Do you know the Greek Alphabet, particularly the first two letters? I mean Alpha and Beta, especially as these two Greek letters pertain to personalities, and how those individuals interact in relationship with others. This topic is so appealing to today’s accomplished public, that this week, I featured several guest speakers on my talk radio show, Wellness for the Real World. On my show, we discussed the dynamics of Alpha personality-type women and what it’s like for them to relate in a romantic relationship with a Beta male.

I have personal experience with this scenario of love. I am an Alpha female, divorced from an Alpha male, who can attest to the fact that two type A personalities can often become explosive. Today, many successful women today are Alphas, and even those who are not, are aspiring Alpha women. Now, ladies, we love Alpha men – they have impressive resumes, incomes, houses and material wealth. But, that’s not always enough. In fact, two Alphas in one relationship can be a recipe for disaster. Come on, Alpha ladies – we all know that we can be difficult, knowing everything, and sharing our unrestrained opinions. If we are not compatible with another Alpha, we are left with the more compatible scenario of dating and marrying a Beta male. On my talk show, I address the questions that we all want answers to: Can an Alpha woman find true satisfaction with a Beta male? Will this combination really work for a successful long term relationship? And if so, how?

These questions do not have to go unanswered. On my talk show, psychologist and bestselling author of Love In 90 Days and Sealing The Deal, Dr. Diana Kirschner, provides coaching programs for today’s modern relationships. She says, “1 out of 3 women make more than their husband” and often, women might be the sole source of income in the relationship, with a man staying home with the kids. But these women still want a healthy romantic life. A Beta man plays the supportive role in a love relationship with a “bread winner” Alpha woman. The key is that the wife includes the husband in her professional success, while simultaneously making him feel significant by encouraging and believing in his own dreams and creative work.

Okay, so what about the money? Who pays for what, and how do finances impact the ego of a man whose income pales in comparison to the woman’s? Communication is the key, and an Alpha woman should keep her leadership in check long enough to allow her man to create romantic experiences for her that don’t have to cost a fortune. Let him take you to the amusement park for a fun, spontaneous day trip. Whatever you do, advises Julie Orlov, psychotherapist and author of The Pathway To Love, do not try to change your Beta man, once you settle into a stable relationship. Allow him to nurture you, but communicate clearly when you may feel that the attention is too much. Make sure that you seek to understand your partner before you seek to be understood.

Balance is everything. Because I’ve experienced the dynamics of these relationships in my own personal life, it brings me true pleasure to share my own expertise to help relationships succeed in today’s complex society. Learn from the experts on my talk show, Alpha women. Your Beta partner could be the perfect complement for you, but you need these key tools to maximize the success of your romantic match.

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