Science is always right… right? Wrong! Recent scientific discoveries have been spun as a solution for our globe’s over-eating population, when in fact it’s a sad excuse for these folks to ignore the true path to health. According to an article written by Matthew Heller, and recently released in Fair Warning, a news source that reports on safety, health and corporate conduct, some British and Swiss genetic researchers have discovered that has implications for obesity-related health problems which as diabetes and heart disease. The researchers studied the relationship between a certain human gene that exists in fat tissue, and they claim that this gene could possibly act as a “master switch” for fat-storing behaviors in the human body.

According to the article, “Even before the new study, the KLF14 gene had been linked to high cholesterol levels and Type 2 diabetes, which has approached epidemic levels worldwide amid a rise in obesity.” Now, nobody can argue that obesity is a problem in certain regions of our world. While some third world countries are full of families striving to find their next meal and suffering from malnourishment, much of our globe is populated by overfed families who – because of their poor diet and lack of physical activity – are suffering from diseases related to overconsumption of food. I’m talking about diabetes, heart disease and more.

Heller writes, “In the U.S., ABC News reports, obesity-related diseases account for nearly 10 percent of an estimated $147 billion a year in medical spending.” That’s a lot of people who are killing themselves with food, who are looking for an easy way out. Although this article does not confirm that the genetic research will lead to a magic weight loss pill or whether the gene KLF14 is “the gene that makes you fat,” the line of thinking is what really gets me going.

This scientific discovery could lead to more excuses for people to be unhealthy. The fact that the scientists are even interested in correlating this gene with body fat storage proves that our population really just wants a quick fix rather than a lifestyle change. If people could just turn their own KLF14 gene “off” like a switch, then they could proceed to eat crap and be a couch potato. No need to eat veggies and visit the gym multiple times per week. Why work hard at taking proper care of your body if we can genetically modify ourselves to do the job?

Science can be truly a pivotal part of health and wellness discoveries, but it is not always to be trusted. The motivation can often be skewed to meet the needs of our population’s consumer desires rather than what’s really good for our health. I encourage all readers to be wary of science that proposes you just wait for the medication to treat your weight-related medical problems, rather than kicking your physical activity up and avoiding the fast food dinners. Don’t use science as an excuse to adopt and/or continue unhealthful behaviors. Your body will thank you for it.