Medical Intuitive Readings

What to Expect During Medical Intuitive Readings

A medical intuitive reading (MIR) is a highly organized psychic reading, focusing on your physical body and health as it relates to your emotional and spiritual state. An MIR combines intuitive abilities and skills with full traditional medical training.

Over the course of an hour-long phone session, I use my highly developed psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and other senses outside the physical realm to read and assess clients.

I am available for sessions via phone or Skype. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Introduction – After a brief introduction over the telephone, I will be able to ascertain specific emotionally connected situations that are counterproductive to your health. I need only your full name and birthdate to begin the process.
  • Physical Analysis – Following the emotional analysis, your physical body will be assessed, including head, neck, heart, lungs, thyroid, and all other organs. In this process, I look for markers of issues within your physical body. Any issues are perceived as images in my mind’s eye. If issues are detected, I will provide an interpretation of these visions.
  • Interactive History Illnesses are all associated with lifestyle choices, heredity and environmental factors. I will assess these factors as they come to me. Some you may already be aware of and others will be completely new to you.
  • Emotional Undertones – We will discuss the emotional factors that are contributing to your diminished health, including stress, career, family issues, and so on. I will help you understand which stressors are associated with specific issues in your body, and WHY.
  • Solutions – At the conclusion of the session, I will provide feedback and recommendations on conventional Western remedies, as well as complementary approaches including (but not limited to) homeopathy, acupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, chiropractic, and nutritional, where appropriate. Suggested actions to take may include dietary adjustments, specific types of physical activity and/or therapy, and recommendations for lifestyle corrections. I will also include recommendations for music and reading that I know, intuitively, will speed your progress. Affirmations and other spiritual exercises are always included during sessions, and they are one of the most important elements in gaining better health.

Note: As part of my medical intuitive readings, I ask that you sign a consent form that confirms your understanding that the MIR does not constitute a physician-patient relationship. The reading will not result in a standard medical diagnosis and I will not be prescribing pharmaceutical medications or delivering psychotherapy. Currently, the expenses of an MIR are not reimbursable by health insurance.

How It Works

Your health is largely a result of energy imbalances in one of the seven energy centers of your body. My ability to determine these frequencies does not require a physical meeting. I am able to sense them over time and space.

We will discuss your goals for your health and what your expectations are for our session. Next, I will read your energy field and give you immediate feedback. Everyone has a unique energy field that produces vibrations that indicate your current state of health and overall well-being. This will lead to a discovery of the sources and reasons why you have or have had certain illnesses and injuries, no matter how major or minor.

Within the subconscious of each of us resides past experiences and personal beliefs. These include your biases and your relative level of self-confidence, both of which contribute greatly to your health. Nutrition, emotional energy, environmental contributions, and unresolved past events (including events in past lives) can cause or contribute to poor health. Our conversation will enable you to move beyond these. Most people report that they can feel a positive change very quickly, at times even during the call. You will come away with a fuller understanding of the causes of your symptoms with suggestions for improvement.

How to Prepare

The best way to prepare for medical intuitive readings is to list your goals for the session and bring an open heart and mind. Make sure during the call that you are lying down or comfortably seated. Allow about an hour afterward for rest. Following your session, keep in mind that goal setting is a primary indicator of a successful outcome.

Why Phone Sessions Are Best

In-person health analysis sessions can be complicated by face-to-face contact. Because of my extensive medical training, I pick up a lot when I see someone in person. Some of the best information comes organically, without seeing the person. By phone I can receive your information in the clearest and most accurate ways possible. I am exquisitely sensitive to sound, so I pick up information after hearing the vibrations in your voice.

My experience as a medical intuitive enables me to process your information and connect to you completely, because all human beings are connected by energy, no matter who we are and where we are in the world.