“You don’t need a pill or potion to get better. You need a plan.”

-Dr. Veronica Anderson

Dear Struggling Friend,Are you frustrated by chronic illness and pain, that’s causing you to lose sleep, energy, focus, and your lust for life?Are you enduring a constant storm of fatigue, depression, overeating, aches and pains? Are you tired of doctors rushing through your visits? Only wanting to treat your symptoms without looking for underlying causes? Maybe you feel like you’re at the end of your rope.


Greetings and Welcome!I’m Dr. Veronica Anderson. I’m so happy you’ve found me, and I promise I won’t waste one moment of your time. Let me start by asking. . .Does Michelle’s story resonate with you?Maybe you’re suffering from neurological problems, such as anxiety, depression, stress, ADHD, OCD.Perhaps you’re suffering from an autoimmune disorder such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Grave’s Disease, Guillain-Barre, Fibromyalgia, or chronic allergies, colds and flu.You’ve tried searching WebMD, Google, Facebook groups, and forums, and you end up more confused (even terrified) than before.You’re frustrated by chronic illness and pain… Struggling to take control over your health and well-being, without relying on dangerous medications and unwavering insurance companies.It doesn’t have to be this way. Because when it comes to your health, wellness and happiness, YOU are in the driver’s seat. Keep reading.

How would you like to…



Without relying on medicines with nasty side effects.



Without counting points, calories, or choking down toxic, prepackaged meals.



Without the use of statins or dangerous drugs.



Without needing caffeine or other stimulants. Sleep peacefully, without sleeping pills, waking up rested, energetic and ready to take on your day.


Find relief for fatigue, depression, leaky gut, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disorders?

Live pain-free and not feel weighed down by sharp pains and achy joints.


Solve chronic digestion problems such as constipation and diarrhea?

Finally, put an end to the vicious cycle of stool softeners and chalky medicines.


Ease allergies and food sensitivities?

Finally eat healthy, easy to plan and prepare meals, which your body craves. Heal your leaky gut and enjoy eating again.


Find cost effective solutions to ease stress, anxiety, psoriasis, reduce belly fat, & more?

Without paying huge fees to specialists whose treatment plans are restricted by insurance companies.

The fact is, most doctors will only treat your symptoms without exploring the underlying cause of your illness.

Most doctors are like firefighters

You see them when you have a “fire” or a big problem. They’ll prescribe medications to extinguish the fire, but they don’t have the time to find out where else you’re vulnerable and ready to burst into flames.

You get 7 minutes

The average doctor visit is 7 minutes long. Can your doctor find the source of your problems in 7 minutes? That’s hardly enough time to map out an action plan for rebuilding your body.

A new approach to healthcare

If you’re tired of the traditional approach. . .If you’re sick and tired of “living” this way. . .If you’re overwhelmed and scared from the nightmare diagnoses given to you by online sources, armchair doctors, and people with a “WebMD Ph.D.”, and are finally ready to pursue a path to health, wellness, clarity, and happiness, then I have good news for you!If you want to feel better, with improved overall health, stamina, clarity, and outlook, then please stay with me. Because you’re in the right place.

Dr. Veronica’s Departure from Traditional Medicine

In over ten years of practicing medicine as an Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist, I saw thousands of clients; many had chronic problems with complicated symptoms that had been plaguing them for years.Every day I saw clients whose health had spun out of control; People who faced diabetes, blindness, amputations, dialysis, heart problems, and even cancer. Their illnesses were caused by poor lifestyle choices such as toxic diet and no exercise.In most cases, I discovered that people were suffering from problems that were much deeper than the symptoms. There were underlying root causes — nutritional, hormonal, genetic, psychological, or spiritual — which, if left untreated — would flare up again in one form or another.Unfortunately, our American health care system relies on insurance companies, which handcuffed doctors like me into simply treating symptoms, instead of exploring the underlying issues. There is too much focus on the prescription pad.Traditional doctors rely on “Go To” solutionsPills, potions, and surgeries are the “go to” solution for most doctors because they have about 7 (seven) minutes to visit a patient and make a diagnosis.Or doctors may tell their patients, “Lose weight and exercise.” Unfortunately, there’s no “One Size Fits All” weight loss or exercise plan. What works for one patient may be disastrous for another. A 7-minute doctor doesn’t have the resources to explore your background, your genetics, or your lifestyle.“Lose weight and exercise” usually leaves people feeling helpless and confused.After years of frustration and watching people try to navigate the “sick care system,” I decided it was time to lead by example. I chose to leave medicine so I could teach Americans how to be healthy, well and happy.I now practice Functional Medicine.

Why Functional Medicine?

Doctors need to focus on health and wellness. We humans need to be thrivers… not just survivors. After practicing traditional medicine for over a decade, I wanted to follow my true calling as a healer and helper.Beyond simply being a licensed medical doctor, I’m trained in Functional Medicine. I have real training from the leading organization in the world, the Institute for Functional Medicine.* As well I have training in Homeopathathic Medicine from the Center for Education and Development of Homeopathy.*I work with people one on one to help them achieve their short and long term health and wellness goals. This coaching approach allows me to spend 30-60 minutes with clients. An ongoing coaching strategy provides multiple sessions, which gives me time to get your whole story and help people who may have multiple underlying issues.This coaching strategy is more effective than the traditional doctor-patient relationship. With the help of technology, we work together and communicate as a team.And if you get off track, I’m there to guide you back on course.

With this coaching approach, you, the client, are an active participant — not a “recipient” — in your health care.

I provide people like you, who experience chronic illness, the tools, and encouragement to heal your mind, body, and spirit.I’m trained in conventional medicine, homeopathic*, and functional medicine*. This means I have a 360 degree view of your health picture. I’m able to see what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past, identify possible causes and solutions for the present, and lay out a realistic action plan to keep you healthy and inflammation free in the future.

As a Functional Medical Practitioner, I treat the whole person.

Functional Medicine treats the body, mind, and spirit. By shifting the focus from “sickness and disease” to “health and wellness,” Functional Medicine treats the body from the inside out.

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“A lady came to me wanting to lose weight. She was diabetic and had multiple food sensitivities. We ran some laboratory tests and it turns out she had a sensitivity to cucumbers, which was caused by a leaky gut. We treated her leaky gut and most of her food sensitivities went away.”

Maybe you’re suffering from neurological problems, such as anxiety, depression, stress, ADHD, OCD.Perhaps you’re suffering from an autoimmune disorder such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Grave’s Disease, Guillain-Barre’, or chronic allergies and flu. You’ve tried searching WebMD, Google, Facebook groups, and forums, and you end up more confused than before.Finally, uncover and solve the cause of your inflammation.There are hundreds of possible causes for your health problems; including thyroid, hormonal, nutritional, genetic, psychological and spiritual. I work with you to find the cause of your problems.We create an action plan and put out the fires. I coach and encourage you to rebuild your body to a state of health and wellness.YOU have the power to heal your mind, body, and spirit.I simply provide the medical experience, tools, and encouragement.Do you feel like traditional medicine and doctors have failed you? Do you want to stop treating the symptoms and finally heal the cause?So far what you’ve tried hasn’t worked. Maybe you found some relief, but it didn’t last. You’ve been getting short term solutions for long term problems.You’re in your body for the long term. It’s time for a long-term strategy.Let’s work together to formulate and activate the strategy that’s right for you. Contact me below, and let’s get you on the path to health and happiness.Remember, life is a long ride, and you’re in the driver’s seat.


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