Spiritual Healing Should Be Routine

Is it in Your Doctor’s Toolkit?

As a physician I have evaluated and attempted to help people improve their health. Traditional medicine relies on specific criteria that may not be effective when the data doesn’t indicate a problem. People have often come to me who just could not do it. What is “it”? It is whatever it takes to get people onto a healthy healing pathway. I have worked with people who just “knew” they were going to have a bad outcome or an adverse event. That attitude (actually demonstrating a lack of knowledge) can be inherently dangerous.

When “Something” is Wrong

Often, someone goes into a physician’s office with multiple complaints — and all of the tests come back negative, or not showing anything significant. So the physician tells the person this, and sends that individual on his or her way. Nothing is accomplished.

Most physicians learn to only look at the physical and ignore everything else. But, what about that elephant in the room known as “stress”? We can define stress more specifically as the spiritual and emotional problems that lead to physical illness and disrupt the healing process. Physicians routinely recommend that people reduce stress in their day-to-day lives, but we do not provide any tools that can help them. It is not a part of most medical school curriculum.

The Silent Killer

Stress occurs when people cannot deal with the challenges of life in a constructive way. All of that has to go somewhere, and it’s typically stored in some part of the body…as an injury, as heartache, as a headache, as a cancer. All sorts of degenerative consequences can occur, ranging from personal irritation, to unknowingly alienating friends or family, to destructive choices that will lead to even weaker health.

It is incumbent upon all physicians to consider any possible tool to help people in these deeply emotional and spiritual areas. This does not mean sending them off to a psychiatrist or prescribing Paxil, Ativan, Lyrica, and Chantix or whatever the latest drug Big Pharma is promoting. Of course, medications can help. However, if you are really determined to get beyond whatever ails you physically and/or emotionally, you must do the necessary work to obtain spiritual healing. Drugs only mask the symptoms and manifestations. The cure is found on a far deeper level and spiritual healing is operative.

The Solution

If what I am saying does not resonate with you, click off this page and move on. Keep taking your pills and doing whatever you think is best.

However, if what I am saying really is speaking to you, then it is time you consider working with a physician who is also a medical intuitive.

Medical Intuitive Defined

As a medical intuitive, I assist people as they uncover the root causes of their physical issues, using my clairvoyant abilities and other higher energy senses.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that I can “see” issues.

A medical intuitive is someone who is able to use innate intuitive abilities in combination with at least some measure of traditional medical training to sense health issues on a level beyond where most doctors stop looking. Since I am also a Western-trained medical doctor, I have the full arsenal of traditional Western medical tools. I assure you, this is a rare combination, but one that is receiving considerable attention currently.

My intuitive skills synchronize with my medical training. I understand the circumstances under which each should take precedence. Problems typically arise when people consult a medical intuitive with little to no medical training, or a medical professional that refuses to acknowledge and address the emotional root causes of illness and injuries, and fails to consider the benefits of spiritual healing. Conflicts between the two are inevitable.

The Next Step

If you have been frustrated in the past with the care you have received from your healthcare practitioner, I invite you to explore different treatment options, such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and targeted relaxation techniques, that can complement (not replace) what you are doing or have already done. Please take a few minutes to review the various coaching opportunities available. Feel free to contact me for further information on any aspect of your personal health.

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