meditation-338446_1280For many, the idea of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) conjures thoughts of herbal remedies and good nutrition, in lieu of or in combination with conventional medicine. While those aspects are certainly a large part of CAM and promote healing when done right, many also neglect the other piece of the total health puzzle – spiritual health. Without it, we fall prey to what may actually be at the root of, or a large contributor, to our problem, and that is stress.

How stress is impacting your physical health
Whether it’s due to a devastating event, like the loss of a loved one, or the everyday hustle and bustle related to staying atop of the corporate ladder, stress is affecting your body. In fact, it’s affecting every single system in your body, from your musculoskeletal (tension) to your respiratory (troubled or rapid breathing) to your cardiovascular (increased blood pressure) and beyond (even your reproductive organs). Therefore, unless you’re doing something to counteract the wear and tear that stress is putting on these systems, you’re only making yourself susceptible to serious ailments, like heart disease, diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s.

How you can combat stress and find spiritual health

Your physician may suggest drugs to ease the anxiety, and while they may certainly help you deal with your day-to-day frustrations, they’re actually only covering up the problem. There are, however, a number of activities, like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hindu-based Ayurveda, you can choose to actually face stress head on in order to find true mental and spiritual health.

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