detect the emotions that caused the problem. Jay jokingly calls these emotion-driven problems, “issues in the tissues.” Stress, fear, anxiety and doubt are all toxic emotions, according to Jay, that are derived from our thoughts based on deeply rooted subconscious beliefs that we have developed from childhood throughout our experiences, growing up.

What does this mean for you and me? We have the power to heal our bodies by taking the challenge to change our personal energy. How do we do this? Based on the advice of these two experienced medical intuitive experts, we must identify the source of our physical illness in our emotions. Something that’s not easy to face, we need to identify the specific origin of our inner soul’s dis-ease that is manifesting itself in a tangible bodily disease. I encourage you to put your assumptions and set-ways aside for a moment to really consider the power of positive change that could occur in your physical health by attempting to grasp a healing method that you were not previously familiar with. Buy the books. Do the homework. Heal your body like you never have before!

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