By Guest Blogger, “The Erotic Nerd”

This will be written as personal as possible because at the end of it all, I only know what works for me. I am an entrepreneur, I’ve built my own business and manage multiple websites on top of mothering a toddler. My whole life is filled with decisions I have to make. Because of this I have become a control freak, EVERYTHING HAS TO BE IN MY IMMEDIATE CONTROL.

Except sexually.

I love submitting, it’s one less thing for me to have to handle and think about. I don’t envision my partner in a suit with Oxford’s on but telling me to take off my clothes, telling me to get into whatever position he desires me to be in. My current relationship is with a man who identified that early, he made sure I knew he dominated me in the bedroom. He allows me to have control in spurts but for the majority of our sessions, he controls me and it drives me CRAZY! Even saying “he allows me..” turns me on beyond comprehension.

Generally speaking, I believe women crave the one thing they are lacking in their life. If a woman works for a demanding, demeaning boss chances are she is dominant sexually. She has no control for eight hours out of the day, she is repeatedly made to feel less than and in the bedroom she’ll regain her sense of power which keeps her balanced. Our spirit sense this is what we need, just the same as with nutrition. If our body is lacking iron or a particular vitamin, we crave foods that contain it.

I listen to women say their desires are to be made love to in a tropical region while the sun is setting, I just want the man to take away some of my control. I’ve overdosed on it, allow me those moments to enjoying breathing without thinking and pleasure without worrying.