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First, it is important to work with a certified health coach who is also a medical doctor. My goal is always to balance vital Western medical techniques with those employed by a proven holistic health coach.

Following is a breakdown of each of my coaching opportunities. I often find that clients book single calls for either 30 or 60 minutes and then transition to Group Coaching and Mastemind levels with three and six month plans, depending upon their needs.

I also offer Medical Intuitive Readings. For that service, please click here to see what is included and how to book a reading. Issues and topics illuminated in the medical intuitive readings can then be followed by coaching sessions, either group or private, to help you determine and implement strategies for sustainable changes in your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Half-Hour Private Health Coaching Session

The ideal solution for anyone who has a single, pressing issue and is looking for a quick and inexpensive solution. If you have tried other doctors or gambled with nutritional supplements, you will find this to be a breath of fresh air. I will devote my full resources as a medical intuitive, a certified health coach, and as a medical doctor to uncover the source of your problem. I will recommend the most useful and effective ways to treat the illness that extend beyond the boundaries that limit traditional Western medical physicians. You will be able to apply these treatments immediately. Calls are limited to 30 minutes.

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One-Hour Private Health Coaching Session

An hour-long holistic health coaching session is appropriate for those with circumstances that involve physical complications extending beyond a single issue. If you are experiencing significant health issues and do not have a firm grasp on the cause or if that issue is generating associated problems, a full hour may be necessary. We will thoroughly probe your health history will respect to those concerns and together we will arrive at suggestions for improvement.

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Follow-up Session

If you would like to know more after a Medical Intuitive Reading or a half-hour or one-hour health consultation, this is the session for you. People invariably have questions because they do not understand something, have more questions about the discussion, or have run into difficulty when they attempt to implement change. In addition, for every client who has had a psychic reading or a health consultation, more strategies will come to me via my clairvoyant and claircognizant senses which include spiritual exercises, physical recommendations, foods to eat or avoid, and complementary and alternative therapies to improve or speed healing.

Gold Private Health Coaching – 3 Months

A three-month coaching package is appropriate for those with conditions that are more chronic in nature. This time frame also works well for those who are experiencing health issues that may be affecting family life, career, or any other related situations. Over the three month period, I will help you make the necessary changes to not only alleviate or minimize the illness, but I will help make sure that the condition progresses toward optimal health. The goal will be to implement a treatment plan that improves your overall wellness, not just one that masks the symptoms.

Three-Month program includes:

  • Six (6) 1-hour phone/Skype sessions
  • Three (3) 15-minute quick answer calls (use at your convenience)
  • FREE recording of each session
  • One follow-up email support for each call
  • FREE 6-month subscription to the Path to Wellness Master Class (group coaching)

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Platinum Elite Private Health Coaching – 6 Months

A six-month plan works best for anyone with recurring health issues that other health professionals have been unable to address. This package is for those who are truly committed to making significant changes in any aspect of their lives that is negatively affecting their health. Often, these changes require complete adjustments in physical activity, nutrition, self-awareness, and much more. Very few people are able to make these changes on their own. They often turn to self-help gurus or others who are simply not qualified to address the core conditions creating the problems.

That is the advantage of working with a medical intuitive and certified health coach, who is also a medical doctor. At the end of the six-month period, you can expect a significant reduction or elimination of the physical ailments you had been experiencing. You will be on the pathway to completely regenerating yourself, as your emotional and spiritual understanding will be markedly increased in addition to having the tools necessary to alter negative physical conditions.

Six-Month program includes:

  • Twelve (12) 1-hour phone/Skype sessions
  • Six (6) 15-minute quick answer calls (use at your convenience, not recorded)
  • FREE recording of each 1-hour session
  • FREE transcription of each session
  • FREE UNLIMITED follow-up email support
  • FREE 1-year subscription to the Path to Wellness Master Class (group coaching)

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Path to Wellness Group Coaching

A group-coaching package offers you an opportunity to participate in online sessions twice a month for 90 minutes. During this time, you can learn from me, other professionals, and those who present their health problems for my coaching in an online classroom-like setting. Confidentiality is maintained, as participants are able to log on anonymously. With other individuals in the group you have the ability to engage with people with similar circumstances and needs. You can just listen in, submit questions online, and/or call in and ask questions. Each session will have a live question and answer phase before closing. The entire session is recorded and you will have access to it at a future point.

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Path to Wellness Mastermind

The Mastermind level is for a group of 10 people only. This intimate setting enables greater individual participation, as my conversations rotates to the very health issues presented by those in the group. Two or more topics will be presented in each session. Guest holistic health coaches will be invited on specifically to meet the needs of the group members. Sessions will be recorded for later listening. Included is one half hour private session with me. There is a question-and-answer session that follows these group sessions. You also will have access to participation in the other Group coaching sessions.

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Bonus Features

Recording – for Half-Hour, One-Hour, and Follow-up private sessions

During your session, you will hear many new ideas related to your physical, emotional, and spiritual states including paths to resolving these issues. Although you may wish to take notes, I recommend that you sit or lie comfortably during the session and just listen and interact with me. Later, you can benefit from listening to the recorded session to gain more nuance and perspective.

Now is your chance to get the recording of your session at a reduced price, as the content will likely become relevant as you progress on your journey.


Add the transcript to your recording. The transcript allows you to clarify names and spelling of any terms that you hear on your recording that may be unfamiliar. Trust me, in the medical field there are many esoteric terms. Knowing these will later allow you to look up terminology.

In addition, a transcript enables you to pull it up and read it anywhere; you can scan it quickly for precisely the section you need at a particular time.

Mastermind – for Half-Hour, One-Hour, and Follow-up private sessions

Many times clients who work one-on-one with me wish to also participate in group settings. I can provide Mastermind services to them at a discount.

Path to Wellness – for Half-Hour, One-Hour, and Follow-up private sessions

Alternatively, I can provide 3 months access to Path to Wellness group coaching.