My former client Lila* spent years going to traditional gastroenterologists and nearly a dozen holistic practitioners before she came to me. She’d been struggling with constipation for over 5 years.

What shocked me most was that a top NYC gastroenterologist simply told her to eat more fiber for her chronic digestive issues.

Most doctors are not trained on complementary care and holistic modalities. It’s not their fault. I worked 100-hour weeks for several years, as did my colleagues, so expecting traditional doctors to be trained in holistic care is not reasonable. We can save lives in a crisis, and all the other professions simply are not qualified to do that. 

Doctors deserve the utmost respect. But they don’t always have the answers when it comes to more nuanced health issues — and we shouldn’t expect them to. That’s where complementary training comes in. 

With constipation, what happens when nothing’s working? How can you get your digestive system moving?

When you’re chronically constipated and even the best medical dream team can’t help you, you have to look beyond the physical.

There’s a lot of nutrition and health tips I can give you if you’re dealing with constipation, and we’ll cover some of them today. But it’s always part of a bigger picture, which includes your mental-emotional makeup. 

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, when you let things flow and loosen up… so will your digestive system. And doesn’t it feel good when things are flowing?! Yes, it does. 

Would your friends and family describe you as stubborn? That’s a trait that’s often linked to constipation. In fact, it’s the signature constipation personality. 

Over and over in my practice I’ve seen that people who are slow to change and who ignore good advice are much more likely to manifest constipation. What those people need is a professional who can address the spiritual and physical simultaneously, and that’s exactly why my clients come to me.

If you’re dealing with constipation you need a full, custom digestive repair protocol – a program that takes into account your particular eating needs and your spiritual personality.

The BEST way to get started today is to book a Reboot Your Wellness Breakthrough Session with me here.

But if you’re not quite ready for that, read on to learn a few very effective tools you can implement right away.


My first big tip for you if you’re dealing with constipation is to consider where you’re at in your life, and your general personality type. Are you feeling stuck? Do you tend to be stubborn? 

If so, what three action steps can you take this week to get things moving and flowing? How can you do things differently? Write down three action steps you’ll take now.

Perhaps it means taking the advice you already know you should be following, or trying a different workout routine or approach to food. Or maybe it simply means taking a different route to work to jog your nervous system and shake up your digestive system. 

After you’ve considered the spiritual-emotional side of things, let’s get into a few nutrition tools you can use to alleviate constipation.

  1. Increase vegetables to 9 servings per day.

    The reason this step is so effective is because veggies have fiber AND prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria in your gut, and therefore help get your bowels moving. Raw vegetables are difficult for some people to digest. If you feel like your food is just sitting in your stomach, switch to only cooked vegetables until symptoms ease up.
  2. Up your water intake and decrease other drinks.

    Especially fruit juice! Sugars and sugar alternatives in beverages can irritate your digestive system and keep you blocked up. Purified water, on the other hand, is necessary for a healthy digestive system. It’s the water, and your poop is the boat! The boat can’t move without the water.
  3. Add in magnesium supplements.

    Specifically, magnesium citrate. This works like magic! If you’ve tried dozens of fixes for your digestive issues and nothing has worked, magnesium is likely to loosen you up. It has a natural laxative effect, so take it slow and build up your dose if needed.
  4. Remove foods that cause digestive turmoil.

    For most people, gluten is #1 — because it acts like glue in the digestive system. Take it out for a week and see if things improve. Dairy, corn, and eggs are the other big offenders when it comes to digestive issues. Remove them and see if you feel relief.
  5. Start including more probiotics.

    Your gut flora is key for digestion, and to maintain healthy flora you need probiotics aka healthy bacteria. Probiotics occur naturally in fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha. I also recommend adding in a high-quality probiotic supplement, since it can be challenging to get enough probiotics through diet alone. 

If you take all these action steps on the physical plane and you’re still constipated, go back to the spiritual personality of constipation — stuck and stubborn — and seriously consider whether you often find yourself in that mental state. It can be hard to admit, but so necessary

Ready to get started on your custom digestive repair program today?

Schedule your Reboot Your Wellness Breakthrough Session now. 

The reason my clients see such big shifts in their digestive systems is because I always, always look at the big picture. There’s a reason I got out of traditional Western medicine — it doesn’t work for the chronic conditions so many of us deal with, and that’s what I’m passionate about.

Allopathic medicine is great when you’ve been shot or you need surgery for some reason, but for less acute conditions you need holistic care. That’s why I’m committed to practicing complementary medicine and coaching my clients to optimal health for life. 

Do you deal with constipation, or other digestive issues? What have you tried so far, and has it worked? Post your experience below, I’d love to hear from you.

*Name has been changed to protect client privacy.