New to gardening? Jerry Fritz of Linden Hill Gardens in Upper Bucks County, PA, offers a few tips for those who aim to be Martha Stewart yet are more likely to shop at Home Depot.

Because Home Depot buys in such volume, bargains are plenty. However, he cautions consumers. “They have good plants but their staff is not trained in horticulture. Buyer beware. You have to be careful. And get the plants when they get unloaded because they have a lot of plants there and have less time to take care of them.”

If you’re in the market for tomatoes, you’re less likely to find an heirloom than a big boy or beefmaster.

Opt for Proven Winners, a practical line of high-performing plants that have been tested for two to three years.

Fill in your garden with shades of blue. The hue can have a calming effect because it reminds some people of the ocean.

Invest in soil. Soil prep is key so splurge if you can and incorporated with organic material

Find the right spot for your plant. Make sure its position in the house or garden is correct. Areas that are too shady or too windy can kill a plant – and your confidence with a green thumb. Start seeds with grow lights but really you want natural light, which makes window sills perfect for some.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take a whisky barrel, fill it with good soil, plant lettuce and carrots and watch your garden grow.