Too often chocolate receives a bad rap for being the reason behind unwanted pounds, acne and other maladies. Now it’s time to celebrate chocolate for its good. Cacao, or chocolate, has long been considered an aphrodisiac and for many years, physicians recommended chocolate to boost the libido.

As the story goes, Moctezuma II, who ruled the Aztec Empire in the 1500s, supposedly drank 50 cups of spiced chocolate a day to sustain his virility. In addition to possibly ramping up one’s sex life chocolate provides a host of other benefits. It possesses antioxidant properties, serves as a diuretic and rids the body of fluids, can be a laxative, has nutrients such as Vitamin B and E, chromium, which is known to suppress the appetite, copper, potassium, amino acids and iron, which is beneficial for anemia sufferers.

The key is to know what types of chocolate to consume. Milk chocolate and white chocolate may be tempting because they’re so tasty but those are not the healthier options. Instead, look for dark chocolate that has a high (70 to 80 percent) level of cacao but is low in sugar, flavorings and oils.

There’s no need to wait until next Valentine’s Day to buy that special someone a box of chocolates. The food should be enjoyed year round.