America is a beneficiary of some of the world’s most advanced medical technologies. Many of our country’s doctors work in state of the art facilities with unbeatable equipment. And the tools and resources are only becoming more advanced by the day! Laser surgeries that have perfected vision, artificial intelligence that has allowed invasive surgeries to become less dangerous, and monitoring systems that alert medical attention at the slightest concern of heart rate shift. We are truly lucky to live at the fingertips of such incredible medical practice. And the medicines themselves… medication treatments have also come a long way too, right? There are so many drugs available in today’s pharmaceutical marketplace, that there should be no reason for anyone to suffer pain or discomfort. Right…? Sounds pretty great, right?

Not so, says my recently featured radio talk show guests, KC Craichy and his wife Monica (former Miss Florida pageant winner). KC Craichy, author of The Super Health Diet claims that incorporating nutritious, wholesome super foods into your daily routine is the key to long term health… not today’s cheap vitamins, supplements and medical treatments. Craichy’s wife, Monica, became critically depressed after a series of life changes that left her sleep- and nutrient-deprived. After a concoction of medicines were offered to her, the couple finally said no to drugs! KC says that aside from some critically necessary medications for thyroid and diabetes conditions, “the truth is that drugs really seldom are the answer.” Pharmaceutical drugs, actually, are only a band-aid that patches the symptom of the real underlying problems from an unhealthy diet.

Rather than loading up on expensive medications to tame our body’s distress signals from malnourishment, KC suggests that the solution is to become better friends with the top most important super foods – those natural foods that are highest in the nutrients that our body needs to fight disease, depression and illnesses. When considering super food nutrition, KC says, “there are 50 plus essential nutrients that we know we have to have in our diet because our body can’t make those things.” His healthy food plan combines those nutrients with key super foods including, “broccoli, spinach, kale, spirulina, barley grass, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry,” then your body will get everything it needs to fight on its own without an alphabet soup of drugs to mask the symptoms of illness.

Basically, people, you cannot just eat crappy foods and take multivitamins and expect to still be fit! Healthy foods are the core basis of building your fitness, short term and long term. There is no secret ingredient – no quick fix – that will be your key to perfect health. Our overweight population is a result of our society of instant gratification. But, I’m here to tell you that just like my health-conscious colleagues like KC Craichy agree, you must take an educated approach to whole-body health. You may lose a few pounds, but more importantly, you might just save not only your life, but the life of those around you.

Okay, the most important bottom line is this: you do not have to let our pharmaceutically advanced marketplace dictate how you treat and prevent illness for your body and your loved ones’ bodies. When you are eating the foods and nutrients that your body needs, medical supplements and drug treatments are not necessary (aside from key medical conditions). Beauty and wellness radiates from the inside and flows through to your external beauty, so start with the right key nutrients and foods.