Health Creation Meditation


This is your PERSONALIZED & UNIQUE (made only for you) meditation including music selected to bring you the most healing to you and your particular condition and requests.This is for someone who is having a large medical crisis who is about to go through a treatment or is going through it or has just finished the crisis. The purpose of this reading and meditation is for you to understand where to focus emotionally and spiritually.

What You Can Expect No appointment or other interaction is required.Within one week, I will perform a mini reading and create a personalized meditation and affirmation to aid your body and spirit in restoring you to health. You will received an audio recording of your mini reading as well as a recording of your personalized audio and visual meditation.

What I Need From YouPlease provide me with the following information about you: 1) your name, 2) age, 3) gender, 4) diagnosis, 5) your location.

How Much It CostsHealth Creation Meditation: $497