If Only I Could Eat...

Instead of focusing on a single food this week, Dr. Veronica looks at the overall pH balance of everything we eat. With “pH diet” and “alkaline diet” being buzz words in today’s wellness community, a vital key to health maintenance is a pH balanced diet, meaning keeping your body more alkaline than acid.

pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity in any solution. Your body has a pH level too—and you can tip it toward alkaline by eating certain fruits (like lemons, limes, grapefruits, cherries, avocados and tomatoes), vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. Avoid acidic foods such as dairy products, meats, refined and cooked carbohydrates (such as bread and rice), and cooked fats (including fried food, hydrogenated oils and roasted nuts).

Acidic foods can help lead to a multitude of health problems, including gout, a painful type of arthritis caused by high uric acid in your blood, heart disease, allergies, and acne—primarily a Western condition, thanks to our food choices—and cancer.

“The body does well when it is alkaline,” Dr. Veronica says. “When it’s acid, people do extremely poorly. They have diseases. So for instance, people who have cancer tend to be acidic. They alkalize their diet, and sometimes cancer can go away.”