Do you feel paralyzed by food sensitivities, like you have to avoid certain situations, restaurants, and people to make sure you don’t get “poisoned?”

Dozens of my clients confuse food sensitivities with allergies. Since May 12th kicks off Food Allergy Awareness Week, I want to set the record straight so you can get clear answers on what foods you can and can’t eat, without going through invasive testing.

When my client Jezibel came to me she swore up and down that she was sensitive to gluten. As an intuitive physician, I had a hunch it was something different.

Could someone who thought they were sensitive to gluten their entire lives be mistaken? Keep reading until the end to find out.

First, let’s clear up the difference between a food allergy and a sensitivity. Food allergies cause a life-threatening immune response within seconds to minutes. We’re talking itching, hives, difficulty breathing, and/or throat closing.

Food sensitivities lead to a DELAYED (up to 3 days) immune response that appears in the form of unwanted, unpleasant symptoms like muscle aches, sleep disturbances, decreased energy, bloating, gas, and brain fog.

Most people know their allergies, whether it’s peanuts, strawberries, shellfish, or something else. Food sensitivities get trickier, and that’s why I want to talk about them today.

How can you know for sure that you’re sensitive to a specific food?

Sensitivities manifest all types of symptoms, and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what’s causing your discomfort when you eat dozens of different foods in a week… and have dozens of other physical, emotional, and spiritual components at play.

These are the 8 most common food sensitivities…

1. Cow’s milk

2. Eggs

3. Tree nuts

4. Peanuts

5. Shellfish

6. Wheat

7. Soy

8. Fish

Food sensitivities are the #1 cause of thyroid issues, and the secret behind most food sensitivities is that they develop due to digestive issues.

If you have chronic thyroid issues, pinpointing food sensitivities and strengthening your immune and digestive systems will be game-changing for you.

So how can you identify true food sensitivities, and what’s the treatment? Through a food challenge, and a Custom Digestive Repair Protocol.

This is the gold standard for learning if you’re actually sensitive to a specific food, or if it’s just the result of a weak digestive system.

The food challenge has to be done in a very specific way: First, you completely eliminate the 8 most common irritants for 21 days, and then retest them 3 days apart in both raw and cooked forms. Some people can tolerate the raw form of a food but not the cooked form, or vice versa, so it’s important to be rigorous with your elimination and reintroduction.

IMPORTANT: Your symptoms might not show up for 48-72 hours after reintroduction, so make sure to space out the foods you’re reintroducing and give your body a chance to respond.

Keep a food journal throughout this process to track your symptoms and note which foods you can’t tolerate.

My Custom Digestive Repair Protocol is more intensive and individualized – it would be impossible to cover in a blog post.

You can book a Reboot Your Wellness Breakthrough Session with me to get started on that today. Whether you do it or not, the food challenge is a great place to start.

Back to my client, Jezibel…

When she came to me, she swore she was sensitive to gluten, and she wanted a food plan to help her lose weight and increase energy without feeling deprived.

After doing a food challenge and a Custom Digestive Repair Protocol, something magical happened: Jezibel discovered she could eat gluten in moderation! She just needed to fix her digestion.

Imagine thinking you couldn’t enjoy pizza, pasta, and bread for the rest of your life, and then finding out you can?! She was OVERJOYED, as an Italian who loves to travel the world and enjoy all the best pastries in France and Italy.

There was also something else going on with Jezibel…

As an intuitive, spiritual physician, I always have to look at the energetic side of things.

Here’s the deal with people who have a lot of food sensitivities: They tend to want to control every aspect of their lives and environment, and they’re often slow to take advice and make changes.

That was the case for Jezibel, and once we did the emotional and spiritual work to help her loosen her grip on life, she found she could enjoy gluten quite regularly. How amazing is that?!
Let’s wrap up with a few questions for you: Do you have a lot of food sensitivities? Have you ever done a food challenge? And do you suspect your issues might be rooted in your digestive system, and/or your need to control yourself and your surroundings?

I don’t mean to shame or blame anyone – we can all be controlling at times! It just means you care a lot. By shining light on this aspect of ourselves, we can shift it.

Get in touch with me today if you’re ready to schedule your Reboot Your Wellness Breakthrough Session and start your custom Custom Digestive Repair Protocol today.