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Implementing Lifestyle Medicine in a Scientific Way

Understanding the role your health history plays in your health future.

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It’s my core belief that doctors should focus on health and wellness. One of my goals is to make sure you, my client, are an active participant – not recipient – in your healthcare.I believe doctors should get the whole picture. I don’t just want to know about your current health crisis — I want to know how you got here. If I’m going to work with you to put out the fires and ease your inflammation, we must work together to find the cause.Your Living Matrix report is Invaluable for helping Functional Practitioners like me figure out the “cause of the cause.” Based on your Living Matrix report, I can identify the systems in your body that are out of order.

That’s why the Living Matrix is such a helpful tool.

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What is the Living Matrix, and why is it important to you and your health?

By enrolling in and completing your Living Matrix profile, you’re giving me a 360-degree picture of your health situation. With a full history, I can identify the root causes of your core imbalances and inflammation. Then we’ll create a plan to relieve your symptoms and prevent future inflammation and imbalance.Watch this video of how easy it is to complete Living Matrix:

Here are some additional benefits of creating a complete Living Matrix profile:

  • Your Living Matrix report gives any doctor or specialist the exact information needed to understand the current state of your health, history, and trends.
  • There’s no need for the doctor to ask you repetitive questions about your health history on every visit.
  • Participating in Living Matrix will save you tons time in the intake process. Because your appointments are virtual, participating in Living Matrix eliminates the need to print out, handwrite, and scan in your intake forms. This allows you to spend your valuable appointment time talking with me about your concerns.
  • Easy to digest, 360-degree picture of your health and goals. We can clearly identify when and where you might have gotten off track. Because I use a one on one coaching style, we can create an immediate action plan to course-correct before problems get out of control.
  • If you experience an emergency while traveling, you can easily access your records online. This is especially helpful if you’ve been afraid to travel because of complex medical conditions.

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Most health problems are caused by one of the seven core imbalances. Your Living Matrix profile helps us identify these imbalances. In many cases, we can immediately implement one of the below strategies to get you on the path to health and wellness.

The DNA Diet Program – the DNA Diet uses data from your bloodwork to determine how your genes may affect food sensitivities and your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Mood Modifier for Depression & Anxiety – Depression and anxiety are influenced by hormones. A well-planned diet and exercise program may trigger the right hormones to alleviate your symptoms.

Adrenal & Hormone Balance – The endocrine system is responsible for your entire body’s hormonal balance. If just one gland is out of sync, your whole body can feel out of whack. A few simple tweaks can restore your balance so that you can get back to thriving again.

Testosterone Topper – Low testosterone is a problem for millions of men and women. This program is designed to combat hair loss, muscle degeneration, and age-related sexual dysfunction.

Winning in Weight Loss – There is no “one size fits all” weight loss program. Your Living Matrix profile gives tremendous insight into your past, so we can explore how to attack your weight problem in the future.

Detoxification Eliminating – Toxins from your diet and environment can provide immediate and long-lasting health benefits. Let me show you how to detox the right way.

Thyroid Reboot – A healthy thyroid gland is critical to a well-functioning body. If you’re suffering from fatigue, chemical imbalance, Grave’s disease, or Hashimoto’s, you may be due for a Thyroid reboot.

Gut & Digestive Restoration – There are hundreds of “culprits” when it comes to digestive and gut problems. Illnesses, antibiotics, food sensitivities and more can cause “leaky gut,” diarrhea and constipation. Let’s find out the “cause of the cause” and restore your digestive health.

Muscle & Bone Booster – Did you know having healthy muscle and bones goes beyond exercising and getting calcium? Your Living Matrix profile will give us the clues needed to make sure you keep adequate muscle tone and strong bones as you age.

10 Blood Sugar and Diabetes – The traditional Western Diet is a recipe for diabetes and blood sugar problems. Let’s create an eating and wellness strategy to get your blood sugar under control and potentially reverse your diabetes.

11 Brain Function Fixer – Brain fog hits everyone now and then. But if you feel frequent Brain Fog or just ‘out of sorts’ I have a regimen which can help you regain your clarity and “snap.”

12 Energy Igniter – Poor food choices, lack of exercise, and inadequate hydration are just a few things which can cause you to feel down and lethargic. The Energy Igniter regimen provides an all-natural boost to get you up and running at full speed.

13 Longevity Support – As we age our metabolism slows, our lifestyles and diets change. It’s possible to stay active and healthy with a few lifestyle “shifts.” The Longevity Support regimen may be right for you!

14 Fertility Finder – Before you shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a specialist or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments, let’s explore the role toxins and diet play in your fertility.

15 Menopause Makeover – Menopause causes physical and emotional changes in your body. Let’s work together to get your hormones in balance. You have many more years to enjoy your beautiful body – don’t let menopause hold you back.

16 Post Cancer Rejuvenation – If you’re recovering from cancer, your body has been ravaged by chemotherapy. Let me create a plan to help repair your cells, restore your energy, and rejuvenate your spirit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Living Matrix included in my package?

The Living Matrix is automatically included in the Rejuvenation Journey Package.Living Matrix is not included in the Functional Fix package. You may add the Living Matrix Evaluation for a one-time investment of $397.00. (Once you sign up for this package, send us an email requesting the discount link). Without Living Matrix, you will fill out the normal intake forms, scan them and email them back to us. (See below to tell you WHY the doctor recommends the Living Matrix over doing paper intake forms)For clients who would like the evaluation before deciding to join a membership or invest in a package program, the investment for the Living Matrix Evaluation is $597.00. A 60-90 minute session to discuss what is in your Living Matrix is included.Yes. I will go for the Living Matrix Evaluation.The Rejuvenation Journey is right for me. Sign me up NOW

What’s involved in getting started with Living Matrix?

Once you receive your Living Matrix login credentials, you can immediately begin to create your Living Matrix. Since the data is automatically saved online, you do not have to complete it all at once AND you can go back and fill in information that you may have forgotten.

How do I get a copy of my Living Matrix report?

You will have your own account on Living Matrix. There is the ability to download your report at any time and print it out.

Is Living Matrix a one-and-done service or is it used in some way going forward in my care?

Once you have a profile in Living Matrix which include many different types of assessments. Those assessments can be completed again in follow up visits and this is a wonderful way to be able to track your improvements so you are able to see clearly the improvements in your health. Also, Living Matrix is used continuously to write a Functional Medicine Prescription with very specific nutritional plans, supplement protocols, testing recommendations, fitness And other lifestyle modification explanations, hand outs, etc which will remain in your account to use at any time. This eliminates confusion that a lot of people have after they leave doctors appointments and allows smoother implementation of your health recommendations. Let’s Get Started with Living Matrix

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