Functional Fix Action Plan

How Do You Know If the Functional Fix Action Plan is Right for You?

I believe you’re here for a reason. Somewhere along the way, doctors and traditional medicine have let you down. By now you’re frustrated and tired of hearing that prescriptions, pills, potions and surgeries are the answer to your problems.The Functional Fix Action Plan is for you if you suffer from hormone imbalance, an autoimmune disorder such as fibromyalgia, excess belly fat, rheumatoid arthritis, hypo or hyperthyroidism, anxiety, depression, low testosterone or other sexual dysfunction, stress, digestive issues (such as leaky gut), allergies, skin conditions, or chronic fatigue.If you have multiple issues happening at once, you’ll need more attention and the Rejuvenation Journey may be a better fit for you.(If you don’t see your issue listed here, please schedule a complimentary consultation – or complete our assessment formso we can advise you on the best fit for you.)

How We’ll Work Together

As a Functional Medical Practitioner, I use a unique coaching approach to your health care. You and I will work together to create a wellness strategy designed to heal your specific symptoms, while simultaneously addressing the root causes of your ailments and inflammation. Our goal is to create a healthy mind, body and spirit. Together we’ll use our tools to achieve that outcome.I work in partnership with you and your primary care physician to assess your overall health and wellness care. You will absolutely continue to see your current doctor.Aside from the personal support you receive from me, you’ll receive additional programs and services customized to get your mind, body spirit on a healthy path. Here’s everything that’s included in the Functional Wellness Action Plan.

Your Functional Fix Action Plan Includes:


Interactive Attention, Accountability & Support

Initial Consultation: Phone or video consulting via or other conferencing software, 60-90 minutes.Up to 5 (five) 30-Minute Follow-Up Consultations with the Doctor*90-Day Implementation PlanIndividual Health Coaching: Includes 10 convenient, virtual visits per year with 3 months. Conveniently add additional sessions a la carte. Guidance with implementation and action from experienced practitioners from various backgrounds.Group Health Coaching Calls: Up to 5 (five) virtual meetings with 2-8 people. Group coaching is hugely beneficial. Get advice and encouragement from others with similar health concerns. That question you’re thinking of asking… someone else may have the same question too.Twine Health App: The Twine application gives you frequent reminders and tracking data, as well as a communication portal between you, the doctor and health coaches between your appointments. The Twine app allows us to see your progress, and ask specific questions at the click of a few buttons from your smart phone. The Twine app also syncs with other popular health apps such as Apple Health and Google Health. We can also track particular habits, home tests and labs all in one place. This allows the doctor and health coaches to recommend adjustments to your plan between visits or recommend visits if they detect an issue arising way before it becomes a big deal.


 Consultation, Assessment

Laboratory Work Analysis: Bring your labs from your other doctors and we will read them together from a functional approach. We will also decide what other labs may be helpful. (The cost of lab testing is not included)Unlimited E-mail Support between Appointments: Never feel left out in the cold. Help and support is always a few clicks away. Get what you need between visits. Eliminate the “What did my doctor say and how am I supposed to do that?” factor.



Live Online Classes: with Question & Answer sessionsTeaching Videos: Learn at your own pace in between consultations. Easily reference videos any time from any device.Access to ALL current and future online coursework, material and videos.



Virtual Meetings: Save time and money, no waiting in office, no commute.Email Support: For the answers you need in between virtual visits.Online Management: For payment, scheduling and refill requests.Virtual Office Hours: For convenient question and answers.Group Office Hours: With questions and answer sessions led by doctors and health coaches.


 Transparent Pricing

15% Discount: On all nutraceutical supplements through Fullscript, the preferred online dispensary of Functional Medical Practitioners. Unlike other online ordering portals, you have a 100% assurance you’re getting genuine, effective, food grade nutraceutical supplements.Up Front Pricing: No insurance means no surprise bills in the mail, no confusing copays or hidden costs. Most importantly, as your Functional Medical Practitioner, I work for YOU! My health implementation plans are not handcuffed by bureaucratic rules set by health insurance companies.


Action Plans

Twine Health app: The Twine application gives you frequent reminders and tracking data, as well as a communication portal between you and I between your appointments. The Twine app allows you and I to see your progress, and ask specific questions at the click of a few buttons.Membership in Medicine World Online Community: This member’s only forum is the place to discuss health topics, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s disease, muscular dystrophy, ADHD, Lyme disease, and a host of other health and mental concerns. This is a doctor and health coach-moderated space in which you can interact with others who are on the same journey. You can learn from each other. When the doctors and health coaches see questions, they can answer them. (This is not a substitute for individual sessions and no personal information will be addressed in the online forum). The doctor and health coach commonly post interest articles and videos and also post about upcoming Group Coaching and Online Classes as well as community events of note.Member Events and Partner Discounts: For holistic and health related products and services.

What’s NOT Included:

  • The costs of nutraceuticals and supplements are not included with your membership fees.
  • The cost of lab testing is not included. Some lab tests are fully or partially covered by your health insurance plan.
  • Some laboratory tests may not be covered or may require a co-pay.
  • Emergency and specialist care are not included.
  • In most cases, Flexible Spending Account(FSA)/Healthcare Spending Account (HAS) dollars may be applied to tests and medications.
  • Medications, (whether prescribed or over-the-counter) are not included in your Medicine World Enterprises plan. WE do not prescribe any pharmaceuticals or recommend any changes in pharmaceuticals. You must return to your prescribing doctor to have medications refilled or changes. You should not discontinue any medications without the consent of your prescribing doctor.
  • Neither Medicine World Enterprises or Dr. Veronica Anderson are a replacement or substitute for health insurance or your primary care doctor.

Ready to Get Started?

$397 Registration (one time) – $197 monthly ($200 Savings) or $2127 Annually (Save over $235)


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