We welcome this week’s guest blogger, Sue Pighini. shutterstock_280963784Sue is a certified Transformational Life Coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified Intuitive Healer and former corporate executive.  Her recent book, Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye, highlights hers and others Near Death Experiences and her life-long transformation.

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Living from Your Intuitive Heart

I have been struck by lightning and had a Near Death Experience, been held up at gunpoint by a murderer, and had a life-threatening bout with cancer.  In each of these dire situations, a different, distinct angelic voice came to me to give me exact steps to save my life.  In the many intervening years, I struggled to find answers to questions of “why” these events happened.  What I finally realized was that I had to take a chance on changing my life, RIGHT THEN and sharing that path with others.

For more than 30 years, I traveled a path of discovery for the connection between who I was and who I wanted to be.   Many years followed of working with some of the most gifted intuitives and spiritual teachers in the country.  They taught me to believe in myself and discover my own heart-centered guidance. We each have the answers to every question we ask ourselves.  Sometimes, we don’t believe we are qualified or “good enough” to realize those answers.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Intuition as a “sixth sense, instinct, or gut feeling” that everyone has.  It’s like a muscle and it needs exercise to put it into good use.  Your intuition resides in your heart.  It’s your heart that guides you to find answers about what to do in challenging, decision-making times.  The most powerful energy in the universe is love and that passion for yourself and others resides in your heart.  There is an invisible golden thread that connects you to your angelic realm. It links your heart to your “matrix” of sacred guidance (birthplace of angelic/human communication).

How do you recognize that connection and activate it?   First, you do not have to go through a life-threatening experience to know that you are connected to divine wisdom.  I have learned over the years how to listen and learn from my guidance/intuition.  Here are some of the techniques I use:

Stop the frenetic pace of life and breathe.

Stop and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat it 3 to 4 times.  Hold that breath at the top of the in-breath and  let it out slowly through your mouth.

Find quiet time each day to allow your intuition to speak to you.

It could be after the kids go to school in the morning, when you’re on a commute on a plane or train (I use headphones), outside on a walk or run – just some place where you unplug and get some answers.

Plan to spend several hours a day or even a full day alone.

 If you can find a day, disconnect from the world.  Your angelic guidance needs “a quiet space” to be able to activate that golden thread of connection to your heart.

After you have done these disconnect exercises for several weeks, you will find that you want to jot down any information that pops into your head.  These words you hear are the beginning of your celestial conversation. It will become stronger each time you recognize its presence.

How do you recognize that conversation?  It feels like it has no fear!  It speaks in an all-loving voice of comforting advice.

Now, why is this divine guidance important to you?  It is the inner voice that keeps your body healthy and your mind clear.  Knowing that you have an angelic army that “has your back” is so reassuring. You will begin to trust yourself more in your decision making process.  This path of positive feedback from your heart will help guide you in maintaining your physical well-being.  The concept that the “body has wisdom” and will tell you when you need to address a physical or emotional issue comes directly from your enhanced intuition living in your heart space.

Your desire to create change in your life will give you the greatest confidence to live a life of deep personal satisfaction and joy.


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