All this hype about Valentine’s Day is fine – the flowers, the candy – the whatever-else-suits-you all.  But look, I have in idea.  There is new research that is saying the way MEN eat affect babies.  So I’M saying, when it comes time to decide where to have dinner this V-Day, let your MAN decide.

Hey, what better way to see if he’s heading in the direction of gross or gorgeous than to let him lead the way?

Here’s the thing.  Researchers followed some male rats after were fed way too much and ended up really, really fat.  Then they paired those fat mice with normal ones – and studied the results of their offspring.  You guessed it – the babies were not picture perfect thin and healthy.

What they found is very interesting.  It looks like what baby’s mama eats ain’t all that matters anymore.  Fat dads have an impact on their kids too.  His bad diet can pass on a propensity for the kid to be a big and fat kid.  Even though they’ve done these studies before, the thing that sets this one apart is that the scientists kept an eye on the mice from an early stage, regularly feeding them a low-protein diet the whole time, and when the time came to compare results– they studied the mice’s sperm.   Let me tell you – the results are crazy!  Who knew that a baby’s future health could be dependent on the eating habits of its father?  So now we know that both father’s and mother’s eating habit affect the genetic code of their kids, let’s be smart about it.

Here’s the lesson here people:  (especially you men out there)

EAT BETTER.  If you eat well now, you’ll make sure your future generations will be healthy too – and who doesn’t want that?  With men, it’s not like it is with us women, where whatever that goes into our body gets transferred over to the baby.  With guys, it’s more like their sperm are getting damaged.  Do YOU want damaged goods going toward making your baby?  Not me.

The other thing is this.  Wouldn’t you want to know in advance if your baby’s health is going to be great or not?  Going out to dinner with your man, especially if he’s the one you’re thinking about having kids with, is a perfect way to see if he’s the one who’ll be best.  Animals do it.  They test each other out before deciding who they want to have kids with.  So why shouldn’t we?

The underlying thing to remember here is that we all – need to be eating healthier.  There are a million reasons why and these researchers have found one more.  So have fun at dinner but watch what he eats!