Welcome to today’s guest bloggers, Darlene and Ken Tipton, authors of Karma Sense!  The Tiptons are entertainment industry veterans; she was a network television executive for over 40 years, and he is an actor-writer-producer.  Together they produced the film “Heart Of The Beholder”, which holds the record for the most Best Independent Feature Film awards.  This eclectic couple also owns a multi-media production company, a pooper scooper company, and love to fly ultralight aircraft.  Darlene is also a five-time Jeopardy champion.


Karma Sense:  How to Increase your Personal Karma Quotient and Enhance Your Quality of Life!


Do you want to live a happy and fulfilled life?  Of course, you do!  Happiness and fulfillment have less to do with how we’re treated and much more to do with how we treat others.  When we focus on treating those around us with kindness and promoting positivity, we not only brighten the lives of those we touch.  In turn, we also improve our own happiness, well-being, and wealth.  Everything you think reflects on your life sooner or later, and so does everything you do, starting with words and ending with actions.

Sometimes it seems like the world is caught in an endless cycle of acrimony and retribution. From wars and terrorist attacks to petty slights and insults that explode into full-blown disputes and destroy relationships, bad behavior seems to reign. Yet you don’t have to look far to find people who practice kindness and intentionally work to sow peace, friendship, and goodwill.

The philosophy of Karma is accepted and practiced around the world, even if the word Karma isn’t used or even known.  Good Karma comes from simply doing the right thing.  Own your actions, make amends, then move ahead.

You are the ruler of your life.  You hold the key to both happiness and misery for yourself and those around you, whether its family, a friend, a co-worker or a complete stranger.

Darlene and Ken, aka Karma Dar and Karma Ken, have created a unique website based on this premise:  www.AmazingKarma.com, which encourages and acknowledges acts of kindness, courtesy, and honesty while exposing acts of unkindness, discourtesy, and dishonesty through the use of Karma Cards.  Green Karma Cards are awarded for acts of goodness, however small, and Red Karma Cards are given to gently steer someone away from a thoughtless or even unintentionally unkind act.  Every time a Karma Card is registered at the website, a Karma Point is generated.  When enough Karma Points have been generated, the Tiptons will convert the points to Karma Cash, which can be used to obtain a gift certificate or gift card from any retailer on the planet, or – more good Karma! – the Karma Cash will be donated in the user’s name to any registered 501(3)(c) charity to keep the good Karma moving forward.

The Tiptons are so passionate about this positive project that they are giving away Karma Cards for free – no shipping, no handling.  Registration on the website is also completely free.

The Tiptons also have a newly-published eBook, “Karma Sense:  How To Increase Your Personal Karma Quotient And Enhance Your Quality Of Life” which contains over 100 simple, everyday suggestions on how to make your life happier and better through small actions and deeds – even with your pets!


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